the republic of texas n.
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The Republic of Texas PowerPoint Presentation
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The Republic of Texas

The Republic of Texas

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The Republic of Texas

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  1. The Republic of Texas

  2. The Republic of Texas Chapter 11 Section 1 Info Sheet Go to “Main Idea” and write it on the lines provided: The new Republic of Texas faced many problems. Sam Houston, its first president: • Focused on restricting government spending • Established good foreign relations. • Worked to avoid new conflicts with Native Texans

  3. 2) Texans adopted a and elected as the first president of the Republic of Texas and as the Vice- President. constitution Sam Houston Mirabeau B. Lamar

  4. PROBLEMS FACED BY THE NEW REPUBLIC Natives declare war/ too many Anglos move on their territory Mexican govt. refused to recognize Texas as independent Financial problems/ in debt from Texas revolution/ no income to repay debt Needed to persuade other nations that Texas was independent of Mexico

  5. 4) List two people Houston tried to prevent war with: • Mexico • Natives 5) What did President Houston do to try and keep the new Republic from falling deeper into dept? • Limited government spending • Push for annexation- join the U.S. 6) Annexation means to become part of a larger more established country. Why did President Sam Houston want Texas to become annexed into the United States? • To help Texas solve its problems

  6. PRESIDENT HOUSTON’S CABINET 7) Define cabinet- Council that advises the chief executive 8) Name President Houston’s cabinet, their names and positions: Steven F. Austin Secretary of State Henry Smith Secretary of Treasury Thomas Rusk Secretary of War

  7. Death of Stephen F. Austin 9) Your are a newspaper reporter writing Stephen F. Austin’s epitaph, what is written about his life after his death. Choose four areas of his life you see as most outstanding. • Texas’s first empresario under Spanish and Mexican government • Led the first major military conflict in the Revolution • Traveled to U.S. to raise money for the Texas troops • Secretary of State to the Republic of Texas

  8. A New Capital 10) What was the name of the new town the Allen brothers built as the new Texas Capital? 11) Why did people complain about the location? • Houston • Muddy streets • Mosquitoes • Heat, humid, disease

  9. The First Attempt at Annexation 12) When Texans elected Sam Houston as president of Texas, what did they also vote for? 13) Texas was not admitted into the Union, the United States, for ten years for what reason? Annexation into the United States as soon as possible The controversy over slavery

  10. 14) Texans including William Wharton, Mumucan Hunt, and Anson Jones worked where to persuade who to accept Texas into the Union? • Where: • Who: 15) Which former U.S. president, who had a position in congress, was instrumental in blocking Texas from entering the Union? 16) What was he determined not to do? Washington D.C. U.S. Congress John Quincy Adams Allow more states that supported slavery into the Union

  11. Trouble in the Army 17) What tension remained between Mexico and Texas? 18) Who arrived in Texas too late for a fight but looking for a fight? 19) What did Felix Huston, commander of Texas Army, want to renew? 20) Houston tried to replace Huston. When the new guy, Johnson, tried to take control what did Huston do? 21) Because Huston remained in control of the Texas Army, what did President Sam Houston do? Although Santa Anna agreed to the independence of Texas in the Treaty of Valaso, the Mexican government refused to accept the treaty. Thousands of U.S. citizens who arrived too late to fight for the Texas army against Mexico Renew the war with Mexico Challenged him to a duel. He sent all but 600 soldiers home on leave and never called them back to duty

  12. Houston’s Native Texan Policy 22) Fill in the best title for this graphic organizer: A. Problems of the new Republic B. Treaties with Native Texans C. Growing conflicts with Native Texans Native Texans resent the growing number of Anglo settlers moving on their lands/ Settlers desired Cherokee lands because their lands were rich for farming Texas Congress refused to ratify, make official, a treaty Houston made with the Cherokee ? ? Natives begin to raid settlers/ Texas Rangers begin to patrol to protect settlers Settlers desired Cherokee lands because their lands were rich for farming/ wanted to rid Texas of

  13. 23) Although Houston was toward the , many Texans did share his views. on both sides continued. The Election of 1838 24) Why couldn’t Sam Houston run for president for another consecutive term? 25) Who becomes the next president of Texas? L __ M __ R sympathetic Native Texans not Attacks The Texas Constitution stated…no president could be elected to two consecutive terms- or two terms in a row- Sam Houston had to hand over the reins of the government… LAMAR