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Bow the Knee An Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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Bow the Knee An Introduction

Bow the Knee An Introduction

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Bow the Knee An Introduction

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  1. Bow the KneeAn Introduction Learning to Bow Our Heart before God Psalm 95:6

  2. Introduction • A Messed Up Christianity • Many “Christians” are comfortable living sinful lives • Worship is so full of ourselves • What’s Missing?

  3. The Wall • People can fake worship of God • Something is stopping people from true worship • More than sin… • It is our pride of self • It is a wall! • The Spirit of God mustchange the heart.

  4. Bow the Knee… It’s Meaning • To GENUFLECT is to 'bow the knee'; to go down on one knee • The word “humble” means to be subdued, be brought down, be low, be under, be brought into subjection.  • To “bow the knee” means, having a soft, yielded, very flexible approachtowards God – so that He neednot push or prod you to do Hiswill, His way! No matter if He ischastening you, or justinstructing you, you yieldand accept His work in your life!

  5. We all know how to “bow the knee…” • We bow for all the right reasons… • We just usually bow in the wrong direction!

  6. The LORD Jesus ChristPhilippians 2:9-11 • The steps of our Lord's humiliation • His exaltation! • Every knee WILL bow, and every tongue will confess … • Whether people will admit it or not, Jesus is Lord! He is the ONLY PERSON WORTHY of bowing and yielding to! And one day, all will admit it!

  7. Its Importance (1Peter 5:6) • Bowing the knee allows the Lord to work, unhindered by YOUR will • Bowing the knee allows the Lord to bless you unhindered by your efforts – no pride! • Bowing the knee allows the Lord to protect you. • So humble yourself before God, and even in front of others!

  8. Its Enemies • Self (Philippians 2:3-5) • Love of Sin • Misunderstandings

  9. Bowing the Knee… Its Effect • It kills spiritual pride! • It will exalt Christ back to His Throne, and give back to Him all His authority over us and our lives. • It will encourage both saint and sinner alike, to know that as Lord, Jesus has power to save anyone, and the power to sanctify anyone. • It will break sinners under thewrath of God, and bring themto Christ the right way – totallyempty and devoid of anyrighteousness!

  10. Conclusion • Hymn: When I Survey The Wondrous Cross • We have looked at Its Meaning • We have looked at Its Master • We have looked at Its Importance • We have looked at Its Enemies • It all begins with the new birth, and it is maintained by yieldedness!