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7 Free Keyword Competition Checker Tools to Improve Your SEO PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Free Keyword Competition Checker Tools to Improve Your SEO

7 Free Keyword Competition Checker Tools to Improve Your SEO

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7 Free Keyword Competition Checker Tools to Improve Your SEO

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  1. 7 Free Keyword Competition Checker Tools to Improve Your SEO In this tech-savvy world, SEO experts and webmasters know how vital is for a website to have optimization of the keywords that are crucial and relevant to your online business, services, and products. The whole process of researching and choosing keywords that people search for and that are related to your business is known as ‘keyword research.’ To get an organic ranking of your website, each keyword that you select is a competition that you dive into. Keyword competition is the measure of how hard it will be to rank a particular keyword on the search engines. Its competition can differ depending on how popular a keyword is. There are many keyword competition checker tools available nowadays that help you to check the competition for the popular keywords in your niche. How to Analyze Keyword Competition? Analyzing keyword competitiveness for your website is not easy as you think. For this: -Use Google keyword competition research tools -Acknowledge PPC data -Peek at trends Key Factors to Consider

  2. In some cases, the incorrect search result of a specific keyword query does not serve well and make people confused. Thus, it is advised to focus on the web pages that are listed on the first page of Google. You can use keyword checker tool to carry out the comprehensive keyword analysis. There are many factors that you need to note while using keyword competition checker tools like: -How to evaluate the strength of your opponents? -Who are your actual competitors for a specific keyword? -Is it possible to rank your site for that keyword? Free Tools: 1. SEMRush It is usually a paid keyword competition checker tool, but it also offers free search with limited features. Simply type the keywords and watch out information that it provides. It includes organic search volume and raw results, paid search CPC, phrase matching, related keywords lists, etc. The best part is that you can also see the details on a country basis. The only disadvantage is that after you log into the home page search, you are limited to ten searches per day, 100 crawled pages, 10 tracked keyword, 10 results per search, and a single project. 2. SEOBook

  3. SEOBook has a collection of amazing tools that are free to use. This tool allows you to generate keyword lists and eliminate any existing keyword lists. You can see the different elements for each keyword in the list like daily/monthly search volume, ranking in Google and Bing, the CPC of the keyword, etc. 3. KWFinder It is another paid competition checker tool with limited free search. Simply type the keyword, language, and location and KWFinder will show you the trends, search volume, PPC, keyword suggestions, CPC. There are also extra searches that you can do like autocomplete search and questions search. Both of them use Google application programming interface to show you autocomplete results when you type a keyword, and questions that are related to it. It will give you the important keyword ideas for your site. The only disadvantage is that this tool will only give your twenty results. 4. Moz Keyword Explorer Although it’s a paid tool, you can check your competition keyword for free. Just type the keyword, and it will display you opportunity metrics, keyword volume, difficulty SERP analysis, potential analysis, and keyword suggestions. You can also see the mentions with their date and authority to have a close look at your competitors. The main drawback is that it is limited to two searches per day, no exports, and limited data availability. 5. Search Engine Genie It is another competition checker tool that is used mainly for the benchmarking. But you can also use it for the keyword competition. It let you see keyword difficulty and where you stand online. Just enter your site URL, your target keyword, your area, and one-time captcha and you are done. 6. Google Keyword Planner No competition keyword research is complete without the official tool of Google. But for this tool, you need an active AdWord account to use it. 7. SERPS Keyword Rank Checker It is similar to the above-mentioned competition checker tools but will allow you to use more advanced features. Type the domain to get a listing of 250 results. You can also select Yahoo or Google, mobile or desktop, and location too. It will display you a list of URLs and keyword positions. You can even see the average CPC and search volume for the searched query. It will give you an idea about what sites are on the top of search results and for which term.

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