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  2. Real Life situation and SI question • Yoga classes being offered in Elementary- High schools. 1. Would the students benefit from yoga? How? (Medically, physically, emotionally, etc...) 2. What is the difference between how yoga would impact younger children in elementary schools versus how it would impact teenagers in high schools? 3. To what extent does yoga help aid students in their other classes? 4. To what extent does yoga benefit all students? 5. In what ways does the choice to take yoga versus the requirement to take yoga affect the student's outcome?

  3. What is Yoga? • Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and exercise. • The word yoga means "union" in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India where yoga originated. (union occurring between the mind, body and spirit)

  4. The Language of Yoga • As we learn from TOK, there are four different ways of knowing, one of which is Language. • There are many kinds of language; verbal language, the language of sports, the language of food, etc...

  5. Language cont… • Yoga also has a language all its own. It includes different poses that can target specific parts of your body, and it also has certain words such as "Aum" (The Primal Shabda), "Lokah Samastha" (A Chant for Wholeness), etc... that mean different things to people in the yoga community.

  6. Lam: Curve the tip of your tongue up and back, and place it on the rear section of the upper palate to pronounce a sound like the word alum without the initial (Base of the spine) Vam: Place the upper set of teeth on the inner section of your lower lip and begin with a breathy consonant to imitate the sound of a fast car. Pronounce the mantra like "fvam." (Genitals) Ram: Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of the front section of the upper palate, roll the r as in Spanish, and pronounce the mantra like the first part of the word rumble. (Abdomen)

  7. Yam: Inhale audibly through your mouth, and pronounce the word hum (as in humming); allow the breath to extend beyond the resolution of the consonant. (Solar Plexus and Heart Area) Ham: Inhale noiselessly through your mouth, and pronounce the sound like the word yum (as in yummy); allow the sound along with your breath to fill your mouth and throat cavity. (Throat)

  8. Om: Inhale audibly through your nostrils, and direct the stream of air to the point between your eyebrows. Pronounce the sound along with your exhalation as a subtly audible whisper, allowing the sound and breath to resonate in the cranial area. (Point between the eyebrows)

  9. Why is children's yoga important? • Kids are under a lot of stress- homework, peer pressure, after-school activities, and over-scheduling.

  10. Yoga helps kids relax and increase their strength and flexibility. It also enhances kids' mental, emotional, and physical health through the use of movement, stress management, and the connection between the brain, body, and breath. Yoga provides children with tools that develop confidence and courage to create healthier bodies, make better decisions, develop stronger relationships, and become more successful.

  11. Tree Pose

  12. Downward Dog

  13. Child's Pose

  14. Why is yoga important for teenagers? • A teen’s life is full of change, stress, peer pressure, relationships, academics, part-time jobs, life altering decisions, and discovering oneself. • Yoga can be an instrumental tool in helping teens become their best selves while dealing with the day to day challenges.

  15. Yoga can help teens relieve stress, focus, get rid of anxiety, keep them healthy, and improve their lives as a whole.

  16. Tree Pose

  17. Downward Dog

  18. Child's Pose

  19. Cow/ Cat pose • Devotional Warrior Pose • Supported headstand • Plough Pose • Reclining Twist

  20. Child’s pose Legs Up A Wall Shoulder Stand

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