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Gul Ahmed

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Gul Ahmed

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  1. GUL AHMED Gul Ahmed is one of the textile leaders in Pakistan. The story of Pakistani quality textile is as old the brands history. When the name Gul Ahmed comes people automatically get an idea about the quality and standard clothing. It has a mega share in the Pakistani stock market and has a mega share in the clothing market. It has many different sectors in which the brand excels in. They have a Share in women, men, boys, girls, Footwear, handbags, bath and bedrooms textile production. WOMEN CLOTHING: The label has most of its market around women clothing. The motifs and clothe quality of the trade name stands out. The decent designs serve the wearer with confidence and grace. The graceful designs of Gul Ahmed are very common amongst the elite and higher class women of Pakistan and product exports its women wear to abroad. MENS CLOTHING: The men clothing also holds a very significant value in men’s fashion. Not as many brands cater to men compared to women. It holds a very significant name in Pakistani men’s clothing. The clothes from the store’s men’s collection are made via state of the art weaving machines which weave the clothes so nicely that the cloth becomes of very high quality. The men from upper class prefer buying from trade name as it offers very decent designs and high quality. FOOT WEAR: Shoes from brand label are of a top notch quality. They are offering footwear for women. In the footwear they ensure that the shoe that they are making very elegant, full of style and comfortable shoe which can be worn by a teenage girl or a 60 year old woman. The label while designing footwear keeps in mind that show must be trendy and casual at the same place. The footwear that they design can be worn with western clothing as well as with eastern clothing. They rock both types of clothing equally. HANDBAGS: Handbags are one of the most important accessories for a woman as it is a travel buddy and it also puts an outfit together, hence the woman of today keeps a very high relevance to the accessory. Handbags from the store have become a statement of most women in Pakistan. These handbags are of high quality and look very trendy because of the color scheme and designs that they choose. Bags from the label are trendy and are usually the trend setters when it comes to the handbags fashion in Pakistan. The quality of these bags is remarkable.

  2. GUL AHMED BED AND BATH TEXTILE: The bed and bath section from the store has a very high relevance in the market these because of its excellent quality and low cost. The pillows, quilts and towels from the trade name have entered to most of the households of Pakistan. The Bed sheets and towel sets are sold widely across the nation because of its texture and high quality which ensures its long life. The brand holds a prestigious place in the market so it has its market share in all the aspects of living.