families as partners compensated parent program n.
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Families As Partners Compensated Parent Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Families As Partners Compensated Parent Program

Families As Partners Compensated Parent Program

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Families As Partners Compensated Parent Program

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  1. Families As Partners Compensated Parent Program

  2. Our partner, Con MiMADRE’s role in FAP: • Parent Champions will participate in deeper learning and grow their capabilities, connections, cognition, and confidence. • Will attend 1 Orientation and monthly Trainings • Training Themes: • Public Speaking • Workin with a Team/ Leadership Skills • Time Management • Resume Writing • Interview Skills

  3. Who is a compensated Parent Champion? A paid Parent Champion is a parent who holds one of five leadership roles at their campus (5 per school x 14 schools); with five positions designated for Newcomer Ambassadors, for a total of 75 Parent Leaders. The roles are as follows: Administrative Assistant Literacy Volunteer Coordinator English Second Language Coordinator Technology Support Coordinator Social Emotional Learning Coordinator Newcomer Ambassador A Parent Champion will work together with the Parent Support Specialist, school staff, parents, FAP staff, and Con Mi MADRE to complete projects at their school to increase parent engagement and participation at their campus.

  4. Parent Champion Responsibilities • A Parent Champion is responsible for completing 30 hours of work towards at leasttwo Champion-led projects, events, and/or presentations that involve other parents within the program timeline [September 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019]. • A Parent Champion is also responsible for keeping track of their own documentation. • Parent Champions must complete a minimum 10 hours of mandatory monthly trainings. • Champions must attend individual check-ins during office hours, one midterm evaluation, and one exit evaluation during the program timeline.

  5. Administrative Assistant • Assist other Parent Champions, Parent Support Specialist, and Families As Partners staff in their projects on campus. • Support Parent Champions and Parent Support Specialist by helping with outreach and recruitment. • Provide support to Parent Champions, Families As Partners, and Parent Support Specialist by making copies and organizing materials for events and presentations. • Manage the Welcome Center.

  6. Literacy Volunteer Parent Champion • Coordinate the Estrellita Literacy Program on campus (or other literacy program) • Recruit parent volunteers by presenting on the Estrellita program (or other literacy program) • Coordinate and implement the Estrellita or other literacy curriculum by meeting with school staff and creating a volunteer schedule • Provide ongoing training to parent volunteers.

  7. English as a Second Language Parent Champion • Organize ESL classes on campus • Outreach events at the beginning of the school year to register parent participants for the class • Facilitate or co-facilitate classes • Prepare material to instruct on during sessions • Support translation for meetings, presentations, or documents for other Parent Champions or Parent Support Specialist.

  8. Technology Support Parent Champion • Support parents on campus in creating emails and parent cloud accounts by organizing and hosting monthly technology meetings. • Host registration events to support parents through online registration. • Assist other Parent Champions and Parent Support Specialist with technology related projects such email assistance, assisting with computer programming (ex. using word to create a flyer), but not limited to these examples.

  9. Social Emotional Learning Parent Champion • Organize, host, and implement trainings on social emotional activities. • Organize and leading/co-leading SEL events or presentations for parents of the school. • Assist the campus SEL team with implementation of SEL activities such as events or trainings throughout the campus.

  10. Newcomer Ambassador • Assist with interpretation and translation at campus level for parent activities. • Welcome new families to the school and provide introductory information. • Assist Refugee Support Office staff with serving the newcomer families at FAP schools.