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Step Into History: Washington D.C. Field Trip PowerPoint Presentation
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Step Into History: Washington D.C. Field Trip

Step Into History: Washington D.C. Field Trip

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Step Into History: Washington D.C. Field Trip

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  1. Step Into History:Washington D.C. Field Trip The Catalyst Team Beverley Manor Middle School May 24, 2012

  2. Sites We Will Visit • The Navy History Museum • War Memorials • Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

  3. Navy Museum • A Hands on Museum that traces our nation’s history from its earliest days to present

  4. Navy Museum • Feel what it was like to be a Navy gunner.

  5. Navy Museum • Explore the Park

  6. Navy Museum • Tour the USS Barry, a Korean War era destroyer

  7. The Memorials • Lincoln • Korean War • Vietnam War • WWII

  8. Map

  9. The Museum of Natural History • The Hall of Mammals • Dinosaur Hall • Jewels and Gems

  10. The Itinerary • 6:00 Meet at BMMS • Park at the cafeteria end • Please do not board the bus unless a supervising teacher is there • Take roll • 6:15 Depart for DC (be on time-we won’t wait!) • Hand out packets to parents who did not attend orientation

  11. The Itinerary • 9:30 Arrive at Navy Yard • Each group will tour the USS Barry at 45 minute intervals. Allow about 30-45 minutes for lunch. The rest of the time is spent in the museum. You can re-enter the museum as you wish. • Bus 1:11:00-USS Barry • Bus 2: 10:15-USS Barry • Bus 3: 9:30-USS Barry • Have your group at the USS Barry at your assigned time. The tour is “self-guided”. Times in the museum are flexible. School lunches will be available between 10:45 - 11:30. Be sure to clean up after yourself and be considerate of others who may be using the picnic tables. Do not take lunch boxes in the museum.

  12. The Itinerary • 12:30 Load buses and drive to Lincoln Memorial • 1:00- 2:30 Walking tour of war memorials • Korean, Vietnam, WWII • Walk to Museum

  13. The Itinerary • 2:30- 4:00 Museum of Natural History • Metal detectors and bag check • check in with teacher • Mammal and Prehistory exhibits • 4:00 Line up in front of Museum • National Mall Side • 4:15 Load buses in front of Museum of Natural History

  14. The Itinerary • Fast food dinner in route-Usually Woodstock • 8:00 p.m. Arrive at BMMS

  15. Expectations Food: • Bring a packed lunch and money for a fast food dinner. • Snacks and extra drinks may be taken on the bus. No glass containers or gum, please. • Individual coolers must be small enough to fit under the seat. They may not be placed over-head due to leakage, etc. Coolers are the responsibility of the individual. • Coolers and lunch boxes should not be taken off the bus except at the Navy Yard picnic area. Do not carry food or drinks in the museum or on the ship tour. Clean up after yourself.

  16. Expectations What you may bring: • Cameras needed for follow-up project. Each student is responsible for his or her own. Be sure to follow all guidelines as to where pictures can be taken. • Personal video games, i-pods, etc. may be taken, but may only be operated with the sound off or earphones. Students are responsible for their own property. All such items are to be left on the bus during the tours. • Label all personal belongings. • Travel games and cards are allowed, but there will be no poker or any form of gambling while on any part of this school sponsored trip.

  17. Students may bring money for souvenirs. A hip pouch or wallet is recommended. • Budget your money. Be sure to save enough for your meal. • Cell phones may be carried for emergency use only and to notify parents of our return. No chatting with or text messaging friends on school time.

  18. Other rules and recommendations On the way: • Conversation with your seat partner and closest neighbor is welcomed, but noise must be kept to a minimum. There will be no shouting or singing on the bus. • Students must stay in the same pair of seats throughout the trip. (Partners may switch but no one else) Adults may ask students to move for behavior reasons. • Boys and girls will NOT be seat partners • Students must remain seated on the bus at all times. There should be no standing when the bus is in motion

  19. Trash must be kept off the floor and out of the seats. Students will leave the bus as clean as when they entered. • No camera flashes on the bus. This is illegal. If the bus driver is ticketed, the offender will pay the fine. • Videos will be at the discretion of the supervising teachers on each bus. • Only use the buses’ restrooms in extreme emergency. • Augusta County School policy prohibits smoking at any school sponsored activity.

  20. While in Washington, D.C.: • The trip is for learning. Look, listen, and ask questions to help you learn and appreciate. • Dress neatly and appropriately for the weather. Wear comfortable walking shoes. Socks are recommended. • ALWAYS travel with a partner. NEVER go ANYWHERE alone. Stay with your adult leader. • There will be no running on or off the buses. Stay close to your group at all times. • Students are expected to respect and cooperate with all adults on the trip

  21. For More Information • Visit Mrs. Bolin’s PortaPortal site (guest-bolin) •

  22. Questions?