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How to Protect Your Pool Table

Simple measures for protecting your pool table.

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How to Protect Your Pool Table

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  1. WELCOME TO PALMETTO HOT TUBS & POOL TABLES How To Protect Your Pool Table -www.palmetto1.com Pool tables are meant to sit idle in a corner until someone come and knock off the balls in its hovels. After several days of not been played it tend to accumulate dust and particulates. pool table coverings is one option available in different shapes, sizes, and colors , offer high-quality leather covering to protect it. It’s always necessary to consider the quality, size, design and price before purchasing one. A Dusty table will only cause allergic reactions for players; here are some useful points to protect your pool table from damage:    Apply a moist cloth with mild detergent to clean pool surfaces made of Formica or vinyl. After this use a dry cloth to dust wooden surfaces like legs and area beneath. Clean the rails with finesse using products like the furniture paste wax and side by side clean the scratches.  Avoid the use of ammonia-based glass cleaners on wooden structures.

  2.          Use a humidifier to dehumidify wooden cracks and try control the humidity levels. Don’t leave balls on the surface; assemble them above in the shelves. With a damp cotton cloth clean pool cues; dry and polish them afterwards. If you can store the pool balls in a rack box do it, avoid undue wear and tear. To clean chalk piled on the surface, apply a damp cloth. Brush the cover straight rather applying clock wise motion. Never do it with a vacuum cleaner. A pool table covering protect against dust, sunlight, and moisture, use it. Never slide your pool balls over the pool table pockets. Clips can even cause impairment, don’t leave them loose. Use a damp cloth with mild detergent to clean the pockets, dry clean with a soft clean cloth and remove dust from within. Pool table covers serve the purpose of protecting pool table from various causes of damage. Do your homework and find out other alternatives to protect your pool table from damage. Call us at 803-764-136 or Visit us at www.palmetto1.com

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