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Pancreatitis and ayurveda symptoms and its medicines only at Parijatak PowerPoint Presentation
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Pancreatitis and ayurveda symptoms and its medicines only at Parijatak

Pancreatitis and ayurveda symptoms and its medicines only at Parijatak

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Pancreatitis and ayurveda symptoms and its medicines only at Parijatak

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  1. Parijatak Panchakarma Ayurveda Treatment Provide people with authentic Ayurvedic services. Based in India, it is one of the well-established, professional Ayurveda practicing centers that provides Maharastriyan traditional & Kerala Panchakarma well-blended combination and other traditional Ayurvedic Health services and therapies. Best Ayurvedic doctor India experts deliver high-quality professionaltreatments. Parijatak has been theabode of legendary Ayurvedic physicians who have excelled in this field of health care for over nine generation and will continue to be the same with the addition of well-qualified healthcareexperts. From Knee Pain Treatment to Gout Treatment or even Arthritis Treatment Parijatakhasmadeitsmarkforcompletecuringthousandsofslippeddisc,

  2. cervical spondylitis, sciatica, intervertebral disc prolapse, lower back pain, spinal compressions, failure of surgery for spine land to losing urine sensation passing potty sensation, lower-upper body paralyzed due to compression & failure of surgery& even for critical to chronic paralysis.You can receive the most suitable treatment for lifestyle-related disorders like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Diet Plan Weight Loss, Heart Care andDiabetes. PANCREATITIS AND AYURVEDASYMPTOMS AND ITSMEDICINES

  3. The condition in which inflammation of pancreas occurs is called as pancreatitis. In women prevalence is high. The main functionof the pancreas is to secrete the hormones like insulin and glucagon which helpsin the regulation ofsugar. It also secretes the hormone which helps in digestion. The digestive enzymes are released via the pancreatic duct into the small intestine where they are activated to help break down fats and proteins. It also acts as an acid neutralizer. It is of twotypes- Acutepancreatitis:

  4. A sudden inflammation of the pancreas is called as acute pancreatitis. It lasts for a short time. It may cause mild discomfort to a severe, life-threateningillness. In severe cases, acute pancreatitis can result in bleeding into the gland, serious tissue damage, infection, and cyst formation. It also harms other vital organs such as the heart, lungs, andkidneys. Chronic pancreatitis: It is long-lasting inflammation of the pancreas. Acute pancreatitis, Heavy alcohol drinking can cause chronicpancreatitis.

  5. Symptoms of acutepancreatitis • Upper abdominal pain that radiates into theback • Pain will be aggravated by eating (fattyfood) • Swollen and tenderabdomen • Nausea andvomiting • Fever andchills • Increased heartrate • Rapidbreathing • Peritonitis may bedeveloped • Ascites may bedeveloped • Weakness andlethargy • Symptoms of ChronicPancreatitis- • AbdominalPain • Unintentional weightloss • Foul smelling, oilystool

  6. OtherCauses • Inflammation caused by gallstones, alcohol, certain drugs and mumpsetc • Gallstone and alcohol are very common (80% ofcases). • Blockage of pancreatic duct by a gallstone which gets stuck into the sphincter of Oddi is verycommon. • Sometimes blockage may betemporary. Diagnosis of Pancreatitis • White blood cells level increases in the laterphase. • Check sugar RBS, serum amylase and lipase will behigh. • Serum amylase will be high ( Normal value of serum amylase is 53 – 123 units/ liter). • An ultrasound scan can showgallstones. • CT abdomen isuseful. • Medicines forPancreatitis • Usiradikasayam • Mustakaranjadikasayam • Caturamiadicurnam • Vivadigulika

  7. Buktanjarigulika • Kaidaryadivati • Putikaranjasvam • Other • Takram without butter with lot of curryleaves.

  8. Pancreatitis and Ayurveda symptoms and its medicine, Parijatak is a leading Ayurveda Treatment Centre and a wellness center in Nagpur. It boasts with a holistic vision of offering the patients with the best and authentic healthcare services with classicalAyurveda. It is among the pioneer and well-established group, which is an array of competitive healthcare professional and innovative service providers of Classical Ayurvedic Health services along with the famous Panchakarma therapies from Kerala. The known clinics, Parijatak offers quality professional HealthCare treatment options and competitive services. It is a home to one of the top healthcare experts who has been serving forgenerations. The approach at Parijatak is to offer profound and deep healing effects returning back the same quality of life that you lived all theseyears. Thanks to the healers that encompasses the authentic curative methods that come along with the great passion to offer the best and natural healing process to yourbody. It has the tradition of healing the patients with the same real and authentic practices of Ayurveda that have worked sinceages. Parijatak Ayurveda, therefore, can be called as the most exclusive Ayurvedic Hospital in central India (Nagpur, Maharashtra, India), which is effectively managed by Dr. Nitesh Khonde. The clinic offers a wide range of healthcare services amidst the congenial atmosphere giving the timeless healingeffects. Tagged: Acute pancreatitis, and Ayurveda, Ayurveda, Ayurveda treatment, Ayurveda treatment center in Nagpur, Ayurveda treatment in Nagpur, Blockage of pancreatic duct, Chronic pancreatitis, panchakarma, panchakarma treatment center, panchakarma treatment center in Nagpur, Panchakarma treatment in Nagpur, pancreatitis, Symptoms of acute pancreatitis,Usiradikasayam

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  10. More Info Visit: - • Email Address: • Contact us: - SHANKAR BRANCH : • 154, Shankar Nagar, Near Garden, Nagpur-440010(INDIA) • Phone No : +91-712 6597777 ,6596666 • Mobile No :+91-9923200007 • Email : , • Helpline :9209107777 • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KHAMLA BRANCH: • 19, Kotwal Nagar, Khamla Square, Nagpur 440025(INDIA) • Phone No : +91-712 650007 • Email : , • Helpline :920910777