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Viking Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Viking Life

Viking Life

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Viking Life

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  1. Viking Life By:Anthony Lee

  2. THE GODS • Vikings believed in many gods such as…. • Odin, the God of wisdom • Thor, the God of thunder • Freyja, the Goddess of love • Loki, the trickster God and he is half God and half giant

  3. ODIN THE GOD OF WISDOM • Odin is the God of Wisdom and he has a horse with eight legs called Sleipnir.

  4. THOR THE GOD OF THUNDER • Thor the god of thunder has a hammer called Mjölnir • Thor is Odin’s son and he is very strong

  5. Freyja the goddess of love • Freyja is the goddess of love. • She is also the goddess of beauty.

  6. Loki the trickster god Loki is a shape shifter and in separate incidents he appears in the form of a salmon, mare, seal, a fly, and possibly an elderly woman.

  7. Viking Longboats Vikings uses a longboat to sail to differentcountries to steal gold and to make people as slaves.

  8. sleipnir • Sleipnir is a horse-like creature which conveys Odin between the realms of spirit and matter and is symbolic of Time. Sleipnir can gallop over land, sea, or through the air. Sleipnir has eight legs, representing eight directions and eight dimensions. He is the child of the shape-shifting god Loki (in female form) and a giant stallion, Svadilfari

  9. Viking Weapons • The greatest of Viking weapons was his sword. It was highly prized for its fighting strength and was a status symbol; the higher the rank of the warrior, the greater the sword. It usually had a wide, double-edged blade, was between 70 and 80 centimeters long, and had a richly decorated hilt. The blades were pattern welded and had a fuller ground out the length of the blade. The fuller lightened the blade without reducing it’s strength and increased it’s flexibility. Swords were thought so highly of that many Vikings named them. The Viking battle axe was a very deadly weapon. It could easily cleave through armor and still leave a mortal wound. They were made by welding a sharp cutting edge onto a shaped block of iron. The butt end was then slotted over a wooden handle and wedged tight. It served multiple purposes as it was also their working axe. This made it a very affordable weapon.The Viking spear was probably their most popular weapon. It wasn’t as expensive as a sword, and was still very deadly. They had a slender, tapering blade up to 50 centimetres long attached to a wooden shaft by a socket. They were very dangerous thrusting weapons, and they could also be thrown.

  10. Viking Houses • Viking houses were built of wood, stone or blocks of turf - depending on local materials. The houses were long box-shapes with sloping thatched or turf roofs. The walls were made of wattle (woven sticks, covered with mud to keep out the wind and rain). The floor of a Viking house was often dug below ground-level; perhaps this helped keep out draughts. • Most houses had just one room for a family to share.

  11. What do Vikings do during a raid? • Vikings would stop at different country's and basically destroy the whole village and take some people as slaves. • If the longboat got too heavy, they would sometimes throw slaves off the boat. • Most of the times they steal gold, animals and sometimes food.

  12. Thanks for watching!!!