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Patio Covers Houston TX PowerPoint Presentation
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Patio Covers Houston TX

Patio Covers Houston TX

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Patio Covers Houston TX

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  1. Houston Patio Covers We build patio covers in a variety of styles: gable style, single slope, hip and contemporary styles.

  2. Patio Covers Houston Texas Patios come in several shapes and sizes. They’re also found in different locations in relation to the house itself. There are big patios, small patios, square patios, semi-round patios, and many more that’ll surprise you with how they look. There are patios in Houston which are just so unique that you’re going to appreciate the efforts that both the designers and constructors put into them for the attention grabbing structures that are pleasing to the eye.

  3. Patio Cover Houston Here is a description of the services Eagle Patio Covers - Houston Patio Covers We build patio covers in a variety of styles: gable style, single slope, hip and contemporary styles. All of our work is done to suit your specifications, comply with Homeowners Association guidelines, and meet city codes where required. Gazebos(Stand Alone) – We build to your specifications on your choice of site. Gazebos can be built with four, six or eight sides and can be as ornate or as simple as you choose.

  4. Patio Covers Houston Stamped Concrete We break out existing slabs, excavate the desired area, then frame and install #3 steel rebars. We usually dowel into the existing foundation, pour the concrete and apply the color of your choice. We then stamp your chosen design, allow for drying process, and apply an acrylic finish. The new stamped concrete can be straight or curved to enhance the new floor appearance. Siding We remove existing siding, apply moisture barrier to protect your woodwork, install Hardi Plank Siding, and paint to your choice of colors.

  5. Patio Covers Houston Tx Selecting the Houston patio covers design, style, and materials may be easy, but picking the right patio cover contractor is something else. Choosing the right contractor is crucial to the durability, beauty, and price of your Houston patio covers. There’s something special about this type of structure which requires a lot of experience on the part of the contractor to create something out of the ordinary. No two patio covers are the same, at least as far as Eagles Patios is concerned. All their Huston patio covers are custom built according to your patio’s specification. Every Houston patio cover requires different treatment.

  6. For inquiries please visit : Houston Patio Covers