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Quality Patio Covers Dallas TX PowerPoint Presentation
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Quality Patio Covers Dallas TX

Quality Patio Covers Dallas TX

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Quality Patio Covers Dallas TX

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  1. Quality Patio Covers Dallas TX Patio covers are extremely common for homes within the state of Texas. They're nice for recreation and provide a spot for shady relaxation. In addition, a patio can defend you and your home from the hot summer sun and rainy weather. Covered patios also give a cool outside space which can provide shelter for outside furniture and kitchens. We offer area patio covers in Dallas that not only give shade and a canopy to your patio, they also offer beauty and value to your home. Our Services Include Patio Covers Undersides Arbors Stamped Concrete Masonry / Stonework Balconies / Decks Fences Patio Covers A completely waterproof structure to cover a new or existing patio from rain, sun, and other weather. We can attach a cover to the existing home and make the project look like it belonged there from the start, or we can build a structure with its own individuality. There are different options for how it is finished, varying in looks and cost.

  2. Undersides The underside of your patio cover is just as important as the top, considering you will be looking at this more than the top. Our standard build is open frame using a tongue and groove siding on top of the rafters. You will not see any nails coming through your roof, and any trim on your project will be professionally installed. Don't like our open frame design? Simply request a closed frame design, which is also featured here. Arbors An arbor is constructed entirely out of appearance grade cedar and built to your specifications. You can go with our standard build or request different size posts, beams, and rafters. Our arbors will block about 70% of the sun as opposed to most of our competitor’s arbors which offer only 50% sun blockage. Stamped Concrete This is concrete that is aesthetically pleasing, but still has superior strength and durability. We can make your patio look like flagstone, slate, brick, or any number of other custom designs and colors. Our concrete uses a #3 rebar grid for support, and piers where appropriate. Masonry / Stonework

  3. Stonework will add elegance and value to your outdoor space. We can build outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, post wraps, firepits, benches and more. Balconies A balcony is a completely waterproof deck, when standing underneath you stay completely dry and shaded. Our waterproof membrane is superior in quality using modified bitumen roll on roofing with a thick underlayment as protection. The top of your balcony will look the same as a ground level deck, and you can choose the type of railing. Need a door installed or some spiral stairs? No problem. Decks A wooden platform built to any shape, size, or height. A Decathlon deck will be "overbuilt". Thus, its holding capacity will exceed building code and be a strong, solid structure. We will help you design a beautiful deck, from the shape, to the direction of the decking boards, to the decking material. There are several decking options that vary in color, durability, and price. Fences Get some privacy with a cedar fence added into your project. We can place the boards side by side, or do a board on board design. Metal posts are used on all our fences. For more details: dallas.php Contact Us: Address: Decathlon Construction 4900 Getha Lane, Sachse, TX 75048

  4. Phone: 972-530-3884 Fax: 972-530-3800 Email: About Us: Decathlon Construction was founded by Jerry Terry on March 12th, 2003. The decision to start a Construction company was based on Jerry already having a wide array of construction knowledge from growing up around the business (his father was a home builder), and working as a foreman on homes, and also on pole buildings, which are built differently and added a lot of ideas to his construction portfolio. For more details: