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Public Relations

Public Relations Steir – Chapter 10 15 February 2007 Class Reminders Article Analysis #2 – Submit next Tuesday * Clearly identify 5 key learning pts, add opinion WebCT activities – grades are updated * Reminder – at least 2 postings for each chapter discussion

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Public Relations

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  1. Public Relations Steir – Chapter 10 15 February 2007

  2. Class Reminders • Article Analysis #2 – Submit next Tuesday • * Clearly identify5 key learning pts, add opinion • WebCT activities – grades are updated • * Reminder – at least 2 postings for each chapter discussion • Weekly Articles – make sure you select and use detailed articles, not just short press releases • Comments in the margin throughout the article • Today’s Topic = Public Relations

  3. Review of Marketing Mix What are the 5 “P’s” of marketing? (1) The Product, service, or idea (2) The Place where the product will be most readily acceptable, distributed, and/or shared (3) The Price the market will bear for the product, service, or idea (4) The Promotional activity or strategy associated with promoting the product, service, or idea to the public (5) The Public - potential consumers (target market) Supplementary “Ps” = (6 & 7) Process and Personnel

  4. Review of Fundraising What types of “resources” can be “raised” for the benefit of a sport-fitness organization? (1) Monetary Donations (2) Services • Accounting • Legal • Medical and Health (3) Goods and Products • Food • Equipment • Supplies

  5. Preview to Public Relations Q1: Public Relations = Media Relations + _____ Q2: The difference between reactive and proactive media relations? Q3: Describe what the primary function of a NCAA SIDis? Q4: Community relations programs are typically initiated in 3 main ways? Q5: Describe how publicity is sometimes not controllable?

  6. Public Relations Defined Public Relations = your definition? “…a multifaceted form of communication, with the intent to foster a positive company or product image” (Mullin, 317) “…marketing plans and tactics designed to alter or reinforce consumer perceptions, attitudes, or levels of awareness” (Mullin, 317)

  7. Public Relations Public Relations Media Relations Community Relations *Effective PR programs (MR + CR) create publicity – publicity sometimes not controllable

  8. Media Relations “…designed to formulate and shape favorable opinion via the mass media” Reactive vs. Proactive vs. Interactive Approach? Reactive = personnel respond to questions and requests from the media & interested parties (SID, Tony Dungy, Post-game interviews) Proactive = organization initiates contact with media (reports scores, sends media guides) Interactive = developing long-term, two-way relationship with media outlets

  9. Community Relations Community Relations = your definition? “…strategic programs used to enhance public understanding, approval. and acceptance” “giving back to the community” Individual and/or corporate philanthropy CR Programs typically initiated by: - Player (Tiger Woods Foundation) - Team (Orlando Magic Youth Foundation) - League (NFL and the United Way)

  10. Recent Community Relations Notes From Sports Business Journal NFL celebrates 30-year relationship with the United Way Warren Sapp donated $25,000 to the Florida Citrus Sports Foundation to build a new 20-station computer lab for the organization’s annual summer camp Atlanta Hawks teamed with Home Depot to renovate run-down basketball courts for Atlanta public schools

  11. Community Relations Initiatives By Professional Sport Teams St. Louis Cardinals Chicago Cubs Indiana Pacers St. Louis Rams

  12. Community Relations Player Involvement is Key –Why? Player presence & involvement attracts funding to the program via sponsorship, which creates media interest and coverage, which lures participation-observers to the program Role of Player Relations in C.R. Programs - working with charities, non-profit organizations and special programs (time, autographs, memorabilia, donations) – goal is to develop a win-win situation between player and organiz.

  13. Public Relations Functions(Mullin, 324) What are some? Inform and Communicate Shape and Enhance Image Promote Employee Relations Gain Political or Popular Support Recruit and Develop Business Launch New Products or Innovations Generate and Collect Feedback Cope With Crisis

  14. Public Relations Functions (Mullin, 324) Inform and Communicate – with who? With alumni and consumers With media outlets With shareholders With suppliers With competitors With government agencies and governing bodies With the general public With target markets

  15. Public Relations Functions (Mullin, 324) Shape and Enhance Image – How? “…demonstrate to the public that your products are well made, services are first-rate and vital to the industry, and that your organization is a responsible “citizen” and contributor to the community…” Individuals, teams, leagues, institutions, and corporations integrate marketing and public relations activities to reach target markets

  16. Public Relations Functions (Mullin, 327) Promote Employee Relations – How? Create an open “flow” of communication between management and employees Train employees in public speaking and dealing with the media – (i.e. - NBA trains players) Promote employee orientation through in-service training programs and seminars

  17. Public Relations Functions (Mullin, 327) Gain Political or Popular Support – How? Implement an effective educational public relations program in your community Q: What are we doing at EIU to accomplish this? Promote conferences and meetings that will increase understanding and promote growth

  18. Public Relations Functions (Mullin, 329) Recruit and Develop Business – How? • Portray the “experience” in positive light • Personal Selling of Programs, Products, Services (college visits, NFL Draft, etc.) • Forms of Recruiting – What are some? - Convincing recruits-draft choices-free agents to sign - Cities attracting franchises and events to town - Securing sponsorships for products and events

  19. Public Relations Functions (Mullin, 329) Launch New Products or Innovations –how? Use an effective public relations campaign to promote product awareness, product benefits, and product importance (New Orleans Hornets) Try to be “first” in the consumer’s mind Offer activities and promotions that will introduce product to the public

  20. Public Relations Functions (Mullin, 329) Generate and Collect Feedback – how? “monitor the pulse of the public” (Mullin, 332) Monitor public interest in acceptance or rejection of your sport products, concepts, or practices Use surveys, interviews, questionnaires to collect public or consumer feedback * NCAA reforms due to negative feedback

  21. Public Relations Functions (Mullin, 329) Cope with Crisis – How? Being proactive by implementing procedures to place a positive “spin” on controversial public issues (crises) – follow a crisis mgmt. plan Goal: promote positive public perception * NFL has developed an internal 10-point crisis-control plan for addressing crisis issues

  22. Media Impact on Sport Public Relations Changed the way sports were presented and accepted in American Households – sport has been placed in the “daily mix” of our lives Athletes are “People” = off-field exploits exposed Focus on entertainment = athletes became performers, entertainers, spokespersons, villains, etc.

  23. Summary-Conclusion Public relations is an essential element in the marketing mix Effective media and community relations helps product positioning and marketing efforts Proactive public relations efforts will help build positive relations with media outlets, target markets, and the public in general

  24. Next Week – Feb 20 and 22nd Bring Article Analysis #2 (Marketing/Promotion) on Tuesday (2/20) Bring Weekly Industry News # 4 (managerial skills) on Thursday (2/22) Be prepared to share both with the class

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