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Industry Insights STEP Mauritius 2019 PowerPoint Presentation
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Industry Insights STEP Mauritius 2019

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Industry Insights STEP Mauritius 2019

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Industry Insights STEP Mauritius 2019

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  1. Industry Insights STEP Mauritius 2019

  2. Clients Wealthy individuals and families Governments worldwide Focus Residenceandcitizenshipplanning Program development for countries Reach Over 300 staff Global presence Track Record 20 years leading the industry

  3. Comprehensive Advisory Process Ongoing strategy optimization Introduction of client Understand client profile Define strategy • Focus: • Develop a medium- to long-term residence and/or citizenship strategy. • Provide a fully managed process for busy people. • Implement and manage all administrative tasks whenever possible. Visit and meet at clients’ offices or homes. • Procure the desired residence and/or citizenship option. Implement strategy Henley & Partners office in the target country Henley & Partners office nearest to the home country of the client

  4. Global Presence Antigua and Barbuda Australia Austria Canada China Croatia Cyprus Dubai (UAE) Greece Grenada Hong Kong Jersey Latvia Malaysia Malta Moldova Montenegro Philippines Portugal Singapore Slovakia South Africa South Korea St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia Switzerland Thailand United Kingdom Vietnam

  5. Citizenship-by-Investment The term ‘citizenship-by-investment’ describes the policies of countries in which foreign persons may gain citizenship through significant capital contributions to the country. The intention is to build a long-term affinity between countries and highly successful people Several countries have programs in place to attract foreign high-net-worth individuals into the country in return for citizenship.

  6. Residence-by-Investment The term ‘residence-by-investment’ describes the policies of countries that grant foreign persons a residence permit or card through capital contributions to the country. Several countries have programs in place to attract foreign high-net-worth individuals to the country in return for residence These programs are used to encourage wealthy foreigners to reside in their country

  7. The Difference between Residence and Citizenship Programs • Citizenship • Right to vote • Ability to pass citizenship on to future generations • Allows international travel • Affords protection from the state • Residence • Right to live, work, travel, and study in a country • Usually comes with conditions or requirements • May give some travel rights • Can be withdrawn • Is likely to affect tax status

  8. Reasons for an Alternate Citizenship (1/2) Visa waivers Retirement • Opens travel to countries previously restricted by time-consuming visa application processes • Freedom to retire in a safe country without worrying about changing immigration laws Independence Mobility • Ability to travel or have the option to relocate at any time • Freedom of movement when other nationals are exposed to physical or financial threats

  9. Reasons for an Alternate Citizenship (2/2) Protection Tax planning • Citizenship is one of the tie-breaker rules in most double tax treaties • Increased privacy in banking and improved physical security Expatriation Security • Guarantees the right to a permanent alternative destination to reside in • Becoming a citizen of a country with more favourable conditions

  10. Leading Citizenship-by-Investment Programs

  11. Citizenship-by-Investment Programs There are currently nine countries offeringcitizenship programs that provide a direct legal route to citizenship based oncapitalcontribution and thathave passed Henley & Partners’ country duediligence process. Moldova Antigua andBarbuda Montenegro Austria St.Lucia Cyprus St. Kitts andNevis Grenada Malta Other countries have similar provisions. However, not all countries offering citizenship-by-investment programs have established or clear practicesand/or the programs are nottransparent.

  12. Leading Residence-by-Investment Programs

  13. Residence-by-Investment Programs Henley & Partners handpicks the most attractive countries with regard to mobility, security, privacy, personal tax, and lifestyle. Australia Hong Kong Singapore Austria Malaysia Switzerland Malta Canada Thailand Monaco UK Channel Islands USA New Zealand Cyprus Portugal Greece