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PT Barnum had NOTHING on the Oregon Country Fair. PowerPoint Presentation
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PT Barnum had NOTHING on the Oregon Country Fair.

PT Barnum had NOTHING on the Oregon Country Fair.

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PT Barnum had NOTHING on the Oregon Country Fair.

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  1. PT Barnum had NOTHING on the Oregon Country Fair. This IS by far “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy”

  2. It was a beautiful sunny summer day, July 8, 2008 as we departed Brookings, Oregon. Everyone was excited!!

  3. The “Cart” got the classy new paint job she deserved

  4. Short Ride… Long Story… Email me if you must know!

  5. Wed morning, July 9th. You know, I sat looking at this one picture and reflected back on the energy that was used just to get to this point. We camped here Tue night in line for the land grab in “The Miss Piggy Lot” (trade circle) camping area. After repacking the camping gear we go get our “wrist bands/vehicle passes” then go wait in another line.

  6. With the “Claim Staked” we bring in the gear and set up camp. The kitchen on the right turns into a selling space for Mondays trade circle.

  7. Where’d everybody go…………..?

  8. Guess I’ll sit here out of the sun waiting on the crew.

  9. Well it’s 3pm and time for my shift driving the F.A.R.T.S. shuttle.

  10. The kitchen is set up and going. The cook is AWOL.

  11. The “Lounge”

  12. Tent City

  13. A body exits it’s chrysalis.

  14. Thur morn - July 10 - my tin tepee.

  15. Breakfast is cooking - where’s Josh?

  16. SuperKris has her breakfast and is ready to go to work.

  17. Today we set up the booth dressing and I wrangle the shuttle around the parking lot later.

  18. The cart’s loaded and awaiting orders So glad I “classed” her up finally, she got so many nice remarks.

  19. Where’s Josh?

  20. Good Ole P-10 coming together. This is her 22nd year. My booth as well as those around me have “grandchildren”.

  21. Looking Good!

  22. Ladder to The loft

  23. View from behind the counter across to Hilltop Bakery. Well, I have to go drive, bye for now.

  24. Friday, July 11 opening day. It’s 9:30 and the gates open at 11. My crew is already inside hard at work cleaning and setting out stock as I set foot onto the fire road for my 1/2 mile trek to the booth site.

  25. I’m now about to exit the main gate of Miss Piggy lot, cross the next field and into the trees beyond.

  26. One more open lot to cross.

  27. Watering down the path - much needed, you’ll see later.

  28. Come with me now as we are about to leave the land of Nod And venture into another world.

  29. I’m standing where in a short while buses will be unloading the daily fairies. To the right is the old main gate. Behind the fence is Main Camp/ Operations. Straight ahead is the new gate now called bus gate - lets go.

  30. As you enter the “8” we see fairies strolling to and fro as well as standing in line for breakfast sold before hours by some food booths (extra $$). We take the left “Y” here up “East 13th” - going right will take the other way around the “8” or over the bridge to the “Left Bank” and “Chela Mela”.

  31. She doesn’t work for DPW and that’s not the back of Capt Sparrow, it’s a stroll up E 13th opening day of OCF.

  32. A must stop to see my friend Stacy, Hi Stacy!

  33. Another shot of Stacy with her booth partner. Stacy owns Harlequin Beads in Eugene yah know!

  34. This is where our old friend Tomi shares a booth - Hi Tomi, don’t see her - maybe later.

  35. Rooted In Love How nice

  36. Fairie Essentials

  37. Get your Buttons Here. For a period of time, we could get our then paper camping passes made into buttons so they would last the weekend.

  38. Landmark “Springfield Creamery” is left of center. To the left is the entrance to Energy Park. On the right is a great Tai food booth. At night there is always somebody playing music here and it jambs with young people who have to be seen at the scene and it’s hard to walk through.

  39. This is the center of the “8” where Strawberry Lane to the right and Shady Lane to the left intersect with E 13th. On the other side of the fence is the Long Tom River inside the fence is the “Function at the Junction” It used to be the Drum Tower; drummers/dancers would go all night.

  40. I veer left and continue along E 13th. This spot used to be a giant mud hole for years

  41. This hand carved Yin/Yang dragon caught my eye Fri morning, too spendy to add to my collection I’m sure.

  42. On the traditional Sunday afternoon stroll, I remarked to Silverlady about the carving and when I went to show it to her it had been painted beautifully but it changed it completely.

  43. This is Community Village keeping us informed. You can actually buy locally fresh veggies every morning here.

  44. A stop to say hi to my long time friend and former booth mate; Nome May in her great new location. Hi Nome - Love ya! Blessedbead. com

  45. Onward, D’Frisco on the immediate left. Always stop Sat night for a grilled chicken stick or sandwich. On the right is a coffee house that was the first to offer drinks all night long; still does. Awesome masks’ behind those white tarps just left of center. A rest area to the right as well.

  46. White Bird; our medical center. Used them many times. No not for bad trips, I’m accident prone.

  47. Then the path opens into a large meadow on the left And tucked back into the trees is the main stage.