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A site is only some 5% of what’s needed. PowerPoint Presentation
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A site is only some 5% of what’s needed.

A site is only some 5% of what’s needed.

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A site is only some 5% of what’s needed.

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  1. Until recently, almost all Planner and Accountant websites have failed as a proper marketing, communication and lead generation resource. • A site’s lack of productivity is usually obvious. • A site is only some 5% of what’s needed. • Your site is a marketing issue not an IT one. • Today we’ll look at how this is being fixed and how to use such a resource. • Start with Business and Marketing objectives not the site. Back to square 1.

  2. Sam’s research showed extra planning can generating up to 20% growth. • Planning is about attaining your objectives and what to use to get there. • Your site will become part of your day-to-day rather than just a bit player? • Good news: Finally, the vehicle is built, now, learning to drive it. Problem: When we ask Planners for a copy of their Marketing Plan they don’t have one. Their Objectives are largely in someone’s head. Problem: Planner’s perception of what Marketing is. Short vs long.

  3. Examples of Objectives Planners are seeking: • Gain greater penetration of client database: Up to 80% don’t know ‘their’ Planner. • Focus on different demographics. • Have x% of clients set their site as the default in their Browser. • Promoting Referral and word of mouth. • Generate number of qualified leads. • Gain better access to Accountants and their clients.

  4. Start working on a new market opportunity. • Build Trust and confidence. • Improve communications (very important in times of stress) • Uncover a need • Protect self and assets • Fear of loss

  5. If a website strategy is to work then some of the Weaknesses that had to be overcome include: • Lack of Planner’s time. • Lack of expertise. • Role of staff – who does what and how much time is needed? • How much time will clients give? • What are we trying to achieve with a website? • Understanding the difference between Using and Maintaining a site.

  6. Perception of what a site is and what it’s doing. EG, real function of services. • Structural issues: EG, client e-mail addresses and overcoming ISP limitations. • One or two ‘relevant’ content flows isn’t enough. • Relative value of a long term strategy vs short-term tactic such as S E O. • A site was the only option (now it’s just the start of a road). • The multitude of ways to build a site, most can’t add other’s services

  7. But you can’t fly without a plane, you can’t drive without a car, you can’t sail without a boat. Likewise you can get involved with website marketing unless you work towards having a proper website based marketing, communication and lead generation solution OR ‘vehicle’. • The last real issue now is the ‘You’ factor. • ‘You factor’. Why do some make fortunes and others fail? • Ironically, costs are still what they used to be, the value hugely improved.

  8. What our clients have always asked for: 1. Make the Practice look professional 2. Offer a number (5-7) of services that provide benefit to all 3. Save money 4. Make money Sounds easy but it’s taken us 5-6 years with Planners and Accountants being our sole focus.

  9. Up to 80% of client database is left out in the cold by many Practices up to 10 yrs. • Need to put your brand and services in front of all every month. • Need to ‘thaw’ this group. • They go ‘off’ at different times and you need to be there when they do. • Need to get e-mail addresses. • Need to Educate and inform – hmm, trust and confidence Objectives as well?

  10. Trust, confidence and consistency • After family, friends, colleagues, children and associates of clients • Stimulate word of mouth • Quality of Practice = professional image portrayed by a website. • Focus on sub-sets within client base. • Allows a greater level of client focus to be demonstrated. • Provide extra services that can help in the background. EG: Client’s children

  11. A very popular objective for most Planners. • Accountants are a very conservative - image and savings are vital. • But need to show you have a model for servicing all their clients not just a few. • Newer Planners have 80% issue, older have got rid of their 80% issue. • You need a model or vehicle to present to show how you service all your clients. • This is a battle ground. If win, then cost of tools and planning is usually worth it. • Only a proper website solution can be such a model as so cheap to cover all.

  12. A method to cover short term and long term marketing and selling needs. • If used a website strategy and attaining Objectives then give credit where due. • A lot of the benefit is longer term and subtle. -ie- • Generates a lead but could you convert it? • New clients from regularly seeing site but weren’t ready until now. • A referred potential client who ‘double checks’ via your site first?. • Potential new staff member? • Easier access to ATO resources? Etc.

  13. Better Planning = up to 20% and your website is part of that process. • Question: What is not having a proper website based solution costing? • Better understanding of roles played: long term vs short term tactics Ads, SEO, YP. • 25-35 year olds • Anecdotes of new high net wealth won after website strategy implemented. • Some have given up Yellow Pages. • 35% of hits on Calculators and growing. Better capture of this flow