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Student Services

Student Services. Student Success is NC Success!. Niagara College. We have 10,000 students enrolled this term. 432 students live in residence (on campus) 24/7 Our students are 18 to 83 years of age with a 50:50 male/female ratio

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Student Services

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  1. Student Services Student Success is NC Success!

  2. Niagara College • We have 10,000 students enrolled this term. • 432 students live in residence (on campus) 24/7 • Our students are 18 to 83 years of age with a 50:50 male/female ratio • In 1988 when we first started keeping track, we had 88 students with disabilities, but today, we have over 1200 students who have identified that they have disabilities • Our number of International students has increased from 22 in 1985 to almost 2,000 today • We support hundreds of Second Career students, injured workers returning to school, and Mature Students starting college for the first time • 20% of our students are First Generation students, meaning they are the first in their immediate family to attend college • Approximately 350 of our students identify as Indigenous (First Peoples of Canada)

  3. Importance of Student Services • “Supporting and enhancing the student experience (academic, social, welfare and support) from first contact through to becoming alumni is critical to success in higher education today for both the student and the institution.” Alina Ciobanu, 2013 • The purpose of student Services is to “ensure the students’ growth and development during the academic experience.” (NASPA, 2102)

  4. What is Student Services?

  5. Office of the Director, Student Services • Student rights and responsibilities • Student complaints and issues • Harassment and discrimination issues • Sexual assault, support, and reporting • Student discipline associated with disruptive student behavior • Liaison with Student Administration Council

  6. Consent is Key

  7. Health, Wellness & Accessibility Services

  8. Counselling Services Helps students with: • Resolving academic difficulties • Learning strategies • Time and stress management • Relationship difficulties • Mental health and wellness • Referrals to community services • Personal crisis • Substance use/abuse • Anxiety • Educational planning • Finances

  9. Student Health Services Includes: • Doctor’s Clinics • Episodic Illness Care • Healthy Sexuality • Lifestyle Choices • Health Resources • Community Referrals • First Aid • Flu Clinics • Allergy Injections, Immunization, TB Testing

  10. Accessibility Services Provides: • Test accommodations • Alternative format textbooks • In-class academic accommodations • Support services • Counselling support • Assistive technology training • Accessible computer labs • Learning strategies

  11. Accommodation Example Sign Language Interpreting for students who are deaf:

  12. Indigenous EducationFirst Nations, Inuit, Metis

  13. Indigenous Education Provides: • Indigenous student counselling • Indigenous-designated bursaries • Indigenous resource materials • Guidance, advice and support • Student advocacy • Study/lounge area & computer lab • Articulated programs with Indigenous organizations • Cultural awareness initiatives

  14. Student Engagement, Academic Advisement & Career Services

  15. Academic Advising Types: Group Advising or One-On-One • Program information • Integration to college life and program demands • Academic advisement at midterms • Academic probation if unsuccessful in a course • Program withdrawal • Transfer agreements

  16. Student Engagement & Leadership • KickSTART • Orientation Week - “O” Week • First Generation programming • Co-Curricular Record • Student Experience program • Community engagement and volunteering • Leadership exploration and development • Peer Mentoring

  17. Orientation Schedule

  18. Orientation Schedule

  19. KickSTART

  20. KickSTART

  21. Coop & Grad Career Services • Job search strategy coaching/resources • Job postings & volunteer opportunities • Workshops • Interview tips • InterviewStream online service • Resume reviews/critiques • Optimal Resume access • Services for employers

  22. Library & Learning Commons

  23. Library • Research resources • Help with research • Citation help • Study rooms • Equipment • Printing • Academic drop in sessions • Communication • Math • ESL

  24. Peer Tutoring • Offers you an opportunity to be matched with a Peer Tutor to help you meet your learning goals • Become a Peer Tutor to assist other students in need

  25. Testing Services • Test accommodations for students with disabilities • Make up or missed tests • Proctoring services • Mature student admission testing • OntarioLearn/online course tests and exams • Customized testing contracts for business and corporate clients

  26. One Stop Shop-Integrated Services Model • Services such as registration, financial aid, billing, and student services are located in the same area. • Student-centered • More streamlined • Convenient • Efficient • Increases student satisfaction

  27. Student Success is NC Success!

  28. References • A. Ciobanu. The Role of Student Services in the Improving of Student Experience in Higher Education. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 92 (10) (2013), 169-173. • NASPA- Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (2012) Considering a Career in Student Affairs? Retrieved from http://www.naspa.org/career/default.cfm

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