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  1. Review Major Topics: Marketing Planning Integrated Marketing Communications Media Planning Direct Marketing Personal Selling Sales Promotion Public Relations – Press Release

  2. Review Creative Strategy and the Creative Process The Creative Brief Art and Copy (Chapter 13) Producing Ads (Chapter 14)

  3. Review Marketing Planning Top-down marketing Situation analysis Marketing objectives Marketing strategy Marketing tactics

  4. Situation analysis Marketing objectives Corporate objectives Marketing objectives Need-satisfying objectives Sales-target objectives

  5. Situation analysis Marketing objectives Marketing Strategy Determining the marketing mix Selecting the target market Positioning the product

  6. Situation analysis Marketing objectives Marketing Strategy Marketing tactics

  7. Bottom-Up Marketing: How Small Companies Plan Marketingresults Marketingstrategy Marketing tactics

  8. Importance of relationships Cost of lost customers (LTCV) Cost of acquiring new customers Value of loyal customers

  9. Product concept Target audience Creative Mix Advertising media Communications media

  10. Planning Media Strategy: Finding Links to the Market Shows how communications media help advertisers achieve marketing and advertising objectives

  11. Effective reach Effective frequency Advertising response curve

  12. Relationship Building: Direct Marketing, Personal Selling, and Sales Promotion Emphasizes the importance of relationship marketing and demonstrates how various forms of marketing communications can be integrated with advertising

  13. Direct marketing Database marketing Direct response advertising

  14. Direct sales Personal direct selling Telemarketing Direct response advertising Direct mail Catalog sales Direct-response print advertising Direct-response broadcast advertising

  15. Role of Personal Selling in IMC Gathering information Providing information Fulfilling orders Building relationships

  16. Sales Promotion Strategies and Tactics Push strategies Trade promotions Trade advertising Pull strategies Consumer sales promotions Consumer advertising

  17. Trade promotions Slotting allowances Trade deals Diverting Forward buying Display allowances Buyback allowances Advertising allowances Co-op advertising

  18. Consumer sales promotions Point-of-purchase (POP) materials Coupons Electronic coupons and convenience cards

  19. Sampling Polybagging In-store sampling Contests and sweepstakes Combination offers

  20. Public Relations The management function that focuses on the relationships and communications that individuals and organizations have with other groups for the purpose of creating mutual goodwill

  21. PublicRelations Advertising Free media Paid media Openly sponsored Not openly sponsored Precise placement Imprecise placement

  22. News releases and press kits News release Press kit

  23. Types of Sponsorships Sports marketing Venue marketing Entertainment marketing Causes Festivals Fairs Events Arts and culture

  24. Creative Strategy and the Creative Process Shows how advertising strategies are translated into creative briefs and message strategies that guide the creative process

  25. Formulating Advertising Strategy: The Key to Great Creative Target Audience Communications Media Advertising Message Product Concept

  26. Writing the Creative Brief (Copy Platform) Behavioristic Demographic Who? Geographic Psychographic

  27. Why? Writing the Creative Brief (Copy Platform) Rational Appeals Emotional Appeals

  28. Writing the Creative Brief (Copy Platform) Product positioning Special product features? What? Perceived strengths and weaknesses Product personality or image Claim support?

  29. Writing the Creative Brief (Copy Platform) Where and When? What style, approach, and tone?