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What is Ready ? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Ready ?

What is Ready ?

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What is Ready ?

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  1. What is Ready? • National public service ad campaign produced by U.S. Department of Homeland Security and The Advertising Council • Educates and empowers Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies, including natural disasters and potential terrorist attacks • Goal is to get the public involved and ultimately increase our nation’s level of preparedness

  2. ReadyCampaign Components Ready America – Information for Americans on how to prepare themselves, their homes and their families Ready Business – Information for owners and managers of small to medium-sized businesses on how to prepare their companies Ready Kids –Tool to help parents and teachers educate children 8-12 about emergencies and how they can help their families prepare Listo America / Listo Negocios / Listo Ninos – Spanish language versions

  3. Ready Encourages… • Individuals and families to: • Get an Emergency Supply Kit • Make a Family Emergency Plan • Be Informed • Small-to-medium sized businesses to: • Plan to Stay In Business • Talk to Their Employees • Protect Their Assets

  4. Three unique Public Service Advertising (PSA) campaigns developed by the Ad Council Ready America - all Americans, with special focus on parents Ready Business - small and medium-sized businesses, with focus on owner/operator, HR and IT Listo – Spanish speakers TV, radio, Internet, print and out-of-home ads, most localizable New Ready, Listo and Ready Business PSAs soon Spreading theMessage - PSAs

  5. New Ready PSAs • Two new TV and radio ads, released May 23 feature former Presidents Bush and Clinton

  6. Spreading theMessage – Web sites • can be linked to your Web sites

  7. 12 Ready Publications Ready America - tri-fold, brochure and supply list Ready Business – tri-fold, brochure, poster and Mentoring Guides Listo – tri-fold and brochure Ready Kids – activity book and poster/teaching guide Newest piece for pet owners developed with Humane Society, ASPCA, AKC and vets released May 31 New pieces for seniors and special needs being developed Free via and 1-800-BE-READY; can provide copies for your organization or event Spreading theMessage - Materials

  8. Annual Public Relations Efforts National Preparedness Month Resolve to Be Ready Media outreach, especially around new products, current events, anniversaries, etc. This year, Ready has been featured on: CBS’ Early Show NPR’s All Things Considered Fox News’ Weekend Live Happy to work with your publications Spreading theMessage –PR/Media

  9. Citizen Corps key partner, localizes and spreads Ready message at the grassroots level Partnering with a variety of public and private sector organizations, including: Minor League Baseball Boy Scouts of America U.S. Chamber of Commerce CDC Small Business Administration Always looking for new partners Spreading theMessage – Partners

  10. The Ad Council has declared Ready of the most successful campaigns in its over 60 year history Over $532 million in donated media support More than 1.9 billion hits and 23 million unique visitors to More than 256,000 calls to 1-800-BE-READY More than 5.5 million brochures requested or downloaded from the Web site Ready Successes

  11. Move into the Preparedness Directorate with focus on building a culture of preparedness Closer alignment with Citizen Corps Stronger connection with state and local efforts New Ready Web site New materials - seniors and special needs New PSAs Ready’s Road Ahead

  12. What You Can Do • Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed • Spread Ready message to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. • Work with Citizen Corps to help create emergency plans for your office, your children’s school and your community • Take part in National Preparedness Month • Focus on family preparedness • Expand effort through summer and fall • Link to existing events • Looking for great efforts to feature as our launch