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pc-dmis version 4.2

pc-dmis version 4.2

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pc-dmis version 4.2

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  1. pc-dmis version 4.2 Reporting Training

  2. Reporting -- Changes to the User Interace

  3. Report Window Report Window is now separate from Edit Window

  4. Report Window Report Window Toolbar and Standard windows controls to minimize, restore and close. Starting with PC-DMIS version 4 the Report and Edit Windows are separate.

  5. New Menu for Reporting Version 4.2 Version 3.7

  6. New Menu for Reporting Version 4.2 Version 3.7 Access to Template and Custom Report Editors

  7. Menu for Insert Report Command • Differences in Menu: • Hyperview Report has been replaced by Custom Report, Template Report and Legacy Report • Menu list is now alphabetized. • Menu item “Screen Capture” has been added.

  8. Edit Window Layout Dialog Version 4.2 Version 3.7 Hyper-Reports can no longer be created starting with v4! Now done in the Report Window Reflects that Edit Window and Report Window have been separated

  9. Reports -- 1- Touch Reporting

  10. Six Standard Reports • TEXTONLY.RTP • Text reporting with labels • Default template unless registry entry specifies another template • CADONLY. RTP • Entire report based on Cad Object with labels • Page orientation is Portrait • TEXTANDCAD. RTP • Top half Cad (Cad Object) with labels • Bottom half text (Text object)with labels

  11. Six Standard Reports • GRAPHICALANALYSIS. RTP • Feature information is presented in the Graphical Analysis chart • CADONLY_LANDSCAPE. RTP • Like CADONLY.RTP, the entire report based on Cad Object with labels • Page orientation is Landscape • PPAP. RTP • Production Part Approval Process report • Concise tabulated report

  12. Standard Reports Header 1-Touch Reporting TEXTONLY Feature Also the default report format Dimension

  13. Standard Reports 1-Touch Reporting CAD TEXTANDCAD Text Note that labels on CAD and Text match # of pages is determined by format and amount of data

  14. Standard Reports 1-Touch Reporting CADONLY All 5 dimensions shown on one page

  15. Standard Reports 1-Touch Reporting GRAPHICALANALYSIS Graphs for Circularity, Cylindricity, Flatness and Straightness

  16. Standard Reports 1- Touch Reporting CADONLY_LANDSCAPE CADONLY report in Landscape instead of Portrait orientation

  17. Standard Reports 1-Touch Reporting PPAP Quickly determine acceptance or rejection

  18. Standard Reports ViewSets are not new What is new is their effect on the Report.

  19. Standard Reports New page and new CAD view ViewSets allow different CAD views in the Report

  20. Status Window Also works in Command Mode Status Window shows report for current command

  21. Reports -- Customizing a Report

  22. Ways to Customize a Report • Right click in the text section of a report and select: • “Edit Object” to specify what data is to be included in the report (e.g. Features, Alignments, etc.) • “Duplicate Page” to make a copy in the Report Window of the current page • “Add Object on Page / Section Cut Profile” to add a cut-away view of the CAD model • “Add Object on Page / Custom Label” to add a label to the page based on a selected label template • “Remove Object Modifications” to Undo modifications to an object

  23. Ways to Customize a Report • Right click on a label and select “Edit Object” to specify what data is to be included in a label • Right click on a label and select “Change Template” to change the formatting of that data • Right click on a CAD label and select “Hide Selected Labels” to make the label not visible • Right click on a CAD image that has hidden labels and select “Show Hidden Labels” to make the hidden labels visible • Double-click on a CAD image to modify the zoom and orientation of the image

  24. Ways to Customize a Report • Double-click on a CAD label to reposition the label • Right click on a CAD image and select “Edit Object” to access the Label Layout Wizard • Right click the GraphicalAnalysis object and change its properties • Double click GraphicalAnalysis object and change zoom and orientation • File | Reporting | Clear Template Associated Data • File | Reporting | Clear All Template Associated Data

  25. Customizing a Generated Report Clear Template Associated Data • Removes all report customizing used in the current part program with the current selected report template

  26. What Template is Used? • New part program (order of precedence): • The report template specified as the default report template in the registry, if one exists, • TEXTONLY.RTP, if it can be found, • default.rtp, if it can be found, • default.rtp, which PC-DMIS creates.

  27. What Template is Used? • Existing part program (order of precedence): • the default report template for this part program, if one has been established by clicking the "Set as Default Template" button, • the report template specified as the default report template in the registry, if one exists, • TEXTONLY.RTP, if it can be found, • default.rtp, if it can be found, • default.rtp, which PC-DMIS creates.

  28. Other Operational Considerations

  29. Report Window PC-DMIS includes template name in the Report Window Title Bar

  30. Report Window Toolbar Report Magnification Save Layout Saved Custom Reports Set Report as Default Full Report Mode Print the Report Redraw the Report Last Execution Report Mode Saved Report Templates including 6 standard report templates Template Selection Dialog Custom Report Selection Dialog

  31. Template Selection Dialog When you click on the Template Selection Dialog icon you get a list of Report Templates

  32. Template Selection Dialog Click to add your report template to this list Close Dialog Remove from List

  33. Template Selection Dialog Image preview directly from template unless specified by user Click on template then click Open to use this template in the Report Window

  34. Change Previews Can change preview for report and label templates

  35. Change Previews Any .bmp or .jpg file can be used. Make proportions about 1:1

  36. New PC-DMIS Font • New font • Loaded with PC-DMIS • Provides GD&T symbols

  37. Examining Standard Report Templates

  38. Examining Standard Templates TextOnly

  39. Examining Standard Templates Font TEXTONLY.RTP in the Report Template editor Object Docked Property Sheet Properties for selected object Docked Toolbars Layout

  40. Examining Standard Templates Just “Grab & Drag” Toolbars and Property Sheet can also float (i.e. be undocked)

  41. Examining Standard Templates TextReportObject The Rule Tree specifies what data is to be presented and in what format CadReportObject Label Three objects present data and have a Rule Tree

  42. Examining Standard Templates Group Toggle Ruler Align Center Undo To Front / Back Toggle Grid Align Edges Zoom Out Property Sheet Zoom in Ungroup Space Zoom 1:1 Make Same Size View Snap Points Regroup Redo Layout Bar – some have menus

  43. Creating a Report Template From Help

  44. Examining Standard Templates Click Rules TEXTONLY.RPT in the Report Template editor

  45. Examining Standard Templates When to Report Data Rules exist if BOLD Data format Rule for Dimension Location Report Expression Language We will talk more about Rules and the Rule Tree Editor later

  46. Standard Report Templates • Questions: • What happens if I delete a report template that I have set as my default for a part program? • If the report template is not found, “default.rtp” is used. If it is not found, PC-DMIS creates it. It is a TextReportObject with no rules. • This is similar to Text Mode Dimension Report • What happens if I modify my report template? • Whenever you click the Redraw button in the Report Window, or when you run the part program, PC-DMIS will notice that the report template has been updated and will use that updated report template. • This is a VERY handy feature!

  47. Examining Standard Templates Several text objects TextReportObject with rules PPAP.RTP in the Report Template editor

  48. Examining Standard Templates Label Layout CADReportObject with rules CADOnly.RTP in the Report Template editor

  49. Examining Standard Templates # of Labels per page and Layout Style Leader Lines point to Measured or Nominal? 2 leader lines? Feature centroid? Color ball on leader line? Border? Auto-Zoom CAD image? CADonly.RTP / click on Labels Layoutin Property Sheet

  50. Examining Standard Label Templates