the rosenberg trial n.
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The Rosenberg trial

The Rosenberg trial

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The Rosenberg trial

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  1. The Rosenberg trial

  2. TIMELINE • March 1917-Russian Revolution begins. • 1929-Communist party within the United States is founded. • Julius Rosenberg enters City College of New York; is involved in radical politics. • Summer, 1939- Julius and Ethel Rosenberg married. • December 7, 1941-America enters the Second World War. • July 17,1950-Julius Rosenberg arrested while shaving. • August 11, 1950-Ethel Rosenberg arrested. • July 19,1953-Rosenbergs killed by the government in the electric chair. • 2001- David Greenglass admits of a conspiracy against the Rosenbergs.

  3. THE BEGINNINGS OF THE CONSPIRACY • At the time when Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were accused of treason, America was in the midst of a tense time. Many people were afraid of the Russian Communist government. They looked for people to frame as communists within their own country. This was known as the Red Scare.

  4. WHY WERE THEY ARRESTED? There are several reasons why Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were arrested in the summer of 1950, and later sentenced to death by the government in 1953. The conspiracy against the Rosenbergs occurred right after the second world war. At this point in history, the American people were paranoid about having a nuclear war with Russia. They were constantly looking for people within the United States who might be Russian spies. Julius Rosenberg, in the eyes of the public, was very suspicious. He had made several mysterious trips to New Mexico. He was also a member of the Communist Party within the United States. However, historians see no reason for the arrest of his wife.

  5. “DOYOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BEING ACCUSED OF? ” • The Rosenberg trial began on March 6, 1951. • The defendents: Julius Rosenberg • Ethel Rosenberg • Morton Sobell • The prosecutors: • Max Elitcher • Ruth Greenglass • David Greenglass • Harry Gold • Elizabeth Bentley • The Judge: Irving Kaufman

  6. JUDGE KAUFMAN Judge Irving Kaufman was just 40 years old when he presided the Rosenberg case. Kaufman was Something of a prodigy. He finished law school by 20. And, although a Jew, was nicknamed “Pope Kaufman.” Kaufman was described by Julius as a “cross between a rabbinical student and an army sergeant.

  7. JUSTICE? Very recently, David Greenglass, brother of Ethel Rosenberg, admitted that he framed his sister and brother-in- law. It was in fact he who had been designing drawings of atomic warfare. Although a public apology from the government was let out, I don’t think it justified what happened.