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  1. AUTOMATIC METER READING Presented by: Amrita Pattnaik Roll # EE200199180 Advisor : Mr. Debashisha Jena

  2. What’s AMR? How does the system works? & its operating principle. Host Central Station Hardware And Software Requirements(HCS). Data Concentrator Unit(DCU). Multi-Channel Meter Interface Unit(MIU). Single Phase Meter Interface Unit(MIU). MIU FOR Water,Gas and Other Meters. Handheld Programming Unit(HPU). Benefits of AMR to the utilities' customer. AMR Function &Features. TOPICS TO BE DISCUSSED

  3. The meaning of AMR: Automatic meter reading (AMR) is the collection of, at a remote central location, data from consumption meters located at customers’ premises via telecommunication links. The meters could measure gas, water or electricity flow. These links could be Telephone lines, powerline carrier communication (PLCC), Radio frequency CATV etc. INTRODUCTION

  4. INTRODUCTION(contd.) • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is a telephone-based, calling outbound system, for utility control and reliable, low-cost meter reading. • With the use of AMR, the need of a person to visit the consumer’s site and record the readings of the meters is eliminated. This also prevents human errors in recording the reading

  5. WHAT’S AMR • AMR brings significant benefits to the customer by providing increased meter-reading accuracy, fewer estimated bills, rapid response to read requests, automatic leak detection and billing options and provids detailed usage information about individual sites, which allows the utility to offer variable rates and encourage price-responsive behavior among customers. • AMR improves operational management by providing just-in-time meter replacement, tamper detection, remote access, and automatic scheduling of meter reading. In short, AMR will optimize cost savings and maximize efficiency for Anglian Water while providing improved customer service.

  6. The key to the system is a device called an ERT( Encoder-Receiver-Transmitter). This device is connected directly to a special electronic register on the water meter. Normally, the ERT does nothing - it "sleeps," waiting for the meter reader to approach. The meter truck-mounted reading the device sends out a continuous "wake up" signal. When an ERT receives the signal, it checks the reading on the meter register, encodes it into a digital signal, and begins transmitting its identification number and the current reading. HOW DOES THE SYSTEM WORKS?

  7. HOW DOES THE SYSTEMS WORKS?(contd.) • After a few minutes, the ERT stops transmitting and goes back "to sleep," waiting for the next time meter reading. • The truck-mounted computer system matches the ERT identification number with the property and records the reading. At the end of the day, the meter reader unloads the information to our billing system. • AMR also need Meter Interface Unit (MIU).It responds to calls initiated through the software installed on a PC. A simple three-wire hook-up from the encoded register provides input from the meters to the MIU.

  8. OPERATING PRINCIPLE • To operate the AMR, Power Line Modem (PLM) is used, which transmits and receives data over the power line. • The PLMs operate in a Half Duplex, two-way, Time Division Multiplex communication mode. • Both the MIU and the DCU contain the PLM device. • The binary data stream is keyed onto a carrier signal by means of the Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) technique. • The central frequency is shifted +0.3KHz to represent 1 or 0 of the binary data stream. s then coupled onto the power line by the PLM. • At the receiving end, an identical PLM will detect the signal and convert it back to a binary data stream. ode.

  9. The remote Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) System is a host driven, multi-level network system consisting of a Host Central Station (HCS), Data Concentrator Units (DCU) and Meter Interfacing Units (MIU), with built-in flexibility and expandability. Host Central Station Hardware And Software Requirements(HCS). Data Concentrator Unit(DCU). Multi-Channel Meter Interface Unit(MIU). Single Phase Meter Interface Unit(MIU). Handheld Programming Unit(HPU). AMR SYSTEM OVERVIEW


  11. BENEFITS OF AMR TO UTILITIES • Reduced meter reading costs. • Ability to access difficult-to-read meters. • Improved customer service. • Reduced percentage of estimated bills. • Improved meter reader safety. • Implementation of real-time pricing. • Reduced read-to-bill time. • Distribution automation. • Improved fraud detection.

  12. Obtain more easily initial and final meter readings for opening and closing accounts. Streamline high bill investigations. Help pinpoint system losses. Help detect theft of service. Enable more frequent readings with little incremental cost. Enable custom billing dates. Support customized rates (e.g. for large customers). Provide detailed consumption information to customers. AMR OVER CONVENTIONAL METER READING

  13. Provide watchdog service, like leakage monitoring. Improve revenue forecasting by tying detailed consumption information to production data and expected billings. Aid in rate design. Reduce bill adjustments. Meters can be read even in case the homes are locked. AMR OVER CONVENTIONAL METER READING(contd.)

  14. Telephone lines Powerline carriers Radio Frequencies (VHF/UHF etc) Cable Television (CATV) cables Bluetooth General Packet Rad IMPLEMENTATION OF PROPER AMR SCHME

  15. AMR Function & Features • Time of Use and Meter Reading • Self-diagnostic and Status Reporting • Networking and System Hierarchy • Data Communication and Other Functions • Compatibility with water and gas metering systems • Use of Ethernet LAN/ Internet for Remote Meter Reading and Data Management.

  16. Since automatic meter reading is all about “Reading a utility meter without the requirement for visual inspection of the meter”, it is indeed an easy and fail-safe method for monitoring consumption details of a customer. Automatic Meter Reading can detect meter tampering and illegal drawing of power (hooking/power pilfering). AMR as a way of improving customer service while reducing the cost of reading meters. The Automatic Meter Reading system enables us to save millions of dollars every year in meter reading costs and also provide our customers with better information about water use, more accurate billings, andkeep rates as low as we can. CONCLUSION

  17. THANK YOU!!!