false authority n.
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False Authority

False Authority

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False Authority

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  1. False Authority Katilyn Wyatt and DeAnna Mabe

  2. Definition • Using a biased, suspicious, or incredible source to defend a conclusion. • X is true because Y says so. Therefore, what Y says must be true

  3. Analogy Teachers Students in particular may look at their teachers as a person of authority. Teachers are meant to help others learn. Since they are in charge they believe they have the authority to tell students what can and can’t be done or what is true and what isn’t.

  4. Universal Subway/ Girlfriend commercial Lancôme makeup uses Julia Roberts, the famous actress, as their model. When women in society see that Roberts uses Lancôme makeup products, they are lured into using it also because they view Roberts as an authority figure.

  5. The Crucible Act 1 • Page 188: Hale: “You will confess yourself or I will take you out and whip you to your death, Tituba!” • Hale accused Tituba to witchcraft only by the evidence of what Abigail said. Hale has no real authority over Tituba yet Tituba and Hale • Page 189: Hale: “Glory to God! It is broken, they are free!” • Hale and Parris believe Betty and Abigail were under the devil’s spell. However, when Tituba confessed, Abigail and Betty began to accuse different girls from the community. Hale believes because of this, the Devil is gone.

  6. The Crucible Act 2 • Page 195: Mary Warren: “She could not say a single one.” Proctor: “And so they condemned her?” • Judge Hathorne uses the ten commandments as a test to see if people are involved in witchcraft. Sarah Good was a women who Abigail accused. She couldn’t recite all 10 commandments therefore she was condemned for witchcraft. • Page 201: Francis: “For murder, she’s charged! For the murder of Goody Putnam’s babies.” • Rebecca Nurse is charged for the murder of Goody Putnam’s babies without any real evidence. The only evidence used against her is the word of Anne Putnam therefore making it false authority of taking Rebecca Nurse into custody.

  7. The Crucible Act 3 • Page 211: Cheever: “I think it be evidence.” • Proctor is being accused as the Devil’s worker. Only because he doesn’t have a good church record. He is known to plow on Sundays. The court uses this as evidence against him although many in the town have been known to plow on Sundays.

  8. The Crucible Act 4 • Page 239: Danforth: “Do you sport with me? You will sign your name or it is no confession, mister!” • Although Proctor has already confessed of his sins, Danforth requires him to sign his name so he can hang the document at the church for the village to see his own credibility as well as Proctor’s confession. The document is not really needed, yet Danforth thinks it must be used or Proctor is hanged.

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