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Student Exchange - What Next? PowerPoint Presentation
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Student Exchange - What Next?

Student Exchange - What Next?

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Student Exchange - What Next?

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  1. Student Exchange - What Next? May 2011 Sheila Mills, International Exchanges & Partnerships Coordinator Katrin Uhlig, International Exchanges Assistant

  2. IB2 students going on exchange in semester 1 • MDP3 at a distance – Stephen Tagg • Neil Hood Memorial Fund - presentation • General Information • Pre-departure checklist • Erasmus forms for those going to Europe

  3. Preparation • You should have made your application and some of you have your offer letter. If you haven’t had your offer letter by the end of this month, please come to see us • Read Student Reports in resource room – useful tips & advice • Open 9am – 4pm

  4. Tuition, Loans and Funding • Please apply through SAAS/ your local LEA as usual and tell them you will be on exchange • Normal tuition arrangements apply as if you were at Strathclyde for the semester • Apply to Student Loans Company (as you usually would) 0845 111 1711

  5. ERASMUS - How it Works • Grant received on basis of all necessary paperwork being provided – amount • It is a top up – need to save over the summer • Forms need to be submitted throughout the year – will be sent to your Strathclyde email account • If you come home early and do not continue, you may be asked to refund the grant. If all forms are not submitted cannot receive payment

  6. Outside Europe • More expensive – save during the summer • Visa required – make sure you leave enough time to apply and receive your visa, apply as soon as you get documentation from university • Flights – book early for best deals • Health Insurance requirement – Canadian/US universities require compulsory health insurance cover

  7. Classes need to be approved before you go If you cannot register for any of your approved classes, please let us know immediately All students do MDP 3 by distance It is advisable to take a full course load in addition to MDP Any changes need to be approved by departments and sent to exchange coordinator If you make changes without getting permission you may jeopardise getting into honours Keep a note of your approved classes – if in doubt, get in touch Classes

  8. University Insurance – apply online via Pegasus Additional Insurance Types of Insurance – health, belongings, travel, study abroad Insurance

  9. EHIC Card • The card is available free of charge, is valid for up to 5 years • Apply - • The EHIC also covers you for pre-existing conditions that your travel insurance might not and indeed, some travel insurance policies are invalid without an EHIC. • The EHIC is not a replacement for travel insurance. It won't cover you for loss of luggage, holiday refunds or repatriation back to the UK - so you must have both to be fully covered. • For further information regarding the EHIC, including where it can be used, who is eligible and what it covers, visit

  10. Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Lots of useful tips for travelling overseas on their website Make copies of your passport and leave with your parents/ friends at home in case you lose or original is stolen Many countries require your passport is valid for a further 6 months after you leave the country Passport

  11. Use your judgement as you would in Glasgow about safety Do not travel alone at night Make sure you keep to well lit areas Remember that as an international student your accent and appearance may make you stand out Personal Safety

  12. What’s on offer? Many of our partners offer students on campus accommodation or can assist in finding suitable private accommodation Read student reports to get student recommendations Make sure that if you decide to look for private accommodation you use common sense in judging suitability Things to consider: Price? Does it include bills? What are bills? Location? Is it near your classes? If not, what are transport costs? Area? Is the area safe? Do other students choose to live there? Transport? Is there good transport links? Amenities? Are there shops nearby? Internet? Do you have access or is there an internet café nearby? Accommodation

  13. Accommodation • For viewings make sure you have someone to accompany you –safety in numbers and good to get a second opinion • Ask the university staff for tips, where do their students usually live • Money – make sure you get receipts • Contract? What are you signing up to – make sure you know the period as don’t want a year contract if only want a four month tenancy • Remember a contract is legally binding, so make sure you know the consequences of signing it

  14. Private If you have experience of finding private accommodation in Glasgow you may wish to choose this Source yourself May have more choice/ flexibility More risk involved Student Residences First time to live away from home? May be a better option for you Usually reasonably priced rent and reliable Location usually convenient for getting to classes Accommodation – Which Type?

  15. Your Responsibility • Provide paperwork on time and apply to host university • Research and apply for accommodation abroad • Take out insurance as necessary & apply for EHIC card • Check Strathclyde email account regularly • Keep us updated if you are experiencing any difficulties • Keep us informed of class changes & your contact details abroad (and if they change) • Work hard during your exchange year as this will assure smooth progression to your next year at Strathclyde

  16. Strathclyde Responsibility • Provide with you with information on academic requirements of exchange • Provide contact points at host university • Provide you with Erasmus and/or curriculum forms to be submitted • Give you travel, health and safety advice for period abroad • Contact academic departments to tell them you are on exchange • Support before, during and after exchange

  17. Contacts While You Are Abroad • Exchange QueriesSheila Mills • Katrin Uhlig • Michele French • MDP • Stephen Tagg - • Exchange info – • Class Requirements – refer to •

  18. What next? • A copy of this presentation will be e-mailed to you and placed on the website. • Official confirmation that you can proceed to exchange will be sent after the June Exam Board • The offices are staffed over the summer although obviously people will be on holiday at some stage. Be organised and don’t leave things to the last minute.

  19. Before going on to the pre-departure checklist, are there any questions?