mobile payment solutions payment asia as service n.
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Mobile Payment Solutions: Payment Asia as Service Provider PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile Payment Solutions: Payment Asia as Service Provider

Mobile Payment Solutions: Payment Asia as Service Provider

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Mobile Payment Solutions: Payment Asia as Service Provider

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  1. Mobile Payment Solutions: Payment Asia as Service Provider

  2. For any business you run in an online platform, be it a fashion eCommerce website or a travel app, you will need the service of a payment service provider to facilitate transactions. With the rise in the number of smartphone users, the trend of purchases done through mobile devices is popular. For an online merchant in Mainland China and Hong Kong, Payment Asia provides its services to facilitates cashless transactions.

  3. Mobile Payment Gateway

  4. The mobile payment gateway is a safe and secure way to process the transaction between a mobile user and the merchant. The user will be able to wire the money to your account in exchange for your service or product. As the customer moves the selected items to the shopping cart as he/ she decides to purchase the item.Thecart is linked to a payment gateway service in which the user is required to enter the card details. As the user checks out, the payment gateway sends the information to the issuing bank to get approval for the transaction. The approval is then communicated to the merchant account.

  5. Benefits of Mobile Payment Solutions

  6. Convenience is the best feature of mobile payments. A considerable percentage of people own a smartphone and it has become a part of their daily tasks from checking time, weather conditions to reading the current news. As an online merchant, you can now reach the palm of a customer through mobile payment solutions. These solutions eliminate the requirement of carrying cards or cash for the customer. Additionally, it provides security measures like biometric authentication making it safe to use. It provides a quicker and user-friendly experience to the customer as the transactions are fast and easy.

  7. PA Pay App

  8. To serve the ever-increasing demands from customers, Payment Asia has launched a mobile application payment gateway called PA Pay app. The application currently supports Alipay, WeChat Pay, and Union Pay which are very popular among the users of Mainland China and Hong Kong. The app offers shorter settlement periods compared to credit cards which result in cost-effective operations. PA Pay App makes use of QR  codes, which ensures the security of the payment transaction with its encryption. PaymentAsia reviews suggest an excellent service available across Hong Kong – China border which benefits the merchants. The realtime payment notification and transaction reports can aid the customers to keep track of transactions. It supports offline payment too.

  9. Payment Process through Mobile App with POS

  10. When using a POS (Point-of-Sale) machine, the merchant can log into the PA Pay Appand enter the transaction amount. The customer can show his/ her QR code which can be scanned using the smart POS terminal provided by Payment Asia. This completes the transaction. If the customer is using Alipay, WebChat Pay or Union Pay QR Code, the merchant’s QR code can be scanned using the mobile device. The transaction is completed as the customer enters the amount. Payment Asia Reviews highlight a feature of availability of comprehensive reporting to the merchants which help them to maintain transparent and efficient data with analysis-friendly transactions records.