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Ensemble pour relever vos défis. DRAFT. Business Process Outsourcing in Defense Sector. Introduction. Objectives of the document To provide an overview of C.S.C. Business Process Outsourcing in Defense sector To present DynCorp Susidiaries and activities before it became part of CSC

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Ensemble pour relever vos défis ...

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  1. Ensemble pourrelever vos défis ... DRAFT Business Process Outsourcing in Defense Sector

  2. Introduction • Objectives of the document • To provide an overview of C.S.C. Business Process Outsourcing in Defense sector • To present DynCorp Susidiaries and activities before it became part of CSC • Difficulties occured • No more website existing nowadays for DynCorp

  3. Les trois métiers d’outsourcing au sein de CSC • Application Outsourcing • Voir Tierce Maintenance Applicative • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) ; Également dénommé gestion déléguée • Il s’agit de la délégation d’un ou plusieurs processus à un prestataire qui, en retour, administre et gère les processus sélectionnés, sur la base de critères définis et mesurables pour améliorer la performance globale de l’entreprise • Le BPO découle des trois mouvements (TQM, BPR, gestion de la chaîne logistique) en en tirant de la valeur ajoutée. Le vrai catalyseur a été le Web • IT Infrastructure Outsourcing • Voir Application Value Management

  4. General CSC’s offer for B.P.O. ENERGY FINANCIAL SERVICES HEALTH SERVICES HUMAN RESOURCES SERVICES • Back office functions : • Billing • Order Provisioning and Remittance Processing • New Meter Installation • Customer Support • E-business-enabled transaction processing • Rate, quote and bind over the Internet • Third party information ordering and gathering • Back office operations • Policy and contract administration • Billing & payment processing • Print, distribution and electronic archive • Reporting • Compliance • Financial management • Customer service and relationship management • Customer contact center setup and management • New product, company or subsidiary launch • Entry into new markets • Assimilation of mergers and acquisitions • Distribution channel management • Reinsurance • System and infrastructure management • Loan servicing • Loan, lease and mortgage insurance compliance • Automobile warranty services • Personnel • Facilities • Health Plan Administration and Claims Processing • Timeshare Services • Facilities Management • Backoffice and Business Process Outsourcing • Supply Chain Outsourcing • End-to-end call center management and reporting • Benefits administration for both active employees and retirees • Pension administration, including retirement and estimate packages, compliance and government reporting, and total compensation statement • Payroll processing and tax filing • Savings plan administration • Online access to real-time payroll information • Web-based self-service access for employees and management • Migration services for legacy HR systems • Document management * Source : (Mai 2003) – Offre multi-secteurs

  5. DynCorp Subsidiaries Company Revenue 2002 Staff Locations XXX XXX XXX Activities DynCorp Technical Services • Aviation Services • Aircraft maintenance and repair • Fleet management • Logistics support • Base Operations • Bases management • Range Technical Services • Information Processing • Technical support • Tests andtraining • Contingency Services • Aircraft Maintenance • Peace Maintenance • Logistics Support • Logistics Support Services • Transportation, catering, littering • Marine Services • Management and operationsfor boats and fleets • Personal and physical Security Services • Law enforcement recruitment and management • Cultural training • Personal protection services • Security system design, installation and operations • International Program Management • Diplomatic support services • Base operations and logistics support • Aircraft maintenance • International police monitors • International police and judicial training services • De-mining DynCorp International Deux principales filiales

  6. DynCorp Subsidiaries Company Revenue 2002 Staff Locations XXX XXX XXX Activities Advance Med Corporation • Medical solutions management DynMarine & Logistics Services • Service and maintenance management for navy • Oceanographic Ship Program • Oil Spill Response Program • Communication Suites DynSpace • Satellites launching DynCorp Systems & Solution • Information Systems Implementation • Network engineering • IT operations and support DynCorp TechServ • Support IT • Seat Management DynPort Vaccine Company • Medical services dedicated to army DynTel • IT Solutions DynCorp Aerospace Operations (UK) Limited 1388 UK • Labour recruitement and provision of personnel 57 millions pounds (2001)

  7. On-going projects for DynCorp International

  8. On-going projects for DynCorp Technical Services Customer CurrentContract Value Activities US Air Force 14th Flight Training Wing Oct 98 to Sep 05 $165 millions • Organizational and intermediate Level Maintenance • Support and logistics Services • Aircrafts :T38, T37, T1A, AT38 US Air Force , Vance AFB, Oklahoma Feb 97 to Sep 07 $393 millions • Aircraft Maintenance and Base Operating Support Services • Support services : Civil engineering, IT/Comm, Transportation/supply, Community Services, Fire Protection, Pubs, Forms management • Aircrafts :T38, T37, T1A NASA, Johson Support Division Apr 99 to Mar 04 $125 millions • Organizational, intermediate and Limited Depot-Level Maintenance and related support • Complete logistics support • Maintenance of : 2 B747, 5G-1159, 1 G-159, 35 T38, 1 KC135 (Zero G), 2 B57G Super Guppy, 6 F18s, 2 B200 King Air, 3 C12, 1 T34C, 1 Y04 • Support Astronaut Proficiency training and shuttle transportation system and space station aviation requirements

  9. On-going projects accomplished by DynCorp Systems and Solutions

  10. World wide actors : Major DynCorp competitors CSC Lockheed Martin Northrop Grumman Halliburton • 85000 people over 100 countries • c Companies bought by International Groups DynCorp L3 Communication Vinnell Kellog. Brown & Root • Headqd : VA, US • • Activities : Operations and Maintenance, Military Training, Academic & Vocational Training & Logistics • = KBR MPRI • Military Professional Resources Incorporated • Headqd : 1988 • People : 700 pers. • Hqd : Virginia, US • Cubic Defense System Ltd Sandline Independant Companies • Creation : 1951 • Headqd : San Diego, US • Revenue 02 : 564.3 Millions $ • Staff : 3800 pers. • • German ? • Creation : 1990 • Headqd : Bahamas • 2 offices : UK, US • Private Military Company • Legend Company offering B.P.O. activities in Defense Sector

  11. World wide actors

  12. Examples of missions of DynCorp competitors MPRI(Military Professional Resources Incorporated) • Simulation and training for American special forces • Training of Croatian Army before their offensive in Bosnia in 1994 • Africa Crisis Operations Training Assistance Program (Acota) : setup of an African rapid reaction force • Modernization of combat methods of the Bulgarian Army • Training of Taiwanese military experts • Training of combat units of the Kuwaiti National Guard Cubic • Training of American special forces in urban combat • Management of a simulation center for close combat • Preparation of Armies of Rumania, Czech and Hungary for their entry into NATO Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR) • Alimentation and Laundry supply for the American forces in the Balkans ($3 billion) • Alimentation and Laundry supply for the American forces in Iraq ($30 billion) • Exclusive contract for reconstruction of Iraqi petrol refineries • Exclusive supplier of alimentation, military base construction, base maintenance, energy and petrol for the American forces (for 10 years) Sandline • Active involvement in combat activities against the military putsch in Sierra Leone in 1997, reinstallation of president Ahmad Kabbah, in cooperation with the local army Vinnell • Training of Saudi army Defense Systems Ltd

  13. Exemples CSC • 2002 • X • X • C • X

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