traffic rules for the pco drivers n.
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Traffic Rules for the PCO Drivers PowerPoint Presentation
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Traffic Rules for the PCO Drivers

Traffic Rules for the PCO Drivers

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Traffic Rules for the PCO Drivers

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  1. Traffic Rules for the PCO Drivers Driving in the streets of London might be exhausting and confusing for new people. The most important thing you need to know is the set of rules for the PCO car rental or another vehicle you choose. You must have knowledge aboutthe traffic rulesthat are themost important part of driving rulebook You must have the full rule book in your mind. Because any kind of rule violation can result in charging you some handsome bucks like 135 pounds or more. So the choice is yours.

  2. As a PCO Car Hire driver, you should know whether PCO drivers are allowed to enter the bus linesor not during operation hours. You must remember that vehicles are strictly restricted and not allowed in this area during the working hours. You know who saves you from all this trouble? It’s your PCO car rental service company. Choose one of the best PCO car hire company available across you. They will guide you about all the rules of the traffic for PCO car drivers. However there is an exception while picking up or dropping off passengers. You can enter into those areas to pick up or drop your passengers.

  3. You must always be careful to provide pick-and-drop services to avoid any unnecessary fine. Even if your customer wants to drop there you will be able to find an alternative location nearby. You must have all the knowledge about all the areas that are restricted for drivers and which ones are allowed during working hours.

  4. You should understand the directional signs in blue characters. Sometimes it may happen that you miss the signs because they are relatively small. Please try to be careful when moving around these road symbols.

  5. As a PCO driver you should pay attention to pedestrian precincts that should come first. You should not drive your car in the pedestrian zone at any time.Researches have clearly shown what forms have taken place in central London, where restrictions are more common.

  6. PCO car hire drivers should not stop on zigzag lines to find the symbols. It is because of the security threats that contain zigzag symbols. Do not stop your vehicle at these lines any time.

  7. The double yellow is also a sign of confusion for PCO car rental drivers. You can pick up and drop off the passenger if the traffic sign show single, double yellow and red lines. Ensure that your hazard warning lights are on.

  8. This valuable information is provided by PCO car hire company Meer United Limited