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Pearl Coating Paint Manufacturer in Pune – Coating Products, Safeguarding Costs! PowerPoint Presentation
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Pearl Coating Paint Manufacturer in Pune – Coating Products, Safeguarding Costs!

Pearl Coating Paint Manufacturer in Pune – Coating Products, Safeguarding Costs!

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Pearl Coating Paint Manufacturer in Pune – Coating Products, Safeguarding Costs!

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  1. Pearl Coating Paint Manufacturer in Pune – Coating Products, Safeguarding Costs! Painting could be a daunting task, especially if it is frequently recurring, let alone the costs involved and time spent on it. But, partnering the right paint company in Pune not only brings down the recurring costs but also deliversa quality that copes up with diverse seasons, and keep excess expenses at bay. While we understand that searching for a reliable paint manufacturer in Pune could be difficult, here’s an article that simplifies your challenge,and introduces you to one of the most reliable paint companies in Pune, Pearl Coating! Scroll down to take a look at the products offered by Pearl Coating, and the reasons why you should opt for Pearl Coating for the best paint products across the industry. The Need for High Quality Industrial Paint Products Painting could transform into a major confrontation for business owners, if the quality of the paint products is not upto the mark, and if that is resulting in untimely renewals and therefore extraneous costs. Manufacturing industries require heavy duty and highly resistant paint products that would last long without fading and combatwith various levels of temperatures. Despite the given situation, paint products that would address all these concerns are seldom found. However, Pearl Coating addresses all these concerns, with the right combination of characteristics required for industrial paint products. Here’s more to exploring the paint products offered by a trustworthy paint manufacturer in Pune. Pearl Coating Paint Products Pearl Coating caters to the diverse paint requirements of industries by offering the below products. Enamel Paints: Pearl Coating enamel paints are deemed to be durable, low on maintenance, scratch and shockproof, resistant towards discoloration, and moreover, polite on the environment. Stoving Paints: Pearl’s stoving paints are amongst the best in the market owing to favourable physical properties such as scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and

  2. strength. Besides, Pearl offers impeccable weather resistance and gloss retention through its stoving paints. Quick Drying Paints: Pearl offers a range of well-composed range of quick-drying paints. These paints are especially useful for frequently used concrete surfaces and other fundamental utility equipment that requires quick drying. Air Drying Paints:Pearl Coating’s range of air drying paints products is extremely useful and apt for spray application onto metal components and steel fabrications. About Pearl Coating Pearl Coating was found by the visionary businessman, Mr. Naresh Oswal in 1995, with a pure intention of empowering the industry with top-quality and sustainable products. With around 23 years of operating in the ever-sprawling and challenging industrial area of Pune, the company has built its reputation to be considered as the best paint company in Pune. The company employs some of the best and innovative resourcesconnected and aligned with the company’s purpose of being in the business. With Mr. Shoneil N. Oswal taking over the company’s leadership baton, Pearl Coating is slated to achieve newer heights, and expand its horizon on the business front. Why Pearl Coating? Not one, but there are several strong reasons as to why Pearl Coating remains to the most preferred paints products manufacturer on the spectrum of industrial paint products. Here’s why you should choose Peal Coating as your paint products partner. Continuous innovations aligned with the industry’s requirements. A diverse resource base that contributes every bit to the organization’s well-being, distinguishing it from its counterparts. A well-qualified and dedicated quality team, paying attention towards every detail, working round the clock to ensure the quality and sustainability of the products. A robust and large production unit capable of producing of 350 TPA. Visionary leadership that understands the industry trends, requirements, and projections to be the industry leader for years to come. By now, we hope you’ve made your choice, and the next thing you would do is pick up your phone and call Pearl Coating at +91 20 2683 1244 or +91 98220 68834 or pen down your requirement

  3. Contact Us- Plot No. 3, Wanowrie Industrial Area Off Salunke Vihar Road Wanowrie, Pune-411040 Tel.: +91 20 2683 1244 +91 98220 68834 Website -