workshop by anne arun @ one group conference 2006 n.
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essence of success {attitude, training + leadership} PowerPoint Presentation
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essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

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essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

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  1. { workshop by anne + arun @ one group conference 2006 } essence of success{attitude, training + leadership}

  2. About us {introduction} • Joined as ONE Group reps in March 2004 • No previous mlm experience • Training and teaching background • What ONE Group has allowed us to do… • TO DO: intro to the person next to you & identify two things you wish to get from this workshop essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  3. Our workshops {introduction} “ Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare” – Japanese Proverb • Two aspects to success: • HEAD or who you are being • HANDS or what you are doing • Both are inherently linked • This workshop looks at the first aspect only • Our second workshop looks at the second aspect • Each is stand alone… essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  4. “we will find only what we are looking for, nothing more nothing less”– Anonymous The Power of Clarity

  5. Clarity of purpose {being clear} • Begin with the end in mind • Eg of a house • You need to see it… to know it and be familiar with it before you bring it into being • Know what your own personal “success” is essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  6. Finding your “why” {being clear} • What motivates you? • What will keep you going through the challenges • Get in touch with: • VALUES: principles that guide you • VISION: what you want to bring into being • GOALS: more tangible and accountable (covered more in next workshop) • Will incorporate you, your family, your community and broader contribution • Commit to it, befriend it and write it down essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  7. “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me”– Terri Gulick being responsible

  8. Get ready to grow {being responsible} “Attitude is more important than ability in network marketing” – Mark & Rene Yarnell in Your First Year in Network Marketing • Your business will only grow as fast as you because: • It’s based on you overcoming your blocks • It’s based on developing relationships with people • You are working in the organic field… but primarily in the personal development field! essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  9. It’s about you {being responsible} • Focus on solutions and avoid blame • Learn to be proactive rather than reactive (see next workshop for more) • Be accountable and compassionate with yourself • Acknowledge your achievements • Believe that you deserve success - thisis about the lifelong journey of becoming friends with yourself essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  10. Work on You! {being responsible} • Personal development is personal… but we have found some of the following useful: • Stephen Covey books/ recordings • Stephanie Dowrick books • Pema Chodran books/ recordings • NLP • Landmark Education • Meditation • Physical health - diet, exercise (mind/body) • Much, much, much more • Get support: • Choose mentors/ role models • Be aware of your peer group and their impact essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  11. “Business is a lot like a game of tennis… those who don’t serve well end up losing” – Doc Anklam being in business

  12. What do you think? {being in business} • TO DO: word associations… essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  13. Common biz blocks {being in business} • Warning signs are comments such as: • “I’m just doing this for education” • “I’m just doing this because I love the products” • “I’m not interested in earning an income” • “I’ll just sign up customers and shops then see what happens…” • Might be valid… but often due to blocks such as: • A job mentality (little appreciation of passive income) • Negative attitudes towards money • Negative attitudes towards network marketing essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  14. Network marketing {being in business} • What do you really think about this business model? • What do you think about having a business? • What is your response when someone asks: “is this network marketing”? • What is your response when you are asked what you do for a job? • Our varied experience at expos and asking “have you heard of network marketing?” essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  15. Networking ethically {being in business} • The way you approach people: • Be of service and never convince • Be genuinely interested in their story • Listen and ask questions • Inform and empower THEIR decision • Know that the decision & responsibility is theirs, your role is to understand, inform and support • Feel confident that what you have will be right for some people, so share where appropriate, with honesty and integrity • The business of helping to empower people to reach their goals! essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  16. Cash flow quadrant {being in business} • Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad Poor Dad” • The quadrant: • E: Employee • S: Self Employed • B: Business • I: Investor • Only B & I offer passive or residual income: • Do you have passive income? If you stopped work now how long would it be before you ran out of money? essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  17. Your peer group {being in business} • TO DO: your peer group & the cash flow quadrant essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  18. Passive income {being in business} • Nothing passive about passive income when you are creating it. = investing in building an income source “Keep your day job in the beginning - so you can reinvest what you make in your business. Network marketing works on the principle of delayed gratification. Invest 2 to 4 years then reap rewards for a lifetime” – Randy Gage in “How to Build a Multi Level Money Machine” • Common confusions in new/ potential reps between: • Employee and business quadrants • Self Employed and business quadrants essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  19. Business references {being in business} • Robert Kiyosaki: • the Business School for people who like helping people • DVD: The Perfect Biz • Tim Sales: • DVD/ CD: Brilliant Compensation • Michael Oliver • How to sell network marketing without fear, anxiety or losing your friends • MLM Magazine • • Mentors & peer group (upline) essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  20. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Adams Being a leader

  21. It starts now {being a leader} • See yourself as a leader from the day you join the business • Don’t wait until you hit “Senior Executive”- it won’t happen without a leadership attitude • “Fake it till you make it” has some truth… essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  22. Leadership qualities {being a leader} • Being clear • Being responsible • Being in business (confident in network marketing) • Teachable and therefore able to teach • The best teachers are the best students essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  23. You are a teacher {being a leader} • Process of this business is study – do – teach • Contrast a sales person with a teacher… • Begin now – Approach this conference as though you need to explain it to someone else (this creates active participation) • Your role as leader is to mentor, inspire, support and empower yourself out of your own job • Most of that is about who you are being… • See John Kalench: Being the Best you can be in MLM for info on training your way to the top… essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  24. Support vs substitution {being a leader} “You can help a thousand, but you cannot carry three on your back”– Jim Rohn • A rep’s fate will be detremined by their own action/ inaction/ attitude • You can support but you cannot do it for them, always focus on empowering & training not just getting the job done • You can be efficient with tasks but need to aim for effectiveness with people essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  25. Building Relationships {being a leader} Understand the critical difference between • Dependency • Independency • Interdependency essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  26. Support tips {being a leader} • Only build one leg under a rep below you • Never do something that can be done by the rep • Use three way calls always, cc emails always • Encourage direct upline contact where appropriate • Never promise to “do it for them” • When they take a step be there to go with them… • Information is power… so share it around • Any bad habits you create now will be duplicated! essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  27. You are an example {being a leader} • Be the change you want to see • Lead by example - do the courses, read the books and talk about them with others • Communicate your challenges but also how you are overcoming them • When you are down call your upline… when you are up call your downline • In your dealings avoid making yourself important or essential… instead make yourself redundant! essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}

  28. The highlights… finally…

  29. Bits to remember {finally} • Know your “why” • Work on yourself and begin to take responsibility • Be honest about your attitudes to mlm and where required get help to shift them • Understand the difference between a job & a business • See yourself as a teacher / student now… • Aim to empower rather than create dependencies • Understand the power of interdependency essence of success {attitude, training + leadership}