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  1. What are they about? dance Peking opera

  2. sculpture architecture

  3. paper cutting seal cutting

  4. Unit 1 Art

  5. calligraphy embroidery

  6. WHAT IS ART? We call lots of things art today. We use the term visual arts to describe the arts we can see. Painting, sculpture, and architecture have long been the major visual arts in Europe and North America. Today, we include photography, furniture, pottery, jewelry, and many other arts and crafts among the visual arts. Sometimes we speak of the fine arts—other forms of expression that appeal to our sense of beauty and form. This broader category includes literature, music, and dance, in addition to the visual arts.

  7. painting dance jewelry sculpture calligraphy music clothing …… art embroider opera pottery architecture literature seal cutting photography

  8. What do we call these things? ---- paintings

  9. Brainstorming painting painter Have you ever been to a gallery ? Can you name some famous painting and painters?

  10. Giotto di Bondone 乔托·迪·邦多纳 犹大之吻

  11. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

  12. Raffaello Sanzio (1483-1520) 拉斐尔 The School of Athens

  13. Masaccio (1401-1427),

  14. Masaccio’ masterpieces: Madonna with Child and Angels Crucifixion

  15. starry night Sunflowers Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890)

  16. 清明河上图 北宋张择端

  17. 东晋·顾恺之《洛神赋图》

  18. Mogaoku

  19. Xu Beihong

  20. Qi Baishi

  21. Zhang Daqian

  22. If you have three of the paintings on the walls of your classroom, what kind of pictures would you choose? Why?

  23. oil painting water color landscape cartoon figure drawing sketch 油画 水彩画 风景画 卡通 人物画 素描 If you were an artist, what kind of pictures would you paint?

  24. Discuss your reasons. This words may help you in your discussion realistic abstract nature detailed traditional line rich religious unfinished modern colour shape

  25. Which style of paintings do you prefer, western or Chinese? Why?

  26. It is often about nature, such as mountain, water, bird-and-flower, etc. Western paintings: Chinese painting It has an air of living in nature, harmony (和谐) and peace. • About religion, human • Abstract, rich in color, oil, line and shape

  27. Pre-reading: • Read the title and the headings within it. Q: what is the topic of the text and how is the information organized? • Skim the first paragraph to find the sentence that tells the reader what the text is going to be about. • what kind of information do you expect to find in the text?

  28. A Short History Of Western Painting

  29. While- readingfirst reading • Read the text through once without stopping at words or sentences you don’t understand. On the first reading you are expected to form only a general idea of the text. Q: what have you learned ?

  30. Skimming Skim the text and answer the following questions. • What were the artists interested in from 5th to 15th century AD? • 2. How did Masaccio paint his paintings? • 3. Why did the impressionists have to paint quickly?

  31. What were the artists interested in from 5th to 15th century AD? Creating _______ and ____ for God. • 2. How did Masaccio paint his paintings? He drew things in__________, which makes pictures very _______. respect love perspective realistic 3. Why did the impressionists have to paint quickly? Because the natural light _______ quickly, they had to _____ quickly. changes paint

  32. Second reading (Ex.1 on P3) Fill in the chart according to the passage: 5th to 15th century 15th to 16th century • Realistic themes • Perspective • New oil paints • Religious themes • Many religious symbols

  33. late 19th to early 20th century 20th century to today • Abstract: concentrated on qualities of the object • Very realistic: like photographs • Painted outdoors • Painted changes in light • Not detailed

  34. Third-reading • Scan the text to find out if the statements in Ex.3 are True or False.

  35. B • 1. Which of the following statements is true? • Paintings in Middle Ages were very realistic. • B. Western art has changed a lot since the 5th century. • C. Impressionist paintings were painted mainly indoors. • D. Modern art began in the Renaissance.

  36. 2. At first most people hated the impressionists’ style of painting, because _____. • their painting were very abstract. • their painting were very realistic. • They broke away from the traditional style of painting. • D. their paintings were very ridiculous. C

  37. D • 3. In the Renaissance, painters___. • Painted religious scenes in a more realistic style. • B. focused more on religion than on humans. • C. began to paint outdoors. • D. returned to classical Roman and Greek ideas about art.

  38. B • 4. ____discovered how to make paintings look more real by using perspective. • Giotto di Bondone. • Masaccio. • Claude Monet. • D. Pablo Picasso

  39. 5. What does the text mainly tell us? • How religious painting developed. • How oil painting developed. • How impressionist painting developed. • D. How western art developed. D

  40. Post-reading Summary The style of Western art has changed __________. Art is _________ by the _______ and ______ of a people. During the Middle Ages, the main ____ of painters was to _________________ themes. Artists were ___________ creating a feeling ______ and _____for God. influenced many times faith customs aim represent religious interested in respect love

  41. In the Renaissance, people began to _______ less on _______and more on _______. Artists tried to paint ______ and ______ __ they really ____. Masaccio used __________ in his paintings which made people ________ they were ______________ a hole in the wall __ a real scene. concentrate religion humans people nature as were perspective convinced looking through at

  42. In the late 19th century, Europe changed __________, from a mostly __________ society to a mostly ________ one. The ____________ were the first to paint outdoors. They had to paint ______ and their paintings were not __ ______________ of earlier painters. a great deal agricultural industrial impressionists quickly as detailed as those

  43. Today people accept _____________ ________ as the beginning of _______ _______. Some modern art is _______while some is ______. impressionists’ paintings modern art abstract realistic

  44. Now can you tell which period the following pictures belong to?

  45. The Middle ages

  46. Impressionism

  47. Modern art

  48. Renaissance

  49. Modern art

  50. Middle Ages