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Analysis Of The Descent 2

Analysis Of The Descent 2. Analysis Of The Descent 2.

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Analysis Of The Descent 2

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  1. Analysis Of The Descent 2

  2. Analysis Of The Descent 2 The first shot you see is the Warner bros’ pictures a main film company. This is showing that it is a main stream film. You then see it chance to a shot showing pathe another main film company. The first shot of the film is seen to be a group of girls at a cabin, all looking very happy and taking a picture as you see the shot freeze and non diegetic music showing the picture being taken. You also hear diegetic sounds as they are all laughing and joking about. Throughout the trailer you almost hear a commentary voice telling you about the film. The shot soon changes to a view of mountainous areas. It then fades out and back in to some writing which say’s “ the most terrifying monster movie since alien” the commentary voice says this whilst it is being shown on the screen for viewers to read. The shot then fades out and back in to the trailer where you see two people high up and dropping a green light, it the switches to another woman who look like she's going to fix something, you see a close up of her face looking puzzled and worried, it the switches to an old man who looks very devious and gives a wink which makes you think he's up to something. The commentary voice then says ‘ To the dark’ you then get flashes of black darkness, and cuts to different peoples faces, showing a range of close ups. Their face expressions are very worried and scared looking. You then get another series of cuts to these people entering what looks like a cave filled with water. Non diegetic music is used to add impact to that particular scene. It also add suspense as you think something is going to happen soon. It almost sounds like a bell is playing every so often in the background. You then see a close up of a woman holding a torch looking terrified you then get an over the shoulder shot to see what she was looking at. All of sudden you see something move which and turn their head, the shot then cuts to this ‘thing’ leaping on one of the investigators. You then get another series of cuts of the people that were investigating running and hiding from this evil man. It the cuts to the title of the film The Decent Part 2 it the shows a medium shot of a girl with blood all over her face looking petrified you then hear diegetic sounds of her screaming and the commentary voice saying ‘Coming soon’. It the cuts to the last shot which is showing who has created the film, sponsors, distributers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXf1BCYtcgI

  3. Poster Red connotes, blood and evil. Close up of a woman screaming, her face is covered in blood and being over shadowed by an evil creature Title is quite simple, white stands out against the red and black background Certificate 18, limits viewers to an adult audience only.

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