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Festivals around the world PowerPoint Presentation
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Festivals around the world

Festivals around the world

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Festivals around the world

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  1. Unit 1 Festivals around the world

  2. Game Guess who “I” am according to my self-introduction and the pictures.

  3. Spring Festival I’m the most important holiday in China. I always come on the eve of the lunar (农历) New Year and go on the fifth day of the first lunar month.

  4. Lantern Festival Colorful lanterns and delicious yuanxiao are my favorites. I’ve got two names, both of which express my wish for good fortune, happiness and health.

  5. Tomb-sweeping Day I’m kind of sad notthat it is rainy, but that people remembertheir dead relatives and visit their graveson my birthday.

  6. Dragon Boat Festival Love the great poet Qu Yuan, love me.People eat rice dumplings and watch boat racesin memory of Qu Yuan.

  7. It is one of the most important festivals in western countries. • People usually celebrate it together with their family members. • A kind-hearted old man put the gifts in the stockings for children secretly at night. • People send cards or gifts to others.

  8. Christmas Day On December 25th It is the birthday of Jesus Christ Go to the parties and churches, give cards and presents to our friends and relatives

  9. This festival happens at the beginning of the spring. • Usually most young people are happy on this day. • They send flowers and chocolate or some other gifts to the one they love. Valentine’s Day

  10. This festival happens in winter. • Every family has a feast on this day. • Turkey is the most important food on this day. • People celebrate it to thank God for a harvest in 1620. Thanksgiving Day

  11. Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals, a time of turkeys, stuffing, and pumpkin pie and a time for Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons . Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November

  12. This festival happens in spring. • On this day most people are happy. • Some people may be fooled but they can not be angry. • People can tell lies and play tricks on others without being blamed. April Fool’s Day

  13. Most children are excited on this day. • They wear black costumes or masks. • They would like to dress up as frightening and ugly ghosts or witches. • They would like to knock others’ doors and say, “trick or treat”. Halloween

  14. Halloween Parade(游行)

  15. Discussion: What are the purposes of festivals? To have fun with each other Festivals To let us enjoy life To be proud of our customs To forget our daily life for a little while To honour the dead To honour famous people To celebrate harvest To welcome a new year and look forward to the future To remind us of some traditions

  16. honor to _______ the dead or _________the ancestors satisfy ______ graves, ______license/ lamps, _____ music, eat food ____________ of skulls and cakes with bones on them, dress up, go to their neighbors to _____________, clean light play in the shape ask for sweets

  17. for their great ____________ to the society or the country contributions Dragon boat racing, eat zongzi…

  18. Obon • Japan Festivals of the Dead • Day of the Dead • Mexico • some western • countries • Halloween • Dragon Boat Festival • China Festivals to Honour People • USA • Columbus Day • India • Festival to honorGandhi • European and other countries • Thanksgiving festivals Harvest Festivals • Mid-Autumn Festivals • China and Japan • China • The Spring Festival • some western • countries Spring Festivals • Easter • Japan • Cherry BlossomFestival

  19. gathered Food is _________for the winter and the ____________work is over. agricultural __________churches and town halls with flowers and fruit, _________ for their farm produce, ____________ to have big meals, ________the moon and eat moon cakes decorate win awards get together admire

  20. look forward to ________________the end of winter and the coming of spring eat __________food, give children lucky money ____________, dragon dances and ________ the Lunar New Year; have _________ carnivals delicious in red paper celebrate exciting

  21. Halloween America Halloween is from__________, which is celebrated on____________. People would dance at the fancy ball and wear __________________________________ in order to __________away spirits looking for bodies to possess. October 31 ghost costumes( clothes), false faces and witches' hats, frighten

  22. halloween costumes

  23. Carved Pumpkin Lantern

  24. Trick-or-Treat

  25. Easter, the principal festival of the Christian church year, celebrates the return of _____________ _on the ______day after his Crucifixion(死于十字架上). For Christians, Easter is a day of religious services and the gathering of family. third Jesus Christ

  26. Easter on a ______between March 22 and April 25 / Sunday The first Sunday after the full moon following a spring equinox(春分) White lily-- purity(纯洁) Easter Bunny (rabbit) 复活节兔 Easter egg复活节蛋 Egg hunts

  27. Speckled eggs

  28. Retell the text by filling the following blanks: celebrations There are all kinds of festivals and __________ around the world, which are held for different reasons. The _______ _________ were mainly held at three times a year--- the end of the cold winter, planting in spring and ________ in autumn.Some festivals are held to honor the dead or ______ the _________ in case they might _____ _______, while other festivals are held to honor famous people or the gods, such as the ________ _______ ______ and Columbus Day. festivals ancient harvest satisfy ancestors do harm Dragon Boat Festival

  29. Harvest and Thanksgiving festivals are happy events because the food is _________ for the winter and because a season of ___________work is over,to which Mid autumn festival belongs.And the most _________ and important festivals are the ones that ________________the end of winter and to the ______ of spring, such as the ______ New Year, at which people have a very good time. People love to get together and ________________ each other. Festivals let us enjoy life, be ________ of our _________ and forget our work for a while. gathered agricultural energetic look forward to lunar coming have fun with proud customs

  30. 1. I think the police are m________ to protect people. eant 2. They'll either die from the cold or s________ to death. tarve 3. It's Dad's birthday and we're going out for a meal to c____________. elebrate onor 4. The stadium was named in h_______ of the club’s first chairman. emory 5. The statue(雕像 ) was put up in m__________ of those who died in the war 6. It is the c_________ for people in China to eat cakes in the s_______ of the moon at the mid-Autumn Festival. ustom hape

  31. 1. He didn't really lose his wallet - that's just a t_____. rick rrival 2. Guests receive dinner on a_______ at the hotel. ndependence 3. Nigeria gained i_____________ from Britain in 1960. warded 4. A Nobel Prize was a_______ to Waksman in 1952. dmired 5. The school is widely a______ for its excellent teaching. un 6. The children were having so much f____ outside. I hated to call them inside. east 7. There is no f_____ on earth that does not end in parting.

  32. ention 1. 'Thanks for the ride home!' 'Don't m_________ it.' pologized 2. He a_________ to her for not going to her party. 3. It was o___________ that he was very nervous during the match, for he made some silly mistakes. bvious ept 4. She w______ for the loss of her mother. eminded 5. Passengers are r________ that no smoking is allowed on this train. 6. F__________ me, but I don't think that is fair. orgive 7. It is my b______ that we will find a cure for cancer in the next ten years. elief

  33. Language points

  34. 1. Festivals are meant to celebrate important times of year. • 节日就是庆祝重要事件的活动。 • a. 指由命运,能力等所“注定”“就该”或由父母决定 • He believes that he is meant to be a great man. • Books are meant to be read. • b. 意义和用法上相当于ought to和be supposed to, 意为“应该,必须” • You are meant to study hard when you are young. • 你年轻的时候应该努力学习. • You are meant to hand in your homework on time. • 你必须按时上交作业.

  35. mean 的用法 • 1). mean doing sth. “意味着” • What you said means breaking up our friendship • 你所说的话意味着我们友谊的破裂. • Missing the film means waiting for another week. • 错过了这部电影就意味着再等一个一周. • 2). mean to do sth.“打算或企图做某事”,其过去完成式 had meant to do sth表示“本来打算做某事”。 • I meant to buy flowers for my mother, but I was too busy. • I’m sorry ,but I didn’t mean to hurt you. • Do you mean to start a quarrel? • 3). mean sb. to do sth.“打算让某人做某事”

  36. In some parts of London, missing a bus means _____ for another hour. A. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. to be waiting A meaning (n)意思 meaningful (a)有意义的

  37. 2.take place 发生;举行 • take place常指按计划或安排“发生” • happen更侧重偶然性 • The meeting will _________this evening. • When did this accident_______? • 与place相关短语: • in the first place (用于列举理由)首先,第一点 • in the last place 最后 take place happen

  38. 接替某人的位置 • take one’s place =take the place of sb=replace sb • 在他的心底没有人可以替代他妈妈的位置. • No one could take the place of his mother in his heart. take his mother’s place replace his mother

  39. A • Great changes ___ in the rural areas in the last two decades. A. have taken place B. took place C. have been taken place D. are happening

  40. 3. celebrate vt. 庆祝;祝贺 • celebrate the Spring Festival / one’s birthday • 词语辨析:celebrate, congratulate • celebrate后常接sth (日期,事情或场合) • congratulate sb. on/upon sth

  41. 4. Festivals and celebrations of all kinds are held everywhere. • 世界各地都有各种各样的节日庆典。 • of all kinds 各种各样的 • sth of all kinds=all kinds of sth • We sell all kinds of shoes. • 我们卖各式各样的鞋. • = We sell shoes of all kinds. • That kind of questions is very difficult to answer. • 那类问题是很难解答的。 • Questions of that kindare difficult to answer. • You can see different kinds of animals in the zoo. • 你在动物园可以看见不同种类的动物。 • You can see animals of different kinds in the zoo.

  42. Practice (用动词的适当形式填空) sell • ① Books of this kind ____ (sell) well in the bookstore. • ② This kind of books ____ (sell) well in the bookstore. sells

  43. 5. starve v. • ⑴(使)挨饿; 饿死 • When will the dinner be ready? I’m starving. • ⑵ starve for something渴望得到某事 • She is lonely. And she is starving for friendship • (3) starve to death 饿死

  44. 6. ...or satisfy and please the ancestors, who could return either to help or to do harm. • …取悦祖先, 使他们得到满足,以为(祖先们)有可能回来帮助他们,也有可能带来危害。 • satisfy vt.满足,使…满意; • satisfy sb. • satisfied a.感到满意的; • be satisfied with sb/sth • satisfaction n.满意; • to one’s satisfaction让人满意的是 • His parents are satisfied with his good results.

  45. 7. harm • n.危害,害处 • do sb harm =do harm to sb =harm sb • Studying hard won’t do you any harm. • v. 损害,对…有害处 • Studying hard won’t harm you. • adj. harmful 有害的 • be harmful to sb/sth

  46. memory of 纪念某人 • 这个学校是为了纪念那位有名的科学家而建立的。 • The school was built in memory of the famous scientist. • 为纪念 • in honor of

  47. 9. dress up +sb • dress意思是“给…穿衣服”。 • 他穿着红色的衣服. • He was dressed in red. • Hurry up and___________. • 快点穿上衣服。 • The girl _______________red. • 这个女孩穿着一身红衣服。 • dress up常指“打扮,化装”, • You should dress up when you take part in the party. get dressed was dressed in

  48. 10. look forward to (doing) sth. 期待着(做)某事, 其中的to是介词 • 孩子们渴盼着过年。 • Boys and girls are looking forward to the Spring Festival. • 他期待着笔友来信。 • He’s looking forward to hearing from his pen pal.

  49. 11. as though= as if 好像,仿佛 • as though和as if从句用虚拟语气,还是用陈述语气。完全根据具体情况而定。 • 如果从句表示的意思与事实完全相反,或者纯粹是一种假设, 通常用虚拟语气。 • The child talks as if she were an adult. • 那孩子说话的样子好像她是个大人。 • He behavedas if/ though nothing had happened. • He talksas if/though he knew everything. • He looks as if he were ill. • 陈述语气(表示很可能的事实就用陈述语气) • It looks as if/ though it is going to rain.

  50. 12. have fun with each other. • have fun意为“过得快乐”同义词组为have a good time, enjoy oneself. 短语有have fun ( in ) doing sth. • make fun of sb. • 嘲弄; 取笑 • What fun ! • 多么有趣。