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by the numbers…. PowerPoint Presentation
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by the numbers….

by the numbers….

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by the numbers….

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  1. by the numbers….

  2. Source: Blogger, April 2011

  3. Source: Blogger, April 2011

  4. Source: HubSpot Fall, 2011

  5. Source: HubSpot Fall, 2011

  6. Why Use facebook?

  7. Why Use facebook? It’s Where Your Prospects are Spending Time The saying “fish where the fish are” is more relevant than ever. Your prospects have an increasingly large number of options on where to spend their time. And for most people, social media is where a good majority is spent. Effective to Drive Traffic to Home Base (Website) There isn’t a point of sale on Twitter or Slideshare, but all these channels do help drive traffic to the location where you can better sell your website. Enhances Inbound Marketing Marketers have spent a great deal on enhancing their websites for inbound marketing over the past decade. Social media helps accelerate these efforts by getting prospects and current clients to the right inbound location where conversion can take place. Insight into Previously Unknown Opportunities Sales and development organizations can now find leads disguised as informal conversations on the social web. Conversations about your product, competitors and your area of expertise are taking place. You would be walking away from sales opportunities by not monitoring and engaging.

  8. Benefits of Using Facebook Customer Interaction Facebook pages provide a forum for dialogue between customers and the brand, giving companies the opportunity to build better relationships with target audiences and current customers. Reputation Management Facebook allows a company to gain a deeper understanding of how the brand is perceived online – through direct feedback and also by monitoring what users are saying about the brand. New Customer Acquisition Each time a Facebook user becomes a fan of a Facebook page, a notice is posted as news item for all of that user’s friends to see. This creates an opportunity for a Facebook page to go viral and reach new viewers. Branding Facebook can be used as a medium for creating brand awareness in addition to a company’s corporate website. It provides brand exposure to a potentially new audience and gives organizations the opportunity to position themselves in new and unique ways. Drive Web Traffic As a Facebook page grows its fan base, traffic to the company website will increase. Facebook pages also appear in Universal Search Results.

  9. Posting to your page, etc…

  10. Posting to your page, etc… More Engagement = More Results! EVERYONE knows about facebook…but while most people have taken the 1st step by creating a page, many are still challenged by how to MAXIMIZEfacebook’s potential to build your brand and drive traffic.

  11. Posting to your page, etc… You will notice that successful brands on Facebook don’t preach or sell to their fan base, they engage with them. Just like in the real world. Customers know when a salesperson is being disingenuous and it turns them off. Engaging where your customers are online is important - and today they're on facebook…

  12. Posting to your page, etc… So what are some of these “unwritten rules” that you can guide your Facebook Page posts? Try to post every day – or at least every couple days…Content is king! Make sure to keep your posts as relevant and timely as possible!!! Focus on engaging! You are trying to connect and get responses…Ask questions, post helpful tips or articles, etc. When you make the posts about what people NEED, as opposed to what you are trying to SELL, you develop a richer and deeper relationship with your audience. Try to include a CALL TO ACTION…meaning, tell people to click the like button, or leave a comment. Perhaps have them watch a video, or go to your website. Make it fun! While compliance is always on our minds, you still need to engage and entertain. It’s a social site – don’t lose track of that! REMEMBER – There is no RIGHT or WRONG. Just stay consistent & relevant!

  13. Posting to your page, etc… Google recently incorporated “social search” which will take into account “likes” from facebook – as well as tweets, and content sharing. Content is IMPORTANT. Make it relevant, quality, and try to update as often as possible – even if you simply “share” someone else’s post on your page… Relevant Updates….

  14. Facebook Advertising Promote Yourself, Interact with clients, & maybe even make a little money.

  15. Facebook Advertising Targeted Audience The approximate # of people your ad can reach, based on your targeting. With over 800 Million users on facebook, you can target the precise people most likely to be interested in what you have to say… Reach The number of REAL people who saw your advertisement. Facebook makes it easy for businesses to talk to real people through HIGHLY targeted ads. REACH is different than impressions, which include people seeing the ad multiple times. Social Reach The number of REAL people who saw your advertisement with the names of their friends who “like” your page, responded to an add, used your services, etc… Ads shown with the names of people’s friends are 3x as effective as those without. When advertising a page, as you will most likely be doing, Social Reach comes into play.

  16. Facebook Advertising Assuming you have a page set up, on the right hand side is the link to promote with an ad…

  17. Facebook Advertising Instead of keywords you’ll be entering interests and demographics. There are text based ads for which you’ll create some short but effective text…however, the difference with facebook is that you can supply an image along with your text, and, as it turns out, the image plays a major role in getting your ad noticed.

  18. Facebook Advertising You can also precisely target your ad to only show to your perfect demographic. Is your ideal customer a 21-30 year old college-educated woman who loves yoga and lives in Atlanta? Married? Just had a baby? You can reach them by narrowing down the targeting. You will see exactly how many people will possibly see your ad (Estimated Reach) on the right side. TARGETED ADS SAVE MONEY, YIELD HIGHER RESULTS

  19. Facebook Advertising A unique and exciting feature of facebook advertising is the ability to target via connections on Facebook. You can target your ad to people who are fans, people who are not your fans and, everyone’s favorite target – the friends of your fans. These are people who have things in common with your fan base. Will that include an interest in your product or service? …….the good thing about facebook ads is that it won’t cost you very much to find out.

  20. Facebook Advertising There is a second type of Facebook ad called ‘Sponsored Stories’ which allow you to re-post items that mention your page, place or app. You’ll get a chance to distribute the (hopefully) flattering post outside of your fan base or perhaps just give your fans a second chance to see it. The Sponsored Stories can typically be less expensive to run than selecting the Facebook Ads for Pages radio button in step 1 of the Ads process. To learn more about facebook advertising go to: (or get in touch with me…)

  21. Facebook Advertising How effective you are at this depends upon the competitiveness of your keywords. You can choose between a cost per click (CPC) model* where you pay only for clicks or a cost per thousand (CPM) model where you pay per 1000 ad views. Most research I’ve read suggests that the CPC model is slightly more effective in terms of ROI. To start your campaign you must determine a bid per click and daily budget. You can set both of these numbers very low, but don’t expect much. Initially you are just testing so you’ll want to set your click bid somewhere around the Facebook suggested amount and a daily budget you can live with, something like $50 or more to start. You can always adjust these. For expanded information, head here: …or, contact me for more information! *Start with a CPC model. It will not cost ANYTHING if you don’t receive any clicks – at which point, you can revamp and broaden the target..

  22. Facebook Page – Lead Capture, Etc… You can have your ad point the prospect to your facebook page or your website…However, there are a TON of additional methods to expand on “lead capture”. A couple common methods: “Reveal Tabs” - Driving fans to a page that contains a “reveal tab” hiding “exclusive” fan content is the most effective way to convert visitors to fans… Email Capture Form – Capture the email address of the prospect in order to follow up using a personal email, or an auto responder. Facebook for Business HELP page offers a wide variety of topics and real examples / best practices, etc.

  23. Facebook Page – Lead Capture, Etc… Custom Facebook tabs can help brand your Facebook page as well as increase "likes" of your page. Custom tabs can also serve as effective landing tabs and can provide ways to promote services, capture contact info, present videos, and more. There are a ton of companies that allow you to create custom tabs for free!

  24. We’ve barely skimmed the surface – but this will be ongoing… In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out!!! We’re all in this together, and it’s a fast paced environment. What we learn today may change DRASTICALLY tomorrow… It will be my job to stay current – and pass it on to you!

  25. For additional info, or help with ANYTHING – please do not hesitate to contact me. Peter Goldfine o 678.969.9000 / m 706.490.9510 @ NSure4Life Peter Goldfine: Life Insurance for Life pgoldfine Peter Goldfine, Alliance Group 1424 N. Brown Road, Suite 200 Lawrenceville, GA 30043