basking shark n.
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‘Basking Shark’ PowerPoint Presentation
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‘Basking Shark’

‘Basking Shark’

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‘Basking Shark’

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  1. ‘Basking Shark’ National 5 Poetry

  2. What comes to mind when you look at the shark? In what ways are we different? Are there any areas of similarity?

  3. Techniques reminderDraw the table below and fill in the columns with techniques Certain techniques might fit in tow columns.

  4. In groups you are to prepare a short presentation which covers the following areas: • Summarise the story of the poem • Discuss the imagery used by MacCaig and comment on its effect • Pick out examples of sound techniques and comment on their effect • Discuss elements of structure and explain their effect • Explain the themes of the poem Each person needs a part. Everyone must participate. This is a challenging poem – help each other out with the sections.

  5. Time to annotate the poem

  6. Task: What inferences/ conclusions… • In groups, come up with six questions you could ask about the poem. • You can use the questions on ‘Assisi’ and ‘Visiting Hour’ to help you. • You will need to come up with a correct answer for each question, because you will be marking them. • Try to keep focus on techniques and ask open questions (require more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer). • You should be testing on understanding of the poem, an ability to analyse the techniques and show evaluative skills. • Some question starters: What evidence… What is the relationship … What differences/similarities… What is the most important… What themes…

  7. Writing • Write a response to the question: Choose a poem which features an encounter or an incident. By referring to appropriate techniques, show how the poet’s development of the encounter or incident leads you to a deeper understanding of the poem’s central concerns. This is an essay so you need to structure as such (intro, 3 paragraphs, conclusion) Make sure you mention details about MacCaig’s life in your intro. Understand, analyse and evaluate.