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  1. MY HOBBY By Michał Janiec

  2. I HAVE LOTS OF HOBBY ONE ARE MORE REQUIRING OTHER LESS REQURING. Sport Books Music Films Computers History and Religions

  3. SPORTS My favorite sports is football I love football I think that I am very good in this sport. I have own team I’ m her prsiden, capitan and player. My team callled the Strength Giszowiec this name comes from my district Giszowiec If you arrive to me for sure I showe you this beautiful district. My team buliding young people in aged from 13 to 22 we play in polish amateur league „playarena” This is my team crest

  4. I have favorite clubs in almost every league I like some football clubs but only one club I love Real Madrid In Germany Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen In Italy Udinese Calcio and Napoli SSC In England Arsenal London, Tottencham In Cyprus I like Apoel Nicosia In Turkey Fenerbache, Galatasaray, Siviasspor, In France Olympique Marseille

  5. Eleven of my dreams Goalkeeper: Iker Casillas Defenders: César Azpilicueta Kyriakos Papadopulos Benedikt Höwedes Fábio Coentrão Midfielders: Ángel Di María Manduca Mesut Özil Cristiano Ronaldo Attackers: Karim Benzema Raúl González Blanco Subs Wojciech Szczesny Raphaël Varane Taye Taiwo Shinij Kagawa Ailton Moussa Sow Gonzalo Higuain Red color is a symbol my favorite footballer

  6. I train as Jeet Kune Do and MMA. My idol in this sports is Bruce Lee, Mamed Khalidov, Jan Blachowicz and Anzor Azhiev

  7. Lots of time I spending on the computer. Often play in computer games. I like strategic game ( Stronghold Crusade, Medieval II Total War, WarCraft III and other) . I like a sport game ( Fifa ), MMORPG ( World of Warcraft) and wargame ( world of wartanks, Medal of Honor Europen Assault, Combat of Wings: Battle of Britan ) I RECOMMEND THIS GAME

  8. I LIKE READ THE BOOKS. I MANAGED TO READ THIS BOOK: Chronicles of Narnia ( I read all parts ) Harry Potter ( all parts ) Lords of the ring( I read all parts ) + Silmarilion and Stories from the Dangerous Kingdom THERE ARE MY FAVORITE BOOKS I LIKE COME BACK TO THEM

  9. I have many favorite films. This is top list my favorite films. Lords of the ring ( all parts ) Pearl Harbor Black Hawk Down Flyboys Films with Bruce Lee ( for example Enter of the Dragon or Way of the Dragon ) Harry Potter ( all parts ) Kingdom of Heaven Pirates of the Caraibben ( all parts ) Lion King Robin Hood And other

  10. I HAVE SEVERAL FAVORITE ACTORS ARE VALUED Russel Crowe Liv Tyler Jean Reno Cate Blanchett Ian McKellen

  11. Music I have many favorite band inter alia SABATON, MODERN TALKING, TOP ONE (POLISH BAND FROM KATOWICE ), ALPHAVILLE and other I love film music is music, where you can see yourself as the main hero of the film. My favorite composers are Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson Williams, James Horner, Howard Shore, John Williams I love their music.

  12. I am interested in history and religion ( not only my religion ) Especially I like medieval time and crusader time. My personal pattern of history is Salah ad-din ( Saladin ) I admire his behavior. I read a lot about religions. I belive in God and I am not ashamed of my faith but often I read about Islam and Eastern Orthodox Church. Often I wonder about the life and the role of man on earth.

  13. If you want taking with me please write on mail.