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Creating A Cover Letter PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating A Cover Letter

Creating A Cover Letter

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Creating A Cover Letter

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  1. Creating A Cover Letter Things to keep in mind when composing a Cover Letter

  2. Table of Contents • What is a cover letter? • Choosing A Type of Cover Letter • Things to keep in mind • The Do’s of a cover Letter • The Do Not's of a cover Letter • Example of a badCover letter • Example of A Good Cover letter • Starting A Cover Letter • Opening Paragraph • Closing Paragraph • Completing your Cover Letter • Project Committee • Bibliography

  3. A cover letter is a way to showcase your personality as well as your communication skills.  A cover letter should highlight key points in your resume’, which enables you to give the employer information about yourself. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself in a way that a resume cannot.   Cover letters allow you to express interest in the company and show your qualifications for the desired position. A cover letter is a teaser it get the employer to want to get to know you.  It is a way to sell yourself as you can use descriptive words which are not appropriate in a resume. What is a Cover Letter?

  4. Choosing A Type of Cover Letter It’s important to choose the proper type of cover letter that is appropriate for the job you are applying for. Application letter: An application letter is the most common type of cover letter, it’s used to inquire about the job opening, gives you the chance to tell the employer a little about yourself and why you would like this position. Inquiry letter:Also known as a letter of interest, most of the time a letter of inquiry is written to gain information about certain products, services and job openings. Referral letters: Sometimes a referral letter is known as a “recommendation letter”, supplied by previous employers. A referral letter is usually written to testify to a persons skills, character and dependability.

  5. Things to keep in mind • Keep your letter to three to four paragraphs,and no more than one page. • Review company’s website and brochure to get a betteridea of how the company runs and what they are looking for, do your research. • Try and use the company’s “lingo”. • Avoid using “long words”in your letter. • Don’t let the employer think “ No” Give them plenty of reason to review your resume’. • Give them a reason to pick up the phone after reading your cover letter and resume and call you for an interview! • Always follow the appropriate measures for folding and inserting materials into the envelope. Refer to • Always dress appropriately for all interaction with the organization. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

  6. The Do’s of a cover Letter • Focus on any relevant experience. • Let the employer know which job you are seeking. • List any other jobs or volunteer positions that you’ve done to enhance your eligibility for the job. • Include your current contact information. • Show your knowledge of the company. • Do distinguish your cover letter from those of other job-seekers by giving examples that amplify and prove the claims you make in your letter. • End your letter by thanking the person reading it for their time.

  7. The Do Not's of a cover Letter Do not address the letter as “Dear Sir/Madam” Do not over use the words “I” or “And” Do not use a generic template you found online Do not provide salary information Do not handwrite a cover letter Do not repeat your resume Do not use paper that’s different from your resume paper Do not make spelling errors or typos Do not say anything you can’t back up Do not forget to personally sign the letter, preferably in blue ink Do not ever send your resume without a cover letter

  8. Example of a badCover letter Deer Sir or MadamI have wanted to join .................. (space for him to insert the company name) ........ to work as a ........ (another space for him to insert the job title) ........ from an early age as you are a big prestigious employer that lots of people want to work for and you offer high salaries. I also would like to work in another country and you are a global company.Hoping to hear from you shorty.Regards,Frank

  9. Example of A Good Cover letter Thomas K Evan32 K Hill view,Parkside, Iowa 50113,(515) 555-799 Jack Richardson,General Manager,Sparks Manufacturers Ltd.,Milton, NY 10912.Email: jackrichard@swim.comContact no.: 1313131 May 15, 2013 Dear Mr. Richardson, I am Thomas Evan, and this is with reference to the administrative assistantjob advertisement placed yesterday in the New York Daily. I have a completion certificate in Commerce and work experience of more than two years. I have worked with a school and am now working with a manufacturing company as an administrative assistant. These are two very different fields and have added to my learning. I am a fast learner, punctual, good at multi-tasking and capable of handling tasks assigned to me without any supervision. Sparks Manufacturing is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the nation, notorious for its utmost level of customer service and employee satisfaction. Attached herewith is my resume for your review in hopes of the opportunity to meet and discuss possible employment. Thanking you in advance, (Signature)Thomas K Eden. Enclosures:

  10. Starting A Cover Letter Address your Cover Letter to a specific person, always including the company name, full address, name of employer, as well as the name of their position If there is no specific person to address the letter to address it as “Dear Hiring Manager” Always use the same paper your resume is on when printing your cover letter Make sure you add the correct date to your cover letter (Example)Jon SmithManagementKrazy Kat Inc.222 Maple RoadLodi, CA 94555Dear Mr. Smith,

  11. Opening Paragraph List how you heard about the position Describe what skills you posses Refer to the position you are applying for Show how your work skills WILL benefit the company Emphasize why you would be the best choice for the job Make it clear why you are applying and why you really want this position Sell yourself! Let your personality come through

  12. Closing Paragraph Don’ t talk about anything that isn’t related to the company/ position Keep it professional Be genuine Always check spelling and punctuation, but do not rely on spell check Emphasize once again why you are the BESTcandidate for the job Thank them for their time and consideration

  13. Completing your Cover Letter • Now that you’ve learned what a cover letter is you should know: • Why you should submit a cover letter along with your resume’ • What the importance of a cover letter is • What to say and not to say in a cover letter • What types of cover letters there are • Along with the information to impress your potential employer Now go out and create your own cover letter!

  14. Facilitator Maria CastroSecretary Cassie Rhodes Researcher’s Kaitlyn Block Marina Hernandez Jacob Schunk Russell Lane Valerie Bendana Layout Designs Angela Kirk Tomoko SimonsPresenters Rose Clark Project Committee

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