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Principles of Interstate Gas PowerPoint Presentation
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Principles of Interstate Gas

Principles of Interstate Gas

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Principles of Interstate Gas

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  1. Principles of Interstate Gas • Michael M. Melnick, President of Interstate Gas Marketing, Inc,, graduate from Pennsylvania State University in 1980 with a B.S. degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering. Mr. Melnick worked several years in the oil and gas fields as a Drilling Supervisor for Consolidated Transmission Company. During 1983-1987, he was employed by CNG Development Company, with responsibility for production, pipeline operation and reservoir engineering • William Gregg,Vice President, Production and Operations of Interstate Gas Marketing, Inc., graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1980 with a B.S. degree in chemical engineering. During the years of 1980-1988, he was employed by Halliburton Services as a District Engineer, specializing in on-site natural gas well design and stimulation of natural gas wells in Appalachian Basin • Paul Ruddy,Vice President, Marketing of Interstate, graduate of Bloomsburg State University in 1978 with a B.S. in Business Administration. Mr. Ruddy has been active in the oil and gas industry since 1986, formerly with Five Star Investment Group. Mr. Ruddy is responsible for evaluating the economics of numerous oil and gas producing properties and leaseholds. • Jack Pisarcik, Vice President, Transportation & Exchange, Interstate Gas Marketing, Inc., graduate of Penn State University in 1979 with a B.S. degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering. During 1979-1981, he worked as a Production Engineer for Williams Brothers Engineering Company. From 1981-1984, he worked as an Offshore Drilling Engineer for Aramco in Ras Tenura, Saudi Arabia. From 1985 to 1988, he served as Gas Transportation Engineer for Pennsylvania Gas & Water Company. • Joe Miller, Vice President, Natural Gas Sales, Interstate Gas Marketing, Inc, graduate of Westminster College in 1992 with a B.S. in Business Management. Mr. Miller has bee in the Natural Gas business following graduation. His employment has been with Florida Power and Light, Select Energy, and Sprague Energy. His responsibilities include heading all sales and operation functions for Interstate Gas Marketing.

  2. Companies

  3. Interstate Gas Marketing Since 1987, Interstate Gas Marketing (IGM) has been a leader in providing successful, reliable natural gas to regional industrial customers in Pennsylvania and Ohio IGM currently operates over 1000 wells in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia IGM operates behind all northeastern Pipes IGM delivers over 40,000 @ day in the Northeast Region We work with our customer to Review all transportation agreements and rate schedules (our wholly owned Subsidiary has done multiple pipeline bypasses in the region) IGM offers customers the regions most competitive rates and most extensive hedging options IGM is one of the only marketers with Regional assets and not just a paper trading company

  4. Interstate Gas • Interstate Gas and their employees have been associated with Electric Deregulation since 1996 • We have worked with over 200 companies and placed them with regional power providers • IGM has saved our regional customer base over 500 million in annual energy costs • We work independently in providing customers with competitive electric bids • IGM has offered discounted gas costs up to 10% off contract prices to clients that enable them to bid both Natural Gas and Electricity.

  5. Electricity • Interstate Gas has regional alliances with Electric Distribution Companies (EDC), these partnerships are developed through selling directly to the EDC.. Thus creating an opportunity to our regional gas customers to save on their electric service. • Interstate has found reverse auctions move quality companies out of the bidding process. • We work with EDC that promise a portion of the Electric load will be Green Energy, this saving additional money on Carbon credits • Electric pricing as is Natural Gas pricing is near lows that haven't been seen since the early 90’s • IGM will offer no fewer than three (3) competitive bids and outline to you the strengths of each in an executive summary.

  6. Electricity • IGM does not commit customers to supplier, that choice is made by the customer • We meet with our customers on a bi-monthly basis to review all billing and insure pricing and volumes are correct. • Interstate Gas also offers a discount on the customers natural gas price if a contract is set with an EDC provider. • We create strong regional partnerships that ensure reliable cost effective energy.

  7. Customers • Our clients represent almost every industry and organizational type, from hospitals to Fortune 500 companies, from city and state governments to the federal government, and from a small manufacturer to one of the world’s largest manufacturers. Our client base includes over 70 Fortune 1000 companies and hundreds of smaller and yet equally important organizations.

  8. Customers • Interstate Gas provides our services to a diversified, demanding client base in the following sectors: • Packaging • Chemicals • Automotive/Aerospace/Shipbuilding • Food/Dairy • Rubber/Plastics/Glass • Pulp/Paper/Corrugation • Metals/Metal Products • Printing/Media • Transportation/Logistics • Hotels/Restaurants • Pharmaceuticals • Healthcare/Long Term Care • Municipal, State, and Federal Governments • Office Buildings/Apartments/Real Estate Management

  9. Other Services • IGM will audit the last three years of any utility services would like to have reviewed • IGM will review and supply any recommendations to save on local distribution companies transportation rates • IGM will notify of any potential bypasses to ensure reliable and cost effective delivery to plant