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Leveling Kits Jeep and Truck Leveling Lift Kits Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Leveling Kits Jeep and Truck Leveling Lift Kits Guide

Leveling Kits Jeep and Truck Leveling Lift Kits Guide

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Leveling Kits Jeep and Truck Leveling Lift Kits Guide

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  1. Leveling Kits - Jeep and Truck Leveling Lift Kits Guide

  2. In vehicle customization, leveling kits fly under the radar as far as off road vehicles are concerned. Yet while suspension lifts may hoard the limelight as flashier and more crucial pieces of off road hardware, leveling lift kits play an essential role as well.

  3. Why Leveling Kits? : With so many lift-related components out there, it's easy to get confused about where they fit in. In their base concept, leveling lift kits work similarly to body lift kits in both application and function, but with a slight difference. Additionally, leveling out your ride is simple and effective to operate, and also relatively easy to install.

  4. Know Your Vehicle Leveling kits differ slightly from suspension and body lifts in their application. Knowing what type fits your vehicle can make it much easier to shop for one.

  5. Types of Leveling Kits : • There are 3 primary types of kits that work for most major vehicles.The type of kit you need is entirely vehicle-specific, and can be easily determined by contacting your manufacturer. • Strut Extensions • Torsion Keys • Coil Spacers

  6. Strut Extensions : Strut extension leveling kits function off the basic concept of adding a spacer on top of factory struts.This process is typically a simple and cost-effective method of adding lift, especially since it requires no modification of factory parts, and can also be easily removed.

  7. Torsion Keys : On its own, a torsion bar can actually be adjusted to provide lift without any additional modifications; however, stock torsion keys don't usually have the strength and sturdiness to safely maintain the lift. Aftermarket torsion keys provide a solution.

  8. Coil Spacers : Coil spacer leveling kits are similar to strut extensions in concept, but slightly different in application. Whereas strut extensions add a spacer on top of factory struts, coil spacer leveling lift kits instead add them to the top of factory spring buckets. These modifications will help your truck maintain a factory stance and OEM ride quality.

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