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Sustainable Community and Home PowerPoint Presentation
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Sustainable Community and Home

Sustainable Community and Home

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Sustainable Community and Home

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  1. Sustainable Community and Home Alyssa Rubinstein Austin Klein Miranda Auhl Mark Kelly

  2. Table of Contents Goal Community Specifications Community Design/Layout Water System Waste Water Treatment House Specifications House Design Electricity/Energy Heating Cost/Benefits Conclusion

  3. Goal To design a sustainable home along with a coinciding community that will satisfy the potential homeowners' and developers' needs while proving marketable.

  4. Community Specifications Self-Sufficient while remaining conventional Ideal for middle-class families East access roadways for emergency vehicles Reasonable cost to the inhabitants

  5. Community Design Housing congregated in the center of the community Farmland/farmer's market option towards the east side of the community Small community park on west side Two access roads in the north to link the community to the main road (Atherton)

  6. Water System Tap into Well Field 3 (Harter), which is part of the Lower Susquehanna Water Shed Pipes will connect the community to the rest of State College's water system

  7. Waste Water Treatment Moving Bed Bioreactor System (MBBR) Use aerobic bacteria to digest residual solids and create methane gas which can then be used as an alternative energy source

  8. Home Specifications Comfortably fit all family members with easy access to all outside necessities Visually pleasing and fully functional, while remaining environmentally friendly Low energy cost compared to other houses of this size Reduced waste water production

  9. House Design

  10. House Design Continued

  11. Energy/Electricity Solar panel roads $7000 per panel Each panel generates 5000 kWh over the course of a year 528 panels to cover roads, which would produce 2,640,000 kWh per year Only need 442,800 kWh per year with all homes Last 30-40 years, which asphalt only lasts 7-12 years

  12. Heating Passive Solar with wide open windows facing south of house Wide open walls/rooms to allow easy heating Air Krete insulation, has R-value of 3.98 inch, blocking most heat leakage Use an Energy Star heat pump to heat the entire house

  13. Costs/Benefits Solar roadways Energy Star appliances (low energy, low-flow water) Avoids solar panels on houses for visual appeal

  14. Conclusion This sustainable community along with its inputed houses satisfies the project goal while still being attractive to prospective homebuyers benefiting the developers.

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