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trans ocean rugs | area rugs | Jaipur rugs

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  1. Stair and Hall Runners Maintenance Tips Stair and Hall Runners will last many years if you follow some simple maintenance tips. Just like any rug or carpet product your rug and hall runners can attract soil, dirt, dust and other unwelcome materials. If you follow these easy maintenance tips you will protect your runners so they’ll retain their luster and beauty.

  2. Maintenance Tips • In most cases you can clean and protect your stair and hall runners yourself. However, you might have to have your runners cleaned by professionals if dirt has become embedded in your carpet or you’ve got stains from oil-based substances. You should also have your runners cleaned professionally if excess moisture or dirt becomes trapped between the runner and its padding. Moisture can cause mildew, which will ruin your runners and can potentially compromise the health of yourself and your family. • Keep your runners moisture free by vacuuming often (please consult manufacturer instructions before vacuuming, because certain types of vacuum cleaners can actually harm your rug runners) and immediately removing any moisture with a clean soft cloth. Depending on the fabric, you can dab the runner with the cloth or gently brush the material with the cloth.

  3. Stair Maintenance Tips

  4. Prevent dirt, and staining by placing door mats outside all your home’s entry doors. It’s also a good idea to have interior mats right in front of your doors. Also, encourage family members and guests to remove their shoes before entering the main areas of your home and placing them on a mat. This isn’t always practical; however any time you can reduce the number of people who wear shoes inside your home, you are reducing the amount of dirt and soil that will accumulate on your stair and hall runners. • If your runner is small enough, you may be able to machine wash it. Make sure the manufacturer’s instructions recommend machine washing. Also, make sure you shake all loose dirt from the rug. If dirt is embedded or your runner has oil-based stains, do not machine wash. • Use extreme care when vacuuming runners. Because they are usually much narrower than small rugs or area rugs, you should use a hand held vacuuming device. If the runners have fringes that can be caught inside a vacuum cleaner, it’s a good idea to fold the fringed area backwards so the fringed area is not exposed. Make sure you do not use a powerful suction setting.

  5. Purchase a pad to put beneath your runner. Pads not only reduce wear and tear to the runner and the floor beneath, they provide that extra comfort that creates a luxurious feel. We recommend that you use a firm pad that’s made of synthetic or natural fibers. The pad should be at least ¼ inch thick and weigh at least 32 ounces per yard. You should also pad the stair tread and nose of the step be with a high quality pad such as the Dura Grip plus Stair Tread Pad. • For more information on purchasing the ideal pad for your runner, browse through the rug pad pages on paylessrugs.comor call toll-free at 1-866-784-7123 should you need further assistance. --- Click Here to Know More about Bedroom Furniture Maintains tips ---www.paylessrugs.com

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