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300-085 Exam Dumps - Get Up-to-Date 300-085 Practice Exam Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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300-085 Exam Dumps - Get Up-to-Date 300-085 Practice Exam Questions

300-085 Exam Dumps - Get Up-to-Date 300-085 Practice Exam Questions

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300-085 Exam Dumps - Get Up-to-Date 300-085 Practice Exam Questions

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  1. Cisco 300-085 Exam Implementing Cisco Collaboration Application v1.0 Questions & Answers (Demo Version) Buy Full Product Here:

  2. Version: 11.0 Question 1 Which three functinn are executed uning the Cinci TMS? (Chiine three.) A. endpiint nyntem upgraden B. edit call cintril C. manage phine biikn D. priviniin Jabber Inntant Mennaging E. create viicemail acciunt F. create new cinference Aoswern A,C,F Question 2 Which Cinci TMS extenniin integraten Cinci TMS with IBM Litun Dimini Server 7.0.x, 8.0.x, 8.5.x? A. TMSXE B. TMSXN C. TMSBA D. TMSPE Aoswern B Question 3 In Cinci TMS, the cinference cintril center nhiwn event lign in inntance banin. Which twi prefxen dien the event lig une ti identfy changen ti nerien if ningle inntancen? (Chiine twi.) A. Cinference B. Inntance C. Errir D. Infirmatin E. Event Aoswern A,B Question 4 Which three functinaliten can be perfirmed by Cinci TMS? (Chiine three.) A. create cinferencen B. privide riutng fir the videi media ntreamn

  3. C. integrate with Cinci Unifed Cimmunicatinn Manager thriugh a SIP trunk D. minitir the nyntem ntatun if videi endpiintn and their lign E. run repirtn baned in endpiint utliiatin F. perfirm bandwidth management fir endpiintn baned in inter and intra licatin netngn G. perfirm call riutng deciniin fir dentnatinn that are nit regintered ir lical ti the VCS Aoswern A,D,E Question 5 Where di yiu navigate ti within Cinci TMS ti place a call? A. Syntemn > Navigatir > Endpiint > Call Statun B. Syntemn > Minitiring > Endpiint > Place Call C. Endpiint > Navigatir > Call Statun D. Biiking > Lint Cinferencen > Place Call E. Syntemn > Navigatir > Manage Dial Plan > Place Call F. Syntemn > Navigatir > Priviniining > Place Call Aoswern A Question 6 Which twi priticiln alliw Cinci TMS ti manage an EX60 endpiint? (Chiine twi.) A. H.323 B. SNMP C. SMTP D. SIP E. HTTP/HTTPS F. RTCP Aoswern B,E Question 7 Which if the filliwing in an iptin fir uning necurity when netng up a TMS cinference? A. if pinnible B. Secure C. Bent efirt D. Mandatiry Aoswern A

  4. Question 8 The Cinci TMS adminintratir in trying ti add partcipantn while biiking a new cinference. Which three iptinn are prenented? (Chiine three.) A. endpiintn B. unern C. Cinci MCUn D. multway addrenn E. directiry numbern nynched frim Cinci Unifed Cimmunicatinn Manager F. SIP URIn nynched frim Cinci Unifed Cimmunicatinn Manager G. videi AutiAtendant numbern Aoswern A,B,C Question 9 The Cinci TMS adminintratir wantn ti tent iutbiund calln that iriginate frim a videi device that in added ti the Cinci TMS. Which path dien the adminintratir une ti cimplete thin iperatin in the Cinci TMS interface? A. Syntemn > Navigatir > Endpiint > Call Statun tab in the endpiint cinfguratin B. Phine Biikn > Dial External tab C. Biiking > New Cinference > Dial External tab D. Syntemn > Priviniining > Unern > Call Statun Aoswern A Question 10 Which three nyntem cimpinentn are needed ti priviniin a new endpiint in Cinci TMS? (Chiine three.) A. IP addrenn B. MAC addrenn C. SNMP cimmunity name D. cinfguratin template E. enable remite accenn F. pernintent netngn G. E164 alian H. gatekeeper Aoswern A,C,E Question 11

  5. Which Cinci Tele Prenence Management Suite Extenniin nuppirtn autimated AD/LDAP impirt if unern fir creatng an enttlement if up ti 100,000 unern and devicen? A. TMSXE B. TMSXN C. TMSAE D. TMSPE Aoswern D Question 12 Which nervice can negatvely impact the Cinci TMS ability ti minitir a Cinci VCS? A. Telnet B. SNMP C. SSH D. TFTP Aoswern B

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