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Our Adventure to Kenya PowerPoint Presentation
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Our Adventure to Kenya

Our Adventure to Kenya

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Our Adventure to Kenya

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  1. Our Adventure to Kenya Sent to you by David Siek and Anthony Saucedo

  2. KenyaLand of The great Rift Valley and Mount Kenya

  3. Hi family this is David and Anthony! We miss you guys a lot, but Kenya is so much fun! As we flew in, we saw a lot of interesting land forms like the Great Rift Valley and mount Kenya. When we got off the plane it was boiling hot at around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Who knew it could be so hot in January! As we were flying we noticed Kenya has a bunch of neighbors. For example South of Kenya is Tanzania. Uganda is in the West, Sudan is in the NW, Ethiopia is in the North, and Somalia is in the NE. Anyways what we have noticed is that many people in Kenya live in huts that are made out of mud with straw roofs. I can infer that they live in these types of houses for protection from the sun’s heat and rays. Till tomorrow! ;) Sincerely, Anthony and David

  4. Kenya

  5. Jambo tena! That means “Hello again’’ in Swahili. We learned to say that by a friendly tribe that was near the airport that happened to have dancing the traditional dance called contemporary dance. They told us a long time ago when they were ruled by British East Africa, and that is why one of the main languages in Kenya is English. As we walked around we saw Maasai women wearing head dresses and light skirts to keep cool in the sun, it’s a cultural thing if you know what I mean. After we talked to the Maasai women they invited us to lunch. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!!! They had many good traditional foods, but our favorite was the samosas. A samosa is a deliciously golden fried triangular pastry filled with vegetables, meat, and a few spices. The spices were good and really hot, but it was worth it. After that good meal we waved goodbye and started to travel again. The sights were beautiful! As we walked down a stone street we saw a beautiful church made of stone and good looking stained glass. As we walked inside we met a man that told us that this was a Roman Catholic church. He gave us a tour of it and showed us many interesting objects like the Altar. After that we looked out a window and saw another church. It was a Muslim church! Wow Kenya has so many religions! Till tomorrow!

  6. Kenya Land of 36.9 million people.

  7. WOW! MOM, DAD your not going to believe me. I just saw the new president of Kenya give speech. His name is Uhuru Kenyatta. The son of the former president. I saw a lot of a jubilant supporters take the street shouting the new name of Kenyatta. Can you believe that he only won by a small percentage though. Ok, so you need 50.1 but Kenyatta got 50.7%. Close right? Anyway, I have been hearing rumors that the election was doctored. Supposedly what happen was that the Government spent $100,000,000 on the most high tech voting program but it failed. That forced The tallying to be done by hand. Suspicious isn’t it. Well at least most Kenyans are happy. Sincerely, Anthony and David

  8. Kenya Where Medicare comes first.

  9. Jambo! Its Anthony and David! We are really working on our Swahili, but we really have been learning a lot about Kenya. For instance, we have learned that Kenya is loaded with diseases. One of Kenya’s major diseases is HIV and AIDS. Others are malaria and certain infections. However, you might ask “isn’t there doctors to help cure the diseases?” We had done some research and found out that for every 100,000 people in Kenya, there is only 15 doctors. Anyways, as we walked down a trail we saw a doctor taking roots from a tree. He told us that he was making medicine from the tree’s roots to cure some malaria problems. That is so cool! We started to talk with the doctor and he told us so many things about the different health problems in Kenya. One thing he told us was that 16% of Kenya’s adults are HIV effected, and there’s a total of three million people in Kenya are effected by HIV. He also told us that Kenya’s death rate is about 7,500 a year. It’s a interesting fact, but its sad to know how much Kenyans die in a year. Till tommorr0!!! -David and Anthony

  10. KENYA When Days were tough

  11. Hi Again! For our last day in Kenya we visited a town with a mine right next to it. Atour guide took us exploring and he told us that Kenya has abundant resources such as gold, silver, and diamonds. Kenya also has fish, salt, and soda, but those aren’t found in caves . However, as we finished the tour the tour guide took us to the ground, and told us about other things like Africa’s exports and imports. Kenya exports are all the things that we listed above. However, he told us more about Kenya’s colonialism. For example he told us that Kenya was once ruled by British East Africa and gained Independence in 1963 by fighting. One person that made a big difference was Jomo Kenyatta, and he kept on fighting no matter what. He was sent to jail multiple times, but kept on going. After that he was elected president. Thanks to him Kenya is a democratic government, so people can vote. To bad that we can’t vote. To vote you must be 18 or older. Well, after that we packed our things, and are ready to go to another country. Bye!!!

  12. CREDITS Journalist: David Siek Anthony Saucedo THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!! P.S we ran out of room so we could not fit more details  sorry!