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Hallyu Wave and Tourism PowerPoint Presentation
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Hallyu Wave and Tourism

Hallyu Wave and Tourism

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Hallyu Wave and Tourism

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  1. Hallyu Wave and Tourism Oct 2013 Korea Tourism Organization Charm LEE

  2. What is Hallyu(韓流)?

  3. 1. What is Hallyu(韓流)? From the beginning, the word strongly implicated "temporary" in the meaning Korean popular culture phenomenon Socio-cultural phenomenon of rising interest in Korean popular culture Phenomenon where local Korean dramas, K-pop, movies, games, performances, etc are popular and liked overseas

  4. 2. Origin of Hallyu The term "hallyu," or Korean Wave, first emerged in Taiwan • Used in reference to Korean companies and or products, not Korean Popular culture • The China Times(中國時報)(1997.12.17) • United Evening News (聯合晚報)(1997.12.25) • Ambiguity in definitions (寒流)as Korean pronunciation was the same for (韓流) Korean pop culture spread aggressively and Taiwanese media reportedly replaced the Chinese character meaning “cold (寒)” with that meaning “Korea (韓)” to issue a warning against the competitiveness given the popularity of shows imported from Korea in 1997-1998 Resource: Maeil Business Newspaper

  5. 3. Expansion of Hallyu Fashion Medical Travel Food Hanguel Entertainment IT ∙ Eletronics Pop Culture expansion

  6. 4. History of Hallyu K-POP 2003 <Winter Sonata> <Jewel in the palace> • World wide 1997 <What on the earth is Love> <Clon>, <H.O.T> • Japan, China, Asia, Middle East • China, South east Asia 1993 <Jealousy>

  7. Who Should We Target?

  8. 1. Analysis of Hallyu Fans- Gender Gender Reference: Korea Tourism Organization, Hallyu Survey 2011

  9. 2. Analysis of Hallyu Fans- Age Group Age Group Reference: Korea Tourism Organization, Hallyu Survey 2011

  10. 3. Analysis of Hallyu Fans - Contents Favored Hallyu Contents

  11. Hallyu Impact

  12. 1. Economic Impact of Hallyu Impact on Production Inducement, 2012 : USD11 billion Impact on Employment Inducement

  13. 1. Economic Impact of Hallyu Economic Value

  14. 2. Effects of Hallyu Elevate people’s cultural pride Step from import to export of Culture & values Spread Asian value ​​and sensitivity • Patriarch, Family oriented, Confucianism • Guy Sorman(French philosopher and economist) • Not many countries export product and culture concurrently except for; • U.S.A, France, Germany, Japan and Republic of Korea. Elevate Korea’s national image and brand value

  15. 3. Hallyu Image Survey What people think Hallyu contents is • Most people think Hallyu as Korean Pop culture [Hallyu contents] 1st 2nd 3rd Drama K-pop Movie Food Products Fashion Travel Hangeul Culture Game Teakwondo Literature Sports Medical Resource : Korea Foundation of Cultural Exchange

  16. 3. Hallyu Image Survey What attracts people to Hallyu • Attractive Hallyu Stars • New and unique, never before seen contents Attractive appearance New and Unique High Quality Outstanding performance Exclusivity Professionalism Friendliness Resource : Korea Foundation of Cultural Exchange

  17. 3. Hallyu Image Survey Hallyu induced tourism • ‘Induced visit’, ‘Improved image of Korea’, ‘Korean Cuisine Experience’ ranked 1st to 3rd • (Western Region) Korea related ‘Product Purchase’, ‘Experience Traditional Culture’, • ‘had impacted image enhancement Want to visit Korea Want to learn Korean Improved of Korea’s Image Want to learn Korean Traditional Culture Want to purchase Korean Products Want to taste Korean Food Resource : Korea Foundation of Cultural Exchange

  18. Hallyu Tourism

  19. 1. What is Hallyu Tourism? Extended definition of Hallyu Tourism Definition of Hallyu Tourism • -Traveling to Korea and participating in tour activities to experience Korean • Culture but not in activities that are directly hallyu related • Traveling to Korea to participate in activities that derived from hallyu • Traveling to Korea for the purpose of participating in hallyu related tour activities It can be said that hallyu tourism started in the 1990s with TV drama series gaining popularity and Japanese tourists visiting the filming locations

  20. 1. What is Hallyu Tourism? Korean Food K-POP Visit Korea Korean Make-up Korean Fashion Korean Language Korean Culture • -K-POP Concert • Gourmet Tour • Shopping Tour • Language Course • Cultural Travel Resource : Korea Tourism Organization

  21. 2. Hallyu Travel products - Concerts Korean Pop Artists Concerts

  22. 2. Hallyu Travel products – Fan Meeting Fan Meeting Packages 10% of tourists are hallyu tourists

  23. 2. Hallyu Travel products – Filming Location Drama filming Location Nammi island visitor statistics in 2012 Thailand164,000 Taiwan 104,000 China82,000 Malaysia44,000 Indonesia31,000 Hongkong18000 Singapore12,000 Japan10,000 Other37,000 Total(113Countries) 503,000 Resource: Joongang Daily 2012.10.31

  24. 2. Hallyu Travel products - Education Korean Language - Overseas students studying Korean language increased by 4 times in 7 years 2005:23,000-> 2012 : 93,000(164 Countries) Resource: Ministry of Education

  25. 2. Hallyu Travel products - Education Popularity of Korean language grew since SM artists performed in Paris in June 2011 Korean Class offered at the French Cultural Center in Korea earned so much popularity that people lined up from dawn to register Test of Proficiency In Korean(TOPIK) applicants 116,000(2006) →745,000(2011) (Cumulative figure)

  26. 2. Hallyu Travel products - Music Show Music Show

  27. 2. Hallyu Travel products – Dance School Dance School

  28. 2. Hallyu Travel products - Bueaty Cosmetic / Fashion boutiques & Spa

  29. 2. Hallyu Travel products - Wedding Wedding Photography Package

  30. 2. Hallyu Travel products - Cafes Hallyu Cafes/MD Shops

  31. 2. Hallyu Travel products Books written by Korean Celebrities

  32. 2. Hallyu Travel products What attracts people to Korea? Eat what Koreans eat Play how Koreans play Visit where Koreans go Wear what Koreans like to wear The best way to make experience of authentic life in Korea!

  33. 2013 Media Campaign with Hallyu

  34. 1. 2013 Campaign Strategy TARGET – CONTENTS – MEDIA should be aligned. 20s-30s Group Target Media Contents Online & TV Icons of Korea

  35. 2. 2013 PSY’s Wiki Korea Campaign

  36. 2. 2013 PSY’s Wiki Korea Campaign SNS Share Ad(TV/Print/OOH/Online) Facebook Twitter Weibo Campaign Platform Youtube Mobile

  37. 2. 2013 PSY’s Wiki Korea Campaign

  38. 2. 2013 PSY’s Wiki Korea Campaign

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