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Started out in Cedar Falls

Energize Muscatine. Started out in Cedar Falls. Sponsors: DOE IDNR MP&W. U.S. Dept. of Energy. The Challenge. • Cities, counties, and states • Energy utilities • Private businesses • Others. Partnerships. Energy Ed. Buildings. • Energy efficiency measures

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Started out in Cedar Falls

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  1. Energize Muscatine Started out in Cedar Falls • Sponsors: • DOE • IDNR • MP&W U.S. Dept. of Energy

  2. The Challenge • Cities, counties, and states • Energy utilities • Private businesses • Others Partnerships Energy Ed. Buildings • Energy efficiency measures • Performance contracting and other financing mechanisms • Technical assistance and expertise • Multifamily dwellings • Private commercial buildings • Municipal facilities MP&W Acting as Coordinator

  3. Energize Muscatine’s Action Plan • Goal • Reduce Energy Consumption in Muscatine by 5% over 5 Years

  4. Marketing Strategies • Junior Solar Sprint 7th & 8th Grade • Science Fair for all Grades • Geo Project at West Junior High – College Students • Electrathon for HS students • PV Installation Workshop • System Monitoring • Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy Scholarship • Green Energy Program • Solar Muscatine • Poster Contest for 4th & 5th Grade • Home Energy Audits

  5. Welcome Mr. Root!

  6. Renewable Energy is the Key!

  7. MP&W Sponsors the Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Poster Contest

  8. MP&W Sponsors the Junior Solar Sprint for 7th & 8th Grade Finished car frame with motor, support axles and pulley installed. Finished car frame with motor, drive belt and payload. Completed Junior Solar Sprint race car with solar panel wired to the motor.

  9. Muscatine Science FairMP&W provides awards for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Displays

  10. MHS Electrathon 2000 to 2004 Electric Race Car Building • Teaches Students the Following Skills • Mechanical • Accounting • Computer • Engineering • Writing • Problem Solving • Organizational

  11. Free Services Offered to Muscatine Residents Business & Non-Profit Org. • Energy Audits • Homes -- 920 • Churches -- 25 • Schools -- All • Industry -- 187 • Technical Research & Assistance • Rebates • Help Finding Financing

  12. Suggested Improvements • Convert Incandescent Exit Signs to LED • Change Incandescent bulbs to Compact fluorescent bulbs • Change T-12 Fluorescent fixtures to T-8 • Change 460 MH (460 watts per Hr.) • 360 MH bulbs (360 watts per hr.) • 360 HI/LO’s (Reduced hours of operation) • T-5 (234 watts per hr.) • Can beused in conjunction with Motion Sensor

  13. Suggested Improvements • Use of Motion Sensors • Use Premium Efficient Motors • Size Correctly • Run at a higher RPM than Standard Motors • Make sure that change pulleys and shims • Auditing and implementing of Energy Efficient practices for Air Compressors • Reduce Pressure • Reduce Leaks • Maximize use of control systems • Make sure storage is the right size

  14. Motion Sensors Data analysis shows approximately a 19% reduction in total lighting power for buildings after installing Motion Sensors and making sure that the time delays were properly adjusted.

  15. Savings from using usage monitor on 5 Cold Drink Machines

  16. Premium Efficiency Motors SAVE  Substantial Amounts of Money. • A typical 20-hp electric motor running continuously at full load costs over $14,000 per year to operate.* Replace it with a premium efficiency motor save over $300 every year on electric power. ($0.10 per kWh) • A typical 100 HP motor at full load, continuous operation, costs over $70,000 per year to operate. Using a premium efficiency motor will save roughly  $1400 each and every year.* ($0.10 per kWh)

  17. Savings from Energy Efficient Air Compressors • Over a 10 year operating period, a 100 hp compressed air system purchased for $40,000 will accumulate up to $800,000 in electrical power costs. Following a few simple steps can significantly reduce energy costs by as much as 35%. • A 520 cfm compressor, delivering air at 110 psig, requires about 100 hp. However, at 100 psig, only 95 hp is required. Potential power cost savings (at 10 cents per kWh; 8,760* hrs.) is $3,750/year. • A system using 520 cfm at 110 psig inlet pressure will consume only 400 cfm at 80 psig. The potential power cost savings (520 efin - 400 cfm = 120 cfm = 24 hp, at 10 cents/ kWh; 8,760* hrs.) is $18,000/year.

  18. Savings from Energy Efficient Air Compressors • Each cfm of air volume wasted can be translated into extra compressor hp and is an identifiable cost. If this waste is recovered, the result will be $750/hp per year in lower energy costs. • It takes 7 to 8 hp of electricity to produce 1 hp worth of forced air this high energy cost quite often is overlooked

  19. Results 174 Implementations • Unity Hospital • 19 Churches • All City Buildings • All County Buildings • All Muscatine Schools • Hayes Catholic School • Muscatine Com. College • Monsanto • Bandag • GPC • Allsteel • Lutheran Homes • Army Corps of Engineers • Pennies • MP&W • MSCA • Kentucky Fried Chicken • Quality Cobbler • Maeglin Properties • McKee Button • Northern Gravel • Reif Oil Co.

  20. Muscatine Schools Project

  21. Geo Exchange Systems West Junior HighCounty Court House County Environmental Learning Center Muscatine High School

  22. Savings To-Date • kWh Reduced -10,093,236 • Cost --------$1,425,625 • Savings -$361,310 3.94 Year Payback

  23. Emissions Reductionsin the Last 4 Years • C02–-------------------- 19,234 Tons • Sulfur Dioxide --------- 335 Tons • Nitrous Oxide ---------- 215 Tons

  24. Community Benefits • Increased Economic Development • Reduced Building Operating Costs • Reduced Pollution • Improved Business Retention • National Recognition

  25. 33 750 KW Wind Turbines Equivalent in Renewable Energy Sources 1,035 5 KW PV Arrays

  26. How PV works Photons in Sunlight cause electrons to movefrom the outer shell of one atom to another Boron Atom

  27. First PV System in Muscatine Installed by HS Students

  28. Inverter & Control Center

  29. PV Output vs Utility Demand Data can be found at the website of Richard Perez http://lunch.asrc.crestm.albany.edu~perez/

  30. Security Data can be found at the website of Richard Perez http://lunch.asrc.crestm.albany.edu~perez/

  31. MP&W’s Green Energy Program

  32. Participation Solar Muscatine • 130 Residential Customers • Average Donation • $4.25 • Pay Back • 4.5 years • Additional participation will lower payback dramatically

  33. Results – Happy Customers • Residential Customers • 4 Commercial Customers • Muscatine Community College • Muscatine High School • Allsteel • Hoffman Inc.

  34. Solar Powered Kiosk donated to MHS by: I D N R M P & W

  35. PV @ MP&W

  36. PV @ Allsteel Inc.

  37. Benefits to Muscatine From Solar Muscatine • MP&W Gains Experience • New Technology • Community Buildings • Operating Cost Reduced • Decreased Pollution • Increased Security

  38. The Right Choice for Iowa, Muscatine, and the World John R. Root, Energy Services Advisor Muscatine Power and Water 563-262-3354 jroot@mpw.org

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