unit 11 quantity packing clauses n.
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Unit 11 Quantity & Packing Clauses PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 11 Quantity & Packing Clauses

Unit 11 Quantity & Packing Clauses

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Unit 11 Quantity & Packing Clauses

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  1. Unit 11 Quantity & Packing Clauses

  2. Key- words • exports n. 出口商品 • outer packing 外包装 inner packing 内包装 • wrap v. (常与up连用)包;裹;卷 to wrap the present in paper. 把礼物包在纸里 The assistant wrapped it up for her as quickly as possible. 这个店员以最快的速度为她把衣服包好。

  3. 4. appeal to 引起兴趣, 有感染力, 投合...的心意 (to) We trust this new product of ours will appeal to your market. 相信我们这种新产品将会引起你方市场的兴趣。 Bright colours appeal to small children. 小孩喜欢鲜艳的颜色。 5..stencil n.模版, 蜡纸 vt.用蜡纸印刷 6. indelible a. 不能消除的,擦不掉的不能去掉、擦掉或洗掉的;永久的: indelible ink.去不掉的墨渍

  4. dialogue • What products does Mr. Andersen Smith decide to buy?what’s the quantity for each item? • Does the buyer have any special requirements for packing? If so, what are they?

  5. dialogue 1).line vt.加衬;衬里 The box was lined with soft paper to protect the things inside. 盒子里衬着软纸用来保护里面的东西。 2).secure vt. 紧闭使牢固或紧;使紧 strong cardboard box secured with string以包装带加强的坚固纸板盒 a strong wooden case secured with an iron band 以铁皮条固定的坚固木箱

  6. Task 1: fill in the blanks of situation 1

  7. Quantity clauses • The basic contents of the quantity clause consist of the quantity to be delivered (数量) and unit of measurement (单位). + a more or less clause (溢短装条款)

  8. 按重量进行买卖 Quantity: 100,000M/Ts. (1000k/g per M/T). The sellers have the option to deliver 5% more or less of the quantity contracted, such excess or deficiency to be settled at contracted price. 数量:100,000公吨(每公吨1,000公斤),5%增减, 由卖方选择,增减部分按合同价格结算。

  9. 2. 按容积进行买卖 Quantity: 500 bushel (500蒲式耳) 3. 按个数进行买卖 Quantity: 3000 cases (3000箱) Quantity:12 Sets (12套) 4. 按长度进行买卖 Quantity:10,000 yards (码) Quantity:200,000 feet(英尺) 5. 按面积进行买卖 Quantity: 10,000 sqft(平方英尺) 6. 按体积进行买卖 Quantity:30,000 cubic meter (立方米)

  10. 常见的数量计量单位 k.g. mt lb. oz. l. gal. bu. pc. doz. yd. m. ft. sqyd. sqft. cbm.

  11. 运 输 包 装 集合运输包装:

  12. 运 输 包 装 单件运输包装(箱case、桶drum or cask、袋bag、包bundle or bale):

  13. Tasks p99 3

  14. Packing Clauses packing material (包装材料), packing method (包装方式), packing expenses to be borne(包装费用) shipping mark (唛头).

  15. Inner packing 包装的常用表达方式: (1) “in…” 如: in cases 用箱装 in bales打包 in bundles打捆 in bulk散装 (2) “in…of…each” 或 “in…, each containing…”用某物包装,每件装多少。 例:in wooden cases of 50 dozen each/ in wooden cases, each containing 50 dozen 用木箱装,每箱50 打 (3) “in … of … each…to…” 用某物包装,每件装多少,若干件装一大件中。 例:in boxes of a dozen each, 100 boxes to a wooden case 用盒装,每打装一盒,100盒装一木箱

  16. 用纸板箱装,每箱两套 In cartons of 2 sets each • 20件装一盒,10盒装一出口纸箱。共500纸箱。 20 pieces to a box, 100 boxes to an export carton. Total 500 cartons only. • 单层新麻袋装。每袋净重100公斤,皮重不少于1公斤。所有袋子必须坚实,适合强力搬运和海洋运输。 In new single gunny bags, each containing 100 kilos net. Tare weight not less than 1 kilo. All the bags must be strong enough and suitable for rough handling and ocean transportation.

  17. outer packing 常见外包装种类 plastic bag 塑料袋, paper box纸盒, case箱, tin/can听/罐, gunny bag/sack 麻袋, drum铁皮圆桶, barrel琵琶桶, bundle捆, bale包, carton纸板箱, container集装箱, keg小圆桶, packet小包 ,cask木桶, crate板条箱 ,chest茶叶箱.

  18. Marks

  19. Tasks p99 2 1. seaworthy packing 2. rough handling 3. gross weight 4. net weight 5. shipping mark 6. specification 7. secured by straps 8.warning mark of commodity 10.measurement

  20. 8.花生,麻布袋包装,每袋50公斤. 9. Each Men’s shirts packed in one plastic bag, 10 dozen plastic bags to a carton.. 10.The packing and shipping mark shall be at seller’s option. 11.To be packed in new strong wooden cases suitable for long distance ocean transportation and well protected against dampness, moisture, shock, rust and rough handling.

  21. Tasks p100 4 k.g.= kilogram M/T= Metric Ton CBM= cubic meter pc.= piece Oz.= ounce doz.=dozen Sqft= square foot 100.65kilos= one hundred kilos (and) sixty-five grams or one hundred kilos sixty-five or one hundred point six five kilos