how does physiotherapy treat back pain n.
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How Does Physiotherapy Treat Back Pain? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Does Physiotherapy Treat Back Pain?

How Does Physiotherapy Treat Back Pain?

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How Does Physiotherapy Treat Back Pain?

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  1. How Does Physiotherapy Treat Back Pain? Back pain is a common complaint. The pain comes from the bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, joints, muscles and other matters surrounding the spinal cord. The pain can come on suddenly such as after a strenuous work -out or heavy work such as lifting heavy items or an injury. It can also be a chronic problem and the patient may only feel the pain at one spot or on several areas over the back as well as the limbs. The pain experienced, maybe a dull ache, a stabbing pain or a burning sensation. Research suggests that patients with back pain can cut down their risk for long-term back pain if they are treated promptly by a physiotherapist. Symptoms of back pain can involve: • Aching in your muscles • Sharp or dull pain • Stiffness • Pain that worsens after standing for long periods • Radiating pain • Difficulty standing up straight Physiotherapy, when done by a trained professional, can bring amazing results in terms of facilitating your healing and getting you physically sound once again. Your physiotherapist will be able to not only treat the problem causing you back pain but will be able to also provide you with exercises when necessary to help permanently correct your posture and prevent further complications. Mainly, your treatment in physiotherapy for back pain should involve manual therapy over the use of machines. The advantage of manual therapy is that you are more likely to achieve positive results that have long-lasting effects. Physio Asia Therapy Centre comes into existence in the year 2006 and is the first Physiotherapy clinic in Singapore to win the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2012. The Centre strives to uphold its high service.

  2. Standards, leveraging on the use of the most recent technology and non-surgical treatments proven by research to help its patients to get back to full recovery quickly. We strive to provide efficient and effective Physiotherapy services while utilizing the most recent technology and evidence-based clinical practices. We use a three-step approach in our treatment methodology: Analysis – Treatment – Prevention. At Physio Asia, we provide you relief from both your chronic and acute pain using both the electrical modalities and manual therapy to help you increase your mobility, relieve pain, build strength, and improve balance and cardiovascular function. We aim to achieve your highest level of physical functioning and well-being by assessing your condition and planning a program to help you come back to an active lifestyle through the following approaches: • Pain Management • Improve Function and Mobility • Muscular Re-Education • Sports Performance Enhancement • Neuro-Muscular Balance and Coordination The Physio Asia Therapy Centre provides you with the best physiotherapists and their techniques which will give you better results. For more information about Physiotherapy For Back Pain visit here: