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Second Semester… PowerPoint Presentation
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Second Semester…

Second Semester…

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Second Semester…

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  1. Welcome to your new classes… We have a new semester and a new beginning. You are all starting this class with an A, and we need to review our rules, procedures, and expectations to maintain those grades. As a teacher and as a school, we have lost our patience with students who do not plan to follow the necessary expectations of students. Second Semester…

  2. You will enter the classroom quietly, take your seat and start your journal write. I will call on you randomly, and if you haven’t completed the work the will stand and write against the wall. If this becomes a problem, your parent/guardian will receive a phone call home. A reminder of the expectations1) Entering the Classroom

  3. Aside from when you first come arriving to school in the morning, there is a new tardy policy. If you come late to 2nd period, 3rd period, or DEAR, your name will be written on the board along with the number of minutes you came late. You will then stay after class, and we will call your parent or guardian together. Tardies will stop now.

  4. You know how to act. You know what it means to be respectful of your peers, your teacher, and yourself. Do it. If you talk to me in a way that is defiant, you will be asked to step outside and collect yourself. If you can’t get it together, your going to Mr. Sanders office and going home. You are students, and I am your teacher. This is how the world works. As a school, we are not preparing you for the real world, if we do not teach you how to respect and treat your authority figures. Classroom Behavior

  5. Now that you know my expectations, we are ready to set your personal goals. Take a look at your personal goal sheet. Reality Check…Where we are

  6. Make sure we are prepared everyday! • Do you have a notebook? • Is it organized? • Do you have a pen/pencil/paper? • Do you have the right mindset? • Do you have your homework? • Listen and take notes in-class. • The formula is easy: • Pay attention in class + preparedness = success!  In order to improve our scores we need to

  7. Remember those notebooks/binders I wanted? • Get them! • I need one binder or notebook for ELA only. • Warm up (Journal Write, Paragraph Correction, Word of the Day) • Grammar • Notes (this will be on the novel we are learning) • Test/quizzes/CST practice • Other • There will be a check on Thursday or Friday. Those of you who do not have it, will be writing standards. If you do not have it on Monday, You will receive a phone call home. It’s a new day to… Get organized

  8. Major events. • We need to recall some of the major events of the novel • You will work in partners to summarize the major events. The Kidnapped Prince

  9. Have you ever felt betrayed (like a friend or family member turned their back on you)?. Why? How did it feel? How did you respond? Journal Write

  10. Today we will read in our kidnapped Prince novels and we will analyze our Test data. we need to move quick in our novels so youre homework this weekend will be to read too chapters. Paragraph Correction

  11. Word of the day: bondage Bondage

  12. Listen to Ms. Roth as she explains your data When you are done, open to page 63 and begin Betrayed. Examine your data

  13. Imagine your dream Valentine’s day. What happened? Be creative! Journal Write

  14. I wake up to a phone, “Ms. Roth, this is Mr. Sanders. School has been cancelled today, due to a city-wide Valentine’s Day celebrashion!” “wow” I say to myself “This is going to be the bestest Valentines Day in the world!” As I am getting out of bed I see something on my dresser. Still half asleep I rub my eyes. I cannot beleive what I see before me A VENTI STARBUCKS DRINK! Paragraph

  15. Take out your summaries for homework. Kidnapped Prince

  16. If you had a choice between getting all the things you want in the world (your dream car, job, home, etc), or being the person you care about the most for the rest of your life, which would it be? Why? (No, you cannot choose both!!) Journal Write

  17. Excellent job! I screammed as the students did his homework correct. You impresses me a lot! she added. Paragraph correction

  18. Word of the day: Cite Cite

  19. In writing, you can use quotations to __________________. Look at the essay below: • Slavery in Barbados was cruel. Humans were treated like animals. As Equiano described, “we were all penned up together like so many sheep,” (pg. 31). • Today we will examine the correct way to use quotations. • Quotations will always be put into quotation marks ( “ ”). • “Ms. Roth knows 6B students are intelligent,” (pg. 1). • The first letter of the quotation will begin with a capital letter. • “Ms. Roth knows 6B students are intelligent,” (pg. 1).

  20. If the quotation is a question, the question mark will be placed before the end of the quotation • “Does Ms. Roth think we can succeed if we work hard?” (pg. 2). • If the quotation is exclamatory, the exclamation point will be placed before the end of the quotation. • “Yes, she does!” (pg. 2). • If the quotations is a statement (ends with a period), the period will be replaced with a comma. • Ms. Roth says we are scholars.  “Ms. Roth says we are scholars,” (pg. 3).

  21. Practice: • Change the following into quotations. • Example: I love English! 3  “I love English!” (pg. 3). • The weather is alarming! 2  ______________________________________________________ • Are the students behaving? 5  ____________________________________________________ • How many students did their homework? 6  ______________________________________________________________________________ • Everyone did. 9  _______________________________________________________________ • That’s why we are the best! 10  __________________________________________________

  22. February is Black History Month. What does this month mean to you? Why? How does The Kidnapped Prince relate this month? Journal Write:

  23. We will editing our peers papers. We need to make sure they uses quotations correct. For example if you used a quote with correct sitations you will partner will not have much work. Paragraph Correction

  24. Words of the Day: Claim and Evidence Claim

  25. Evidence

  26. Complete the Anticipation Guide Read the article Journal Write

  27. Segregation

  28. If you wanted to speak out for rights, how would you get people to listen? How far would you go to get people to listen? Journal Write

  29. I like visiting London but I wouldn't want to live ______ . They cannot decide. They can't make up ______ minds. Do you think ______ going to accept our offer? ______ are two reasons why I am against this idea. I know ______ considering buying a new computer system. ______ is no reason for me to stay. My job is finished. The students are happy. They've finished ______ homework. ______ is no soap in my bathroom. Could you send some up please? ______ are several mistakes in this document. I've met them before but I don't know ______ names. I don't know who they are but I think ______ German. Look at the smiles on ______ faces. I don't think ______ coming. I wonder if ______ going to come. From the look on ______ faces, they're not very happy. The employees say that ______ not very happy about working over the weekend Paragraph Correction…There/their/They’re Practice

  30. Make flashcards with definitions, pictures, sentences, and examples Consternation Indignation Fury Liberty Infernal Gratitude Exquisite Homework: Vocabulary

  31. In what ways does Olaudah try to fight for his freedom? What does this say about Olaudah’s character? Character analysis/evaluation

  32. Consider the phrase, “If it is God’s will that I ever be freed, it will be so.” “If it is not His will, then it will never happen.” Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? If we leave too many things up to God’s will, does it makes inactive or passive? Could it be God’s will that he was enslaved? Respond! Journal Write

  33. Take out a piece of paper • How did the sick old man trick Olaudah and the captain? • What did the wise woman tell Olaudah? • True or False: Olaudah met people who traded with him fairly: +1: what were their names Pop Quiz…Did you read?!

  34. Vocabulary: Anxious Indifferent Oppressed Ruffian Mangled Vanquished Chagrin Confound Recoil Tumult Delirium Vocabulary—Home work

  35. A religious group or faction that believes in • Peace always • Equality always • Non-discrimination always • Started in Philadelphia, “the city of brotherly love” by William Penn Quakers…Quick facts

  36. Let’s read as a class • What does Olaudah expect will happen? • Best case scenario…. • Worst case scenario… • What is the outcome at the end of the chapter? Key Scene: Freeman

  37. Would you have made the same decision as Olaudah? • Why or why not? • What do we learn about his character that he chose to stay and work for his master? • Do you predict this was a good or bad decision?