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*My Autobiography* PowerPoint Presentation
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*My Autobiography*

*My Autobiography*

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*My Autobiography*

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  1. *My Autobiography* *By: Destiní Lashay Jackson* *September 27, 2011*

  2. Chapter 1: my beginning life Hi everyone! My name is Destiní Lashay Jackson. I am currently 11 years old. Soon to be 12! I was born on October 26, 1999 at the Cape Fear Valley Hospital in Fayetteville, NC. My mother’s name is Tracy Ola Colson-Jackson. She was born in San Pedro, Panama. She is 33. My father is Darrielle Lemans Jackson. He was born in Fort Bennett, Georgia. He is soon to be 32 in December. I love my parents because they are strong people and they give me great advice when it comes to problems of mine.

  3. Chapter 2: My sibilings I have two brothers named TraVon and DeVon. I don’t have any sisters…That sucks, but I still love them. They do get on my nerves. TraVon is my big brother and DeVon is my little brother.

  4. Chapter 3: My Pet My pet’s name is Rihanna Janae Jackson. She is 1 year old. Her breed is a YorkiePoo.She is from Harnett County, North Carolina. I love her because she has long hair and we put pony tails on her. She can have an attitude but all she wants is love…(I tried to put a pic of her up but I don’t have the Net working….)

  5. Favorites: including Foods I love macaroni, Spanish rice, steak, spaghetti and broccoli. My favorite milks are strawberry. I like the chocolate milk from McDonalds. Especially when you get the apple dippers. I love a lot of foods, but you don’t think I eat a lot like that. I am slim!!! I will always stay healthy it doesn’t matter what anyone says.

  6. Conclusion: the ending Well, you finally know who I really am and I hope you enjoyed the presentation… *THE END*