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Best Wall Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

Art is a way to showcase who you are, inside your home. And with so many options available now for home decor, it is easy to revamp any space. Decorating the walls with large canvas prints Melbourne needs skill, which only a few have. So here we have rounded up some fantastic ideas for every type of person, take a look to create your dream abode.

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Best Wall Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

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  2. INTRODUCTION Artisawaytoshowcasewhoyou are, insideyourhome. Andwith somanyoptionsavailablenowfor homedecor, itiseasytorevamp anyspace. Decoratingthewalls withlargecanvasprints Melbourneneedsskill, whichonly afewhave. Soherewehave roundedupsomefantasticideas foreverytypeofperson, takea looktocreateyourdreamabode. PLANINSEKART.COM.AU

  3. PLACEARTEFFECTIVELY Placingartinanunexpectedplaceisa greatwaytocaptureattention. But beforeputtinganailonthewallyou mustfirstconfirmwhetheritwilllook goodornot. Forthis, cutouttheshapeof theartonpaperandthenplaceitonthe walltohavealook. Ifthesizelooksgood, thenhangitup. PLANINSEKART.COM.AU

  4. MIXANDMATCH YOURFRAMES Haveyoueverboughtartyoudon’t particularlylike, butyoulovedthe frame? Whynottakeoutthepicture andputinsomebeautifulartwork. Mix andmatchdifferentframecoloursand sizestomakeaninterestinggallery wall. PLANINSEKART.COM.AU

  5. ABSTRACTART Photographyandfigurativeartallow youtoaddvarietytoanywall, but livingspaceadornedwithabstractart givesyouasoothingexperiencewhere yourmindcancontinuously contemplatewhatis ‘in’ thepainting. Ifyouwouldliketoenhanceyour abode, thenseekapiecewhich reflectsyouandyourimagination. Focusoncolourandsizewhileyouare selectingapieceforyourhome. No matter, whatyourartcharacterizes, if youstriketherightbalance, your abodewilllookgreat! PLANINSEKART.COM.AU

  6. DON'TFORGET SYMMETRY Symmetryisnotaboutmakingaline betweenyourroom, itisallabout balancingyourroom. Matching accessoriesmaketheroomharmonious andpleasingforeveryone. Ifyoudonot wanttomakeamirrorimageintheroom, thenyoucansimplypayattentiontothe scaleandproportionforcreating harmony. Tryandbalanceapairofframed printsonanoppositewalltowindowsin ordertobalancethevisualimpact.  PLANINSEKART.COM.AU

  7. PLAYWITH SHADOWS Silhouetteslookgreatonthewall, you canprintthemusinganyphoto editingsoftware. Theonlylimittothis walldecorideaisyourcreativity- Adjustthecolourlevelandthe intensityofyoursubjectsinthe shadowaccordingtoyourliking, you canalsosharpentheedgesusinga pencil. PLANINSEKART.COM.AU

  8. T O G A T H E R M O R E I N F O R M A T I O N O N W A L L P R I N T S O N M E L B O U R N E , K I N D L Y V I S I T H T T P S : / / P L A N I N S E K A R T . C O M . A U / .     . C H L O EP L A N I N S E K •

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