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Learning Why Art is Important for Your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning Why Art is Important for Your Business

Learning Why Art is Important for Your Business

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Learning Why Art is Important for Your Business

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  1. LearningWhyArtis ImportantforYour Business PAINTINGS BY CHLOE PLANINSEK


  3. PLANINSEKART As art is the creation of an artist who wants to communicate his/her inspirations, the viewer can not help but respond to the inspirations in an emotional way.  People often experience strong emotional responses when they look into artworks. It can take our imagination to such dimensions which are far beyond the daily scope. Having artworks which lift an office environment, helps in overall morale as well as developing critical thinking skills, influencing decisions and choices, therefore, playing an abstract role in business.

  4. Howitaffects employees? There are huge benefits of introducing art in the workplace. It changes the ambiance, improves the quality of life and lowers stress. Often employees are stressed and feel overworked, so having nice interiors and artwork helps increase their morale and overall performance. Businesses are investing in art to address this issue, various reports suggest that it improves the employee morale, stimulates creativity, and allows them to invest their time and energy to do their job well.

  5. 04/10 PLANINSEKART Howitaffectsotherspaces? NBC News reported a reduction in patients stress with the hospital collection of abstract artwork, fine art posters, public sculptures and nature images. Moreover, consumers are now more visually sophisticated, businesses which are not considering this fact are facing a reduction in their markets perception of them and staff satisfaction success rate.

  6. Whatbusinessneeds? Businesses need strategy and innovation in their products which can attract their respective customers. While they focus on their part, a commercial artist knows their own industry trends and how these design elements can compliment the business they are servicing. They help in creating the type of environment which the company needs to be successful in the business world. This might be with the use of bold colours if the company wants to position themselves as a bold business. Alternatively, it might be with soft neutral colour palettes and styles of artwork if it is more of a gentle type of business. 05/10 PLANINSEKART

  7. Drivesproductivity People spend most of their time in their workplace and office. Just as people decorate their home, if there is nice artwork in the office complex, then it offers a sense of interest and engagement to the employee. Distractions are not always bad, especially if the object of your distraction is a piece of art as it helps in boosting creativity and lower stress levels. Modern wall art in the waiting rooms or recreation rooms makes these spaces nice and welcoming places to talk and spend some time in. Customers also feel the business has invested in these areas which show the customers they care about them.  PLANINSEKART

  8. Togathermoreinformation onLargeartworkin Melbourne PLANINSEKART